Pick The Perfect Bunch: Flowers For Virgo…

The Perfect Bouquet To Bring Positive Energy To This Earth Sign’s Sanctuary...

When the Sun is in Virgo, you’ll want to pick the perfect bouquet to reflect this orderly, systematic sign.

The sixth sign of the Zodiac, Virgo is neat and tidy, with a flair for bringing perfection to every space; flowers for Virgo Season should reflect their eye for detail!

Ruled by Mercury in astrology, Virgo’s signature style is light and flexible.

This reminds me of a meadow at the end of summer, with tiny flowers still in bloom.

The colours best suited to this time are grey-green, pastel pink, and light blue, which can make for a beautiful flower arrangement – combine earthy green foliage and small white (and pastel) flowers.

The best flowers for Virgo are small and delicate!

Hard-working Virgos might favour a bouquet that clean indoor air pollution: chrysanthemums.

Clean white (as per the main image) brings a sense of calmness and order to mind, and communicates Virgo’s draw toward order, to focus and unwind, while more vibrant tones bring colour to the corners of homes and offices…


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The practical side to Virgo points me to pampas grass and rushes.

Virgo has a natural sense of control, their attitude make them reliable, quick-thinkers, and their home needs to be clean and tidy.

What’s wonderful, is that dried arrangements are so practical – and usually longer lasting! They don’t tend to drop their leaves and petals, and so make for a lovely centrepiece with minimal fuss!

Pick an arrangement that includes some blues and earthy tones, too…

Flowers are vital for creating a calming environment, keep it simple, knowing minimalism and less fuss is ideal!

With its neatly ordered rows of smaller flowers, Gladioli please Virgos’ inner craving for order, what’s more, this flower represents strength of character, honesty and moral integrity.

Asters are also September’s birth month flower and are intrinsically linked to the Virgo constellation.

In Ancient Greek mythology, Asters were created from the Goddess Astrea’s tears before becoming the Virgo constellation.

Chrysanthemums include over 200 species of the aster family, so all chrysanthemums are asters (but not all asters are chrysanthemums).

Popular garden chrysanthemums were derived from species and hybrids originating and first developed in the Far East, their bloom cycles triggered by the shortening length of daylight hours, which is why they naturally bloom in fall.

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