Biodynamic Skin Care And Lunar Cycle Beauty Remedies…

Here Are Household Name Brands That Follow The Moon Phases!

Did you know that working with Mother Nature is way better for your beauty rituals?

Did you know plants are often grown and harvested in accordance with the lunar cycles?

The well known German brands ‘Weleda’ and ‘Dr Hauschka’ are just two of many that gather their ingredients in accordance to the moons phase. Scroll down to discover bestsellers and companies that work with nature’s rhythms…

Why? Product Potency…

When we’re harmoniously aligned with the moon and stars, the earth yields its most potent herbs and plants. 

Biodynamic farming or biodynamic agriculture is a popular holistic technique that works in harmony with the seasons, and cycles of the planets.

It’s used across many different fields of consumption including tea, food and wine, resulting in crops that are harvested at their peak absorbency. Herbs and plants are more nutrient rich when considering this method than using traditional practices, and we’re increasingly seeing this considered around the ingredients that are applied or ingested on our skin.

Ancient Wisdom!

In ancient Egypt and other tribal cultures it was medicine men, healers and the wise elders that would prepare important herbal remedies and ointments for consumption.

These prominent figures of the community knew the celestial rhythms, and it was they that discovered the optimum times for harvesting and sowing seeds in line with the stars.

Essentially, they wanted to deliver the best solutions to their people, creating a better quality of product by natures cycles and the processing of ingredients.

Here are some modern day brands that do the same, with their supercharged best sellers…


Sourced from a family estate in Umbria, Italy, Apodea’s bee products include honey beeswax and propolis certified to Demeterand ICEA organic standards. 


This Italian company specialise in pure green clay products, and produce herbal skin oil lotions in Sicily.


French brand Chantecaille have a luxury oil-free fluid ‘Biodynamic Lifting Fluid’. Stocked at Liberty London the formula contains biodynamic plankton found in the Sahel Desert in Africa.

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Dr Hauschka

‘We sow the seeds according to the moon creates more natural moisture in the soil’ says Bernhard Ehrmann, head gardner at WALA, manufacturer of Dr. Hauschka products. ‘The planets are harvested at dawn, when they’re most full of vitality and the ingredients are at their most potent.

Elemental Herbology

Biodynamic Facial Soufflé

Éminence Organic Skin Care

Star Product – Facial Recovery Oil

Produced in Hungary since 1958, Eminence Organics uses fruits and herbs seeded, planted and harvested following the lunar cycle. Discover more about Eminence Organics, here.


Hailing from Australia’s Adelaide Hills, Jurlique is a beauty brand that aligns with biodynamic farming principles, creating its products with methods that work with the lunar cycle.

Martina Gebhardt

Produced in a restored convent in Germany, this brand has received international acclaim for its dedication to working with natural ingredients the biodynamic way, producing high quality skin care.


Use ingredients grown on their organic farm, in Bologna, Italy, Oway believe that using the lunar phases we can detox, strengthen, nourish and calm the scalp and hair efficiently. See the professional holistic hair care from Oway, here.


A leader in natural beauty and holistic health, Weleda opened its first biodynamic farm in 1921 and is one of the original pioneers of biodynamic and organic skincare. 

Plants are sourced and harvested with the greatest care, and consider the best  times are chosen to process plants based on a moon calendar.

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