Astrology T-Shirts, A Cosmic Collab At The Numinous…


If you live in London you simply have to trot on down to Selfridges ASAP.

The fabulous department store has got together with the lovely Ruby Warrington, lifestyle writer and founder of The Numinous, which covers every aspect of *Now Age* and modern cosmic thinking…

You can see my writers profile over on her website here – I’m one of Ruby’s Numinate and contribute astrology articles to her site – she cover everything from the Tarot, beauty and nutrition to alternative wellness, always through an aspirational, fashion forward lens – that’s why we get along so well, natch.

Ruby has curated tons of gorgeous goodies for this years Christmas concept – the Astrolounge, which is everything you imagine it to be and more!

Ruby’s got together with YR Store, the brainchild of interactive digital specialists Luma to launch of a mystical collaboration available exclusively in Selfridges till the 24th December.

Utilising live, digital garment printing technology, you can chose from two design concepts, to produce a custom sweatshirt, t-shirt, crop, or iPhone case that’s completely unique to them – how I wish I could hop across the world to visit!!

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Cosmic Collaboration – YR Store X The Numinous

Enter you date of birth into the YR Store touch-screen to generate a custom design featuring elements of your birth chart, incorporating symbols relating to your Zodiac sign (astro glyph, colour, planet and birth stone), the Chinese animal you were born under, and your life path number in Numerology.

Featuring beautiful illustrations by Erin Petson 



T-shirts and crops cost £45, sweatshirts are £70, and iPhone cases are £20.

The Astrolounge is open from October 22 to December 24 at Selfridges, 100 Oxford St, London, W1A 1AB. View the full cosmic product selection on offer in the Selfridges Astrolounge here!

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