Check Out This Incredible Custom Made Astrology Corset!



I’m totally blown away by the Guardian of Time zodiac corset and had to share with you!

A commission from Royal Black Couture and Corsetry, Vienna, I’d love to know how this will be worn – and if it’s a request from an astrologer I might know?!

front zodiac corset

The corset is made from satin; the skirt pieces are detachable and made from golden sparkling silk mousse line.

Inspired by antique sun dials, hourglasses and flowing sand, zodiac signs have been stitched onto the outfit, to create a futuristic piece of wearable art.

The outfit will be used for the covershoot for the new album “Hüterin der Zeit”, which translates as Guardian of Time.

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Creator Barbara says:

My client, lead singer of the Swiss symphonic metal band Deep Sun, asked me to create a stage costume for this theme and we decided to interpret it with zodiac signs, the lunar cycle and antique hourglass elements like flowing sand.

front view zodiac corset


The corset and neckpiece are decorated with custom laser cut appliquès made from synthetic leather, beading and rhinestones.

zodiac corset virgo libra

The zippers are functional, and make it much easier to put it on and off, without completely redoing the lacing every time.



Side and back view of Guardian of Time, custom made for a client in Switzerland…

Just incredible – I wish I could try it on!


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