Lovely Libra Lady, Catherine Zeta Jones Astrology…

Gorgeous Libra Lady, Catherine Zeta Jons…

How Catherine Zeta-Jones does it?!

Now in her 50s she’s still so full of that lovely Libra charm…

Catherine-Zeta-Jones-LibraHers is quite a story. Born 25th September 1969 in Swansea, she was an ambitious young performer and found stardom as the beauteous Mariette in The Darling Buds of May.

Rising through the ranks of Hollywood, at 29 she was truly the toast of the town.

Right on her Saturn Return came the release of The Mask of Zorro, propelling her career to even higher heights – on queue she made it – big!

So what’s CZJs Star Sign Style?

Well, she has a very interesting birth chart (check it out below!)

Several key planets and her midheaven are in Libra, hence her outwardly projected image is poised, graceful and just goddamn gorgeous. (See Catherine Zeta Jones winning an Oscar for Chicago.)

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Libra has a sweet, easy charm, is fair and perfectly balanced.

They’re the diplomat of the zodiac and the sign most associated with marriage and love partnerships. In fact, sometimes Libra needs an other half to balance them out (see more about CZJ’s interesting common connection with hubby Michael Douglas below…)


Venus ruled Libra is a super romantic sign, in love with love. Top tip for those with their Sun, Venus, Moon or Mercury in Libra: wear pastels and try an asymmetric cut dress, Libras know how to work a toga


Sagittarius rising suggests Catherine Zeta Jones is a positive, happy soul who’s not afraid to go out into the world, have an adventure and make her mark. The fiery aspects in her chart could explain her enthusiasm and talent for the more physically demanding roles she takes on.

Moon in Pisces adds to her creativity and talent for dance – it also means she suits shimmering silver dresses! Emotionally, Catherine can get pretty lost in her dreams and overwhelmed with reality. It’s no wonder her mental health gets dragged into the limelight.

Fun Fact

Interestingly, husband Michael Douglas is born on the same date as his wife, 25th September (although a different year, 1944). It’s clearly a good match for these two Libra Loves as they’ve been married over 14 years, that’s great for celebrity couples, right?

Also born on this day… Heather Locklear & Will Smith.

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