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Chain Chain Chained Astrology Jewellery

astrology jewellery chainchainchained

Chain Me Down… To One Of These Zodiac Necklaces!

Retro Astrology Necklaces

I love, love, love the unique, vintage astrology jewellery that’s for sale on Regina’s Etsy shop online, and I’d love it even more if I could trawl through this designers box of beads and brasses!

Growing up in St. Petersburg Regina watched her mother and grandmother creating Russian folk jewellery, stringing beautiful wooden painted beads together.

This early inspiration took her to art school, then to a craft fair in Brooklyn where she made her mark!

zodiac pendant astrology brass

Named as a tribute to Detroit’s queen of soul, Aries Aretha Franklin, Chain Chain Chained brings you beautiful jewellery design with a zodiac twist.

chain chain chained

Visit the online Etsy shop, and follow @ChainChainChained on Instagram for the latest news and pieces!

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