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This Pussycat Looks Ready To Pounce! Leo Brit Marling

The beautiful and brilliant Brit Marling graces the cover of ASOS Magazine for the September issue. So what can a Brit Marling Astrology Analysis tell us about her Star Sign Style!? Let’s take a look…

☆ Sun In Leo ☆ Moon In Pisces ☆ Venus In Cancer ☆

OK, so this birth chart is set to a generic time of midday but how cool would it be if Neptune was conjunct the midheaven (in Sag!)? I watched Sound of My Voice recently, Brit is so dreamy and ethereal it would suit her reputation perfectly. What we can be sure of though is her luscious Leo sun and Pisces moon – what a combination for gorgeous gorgeous hair! The Leo mane married with pretty Pisces mermaid tresses. Wow.

So how does Brit balance her extrovert, dramatic sun sign with her dreamy moon? Of course the answers in screenwriting and starring in movies, which she does brilliantly. The Leo Pisces sentiment is expressed beautifully in this quote:

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Wild Thing – how leoline, and interpretive dance? That’s Pisces! She’s also reported to be an expert storyteller (Leo again). I’d love to know her rising sign…




Brit Marling Birth Chart


Brit Marling (Birth Chart Set For 12.00pm), 7th August 1982, Chicago IL

Also born on this day: Charlize Theron.

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