Love These Calpak Astrology Packing Cubes! Time To Fly…

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Being located in Hong Kong, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve packed my bags, hopped on a flight and disembarked somewhere totally different.

Quarantine has very much been a thing here, until recently, and yet still I love the look of these Calpak astrology packing-cubes!

The 5-piece set is perfect for keeping things organised on vacation, especially if you have smart outfits that are only going to be worn on occasion, and other items that are more casual.

They can also keep buckles or sharp objects away from garments to minimise snagging…

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A water resistant envelope pouch is great for shampoo, bug spray, sun cream or any beauty products.

I would even use these to store items at home in drawers (perhaps with some fragrant sachets to keep clothes fresh!)

Travel pouches are one of those simple buys that help you stay organised, leaving more bandwidth for adventure and fun!

The mesh fabric is apparently super durable, too!

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