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Beauty Horoscopes: How to Shop for Makeup and Skincare Based on Your Star Sign

Your fashion and beauty astrologer explains it all…

Kimberly Peta Dewhirst’s fascination with astrology started at just six years old, when she read a horoscope column in the paper and couldn’t believe how much it resonated with her.

Aged 28 she made a career switch, enrolling at the London School of Astrology.

She found her niche as a fashion and beauty astrologer, with her own business Star Sign Style, creating horoscopes for fashion outlets and even coming up with zodiac-themed nail polish colors for Julep.

“There are some character traits that transcend. How we express ourselves on the outside really does not just reflect who we are but who we are subconsciously,” she says.

The zodiac is a way to build your confidence by understanding your personality more deeply, Kimberly believes, and that can come out in your style too.

“[It reminds you of] the qualities of your best self. Isn’t that all what we do when we put on makeup as a ritual?” she says. “I want to seem sophisticated, I want to seem mysterious, I want to seem enigmatic, I want to seem fun…That’s the whole purpose of makeup is to express on our face how we want people to respond to us.”

The Lookbook asked Kimberly to distill each star sign style’s into one key makeup look (and if you want to get really into it, you can work out your birth chart.)


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Aries: Eyebrow kit

“Aries is the naive baby of the zodiac. They’re really open with this wonderful expression of optimism. These eyebrows need an extra attention. The key thing for the Aries is a decent eyebrow kit: a little mirror, a pair of tweezers, and a really good eyebrow pencil.”

Aries girls: Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson


Taurus’s beauty-go to: Lipstick

“Taurus has beautiful, soft, delicate lips. If you know a Taurus, notice that they have the most incredibly delicate shape to their lips.”

Taurus girls: Audrey Hepburn, Adele, Amber Heard.


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Gemini: Eye drops and serum

“Gemini has sparkling eyes, they need to carry with them these lovely eye brightening drops to keep their bright eyes sparkling…They are very young at heart so youth serums are very good for Gemini.”

Gemeni girl: Heidi Klum.


Cancer: Eye brightening tool and eyeshadow palette

“Cancerians’ palette of colors is the greys, mushrooms, taupe colors. Cancers really reflect the moon. They can really emphasize their luminous skin… They can also counterbalance the dark circles they have under their eyes.”

Cancer girl: Selma Blair, Aubrey Plaza.


Leo: Bronzer and eyeliner

“Leo is the golden girl of the zodiac. She needs a bronzer and a catflick, because they have these amazing pussycat lips, pussycat eyes. They need hairspray to give their hair some backbone.”

Leo girl: Jennifer Lawrence

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Virgo: Masks and scrubs.

“For the Virgo, it’s all about looking after their skin, taking a pure holistic approach, using things like scrubs, really decent quality skincare to keep them looking fresh and pure. They don’t need heavy makeup.”

Virgo girls: Blake Lively, Stella McCartney


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Libra: Contouring kit

“The absolute skilled makeup artist. She is the aesthetician…She is very, very good at contouring, balancing the look, making sure everything comes off as a Botticelli masterpiece.”

Libra girl: Kim Kardashian


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Scorpio: Eye pencil and maroon nail polish

“Their key beauty feature is their eyes that can see right through you, cut through the BS at 100 meters…They can really can emphasize this sixth sense with a really smoky eye. The more disheveled they get, the more we can just tell that they are somebody who really knows the dark side and can party until the lights comes up. Maroon is a really good color, a deep dark maroon or a berry stain on their lip.”

Scorpio girl: Chloë Sevigny.


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Sagittarius: Ponytail, color, and a bright poppin’ lip

“This is a jovial, exuberant sign ruled by Jupiter, the lucky planet…They all have these great handsome ponytails like a horse. They flick their hair, they can just sway it side to side, and you’ve been left in the wake of a galloping Sagittarius horse… They also suit a pop of color.”

Sagittarius girls: Rita Ora, Christina Aguilera, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears.


Capricorn: Nude Lip

“They’re really good with serious, mature outlook… They like to work hard for their things and they are not going to buy cheap makeup. They want the really nice expensive piece and an expensive handbag to put them in. They like to have a classic look. They look good with a nude lip and a dark eye, that kind of understated classiness.”

Capricorn girls: Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, Naya Rivera.


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Aquarius: Body bling

“This is the space cadet of the zodiac. This is someone who is an oddball who just doesn’t care. She can wear feathers in her hair, she can wear boho looks, she can wear crystal spray in her aura. She doesn’t need makeup. And if she does wear makeup, she can make it fit for her purpose like she’s going to a festival, or she is going to a music concert. She’s following her dreams.”

Aquarius girls: Alicia Keys, Chloë Grace Moretz, Yoko Ono.


Pisces: Eyeshadow palette (check out Pisces Drew Barrymore’s line, FLOWER Beauty) and sea salt spray for mermaid hair.

“Being the artist of the zodiac, they’re really intuitively good at creating an enigmatic look about themselves. She’s the flower child, she’s the one that can wear very delicate touches of eyeshadow in lavenders and blues and silvers. Definitely mermaid hair and tousled locks.”

Pisces girls: Olivia Palermo, Rachel Weiss, Drew Barrymore.

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