My Top 5 Things To Do During Virgo Season!

Harvest, Preserve & Get Organised During The Sun's Time Touring The Virgo Constellation...

Put Yourself To Good Use! Prep, Preserve, Anticipate & Conserve…

There’s a reason for each and every season, but what to during the Maiden’s reign? Discover my Top 5 Things To Do During Virgo Season, with cosmic inspiration!

General events every Virgo Season include:


Here are some of my suggested activities…

1. Tidy Up! Get Organised – Write Lists…

Fastidious, fussy, and decidedly discerning, perfectionist Virgo views the world through a decidely conscientious lens.

It’s back to school vibes all the way during the Sun’s tour of the virtuous Virgo zodiac sign.

You may be ready for a new pencil case and correction fluid, or to familiarise yourself with notions of calendar syncing, bujo (bullet journal) planning, note taking and using Google Docs ‘n Drive, meeting annotation and more! 

Prepare to edit your world into bite sized, manageable, practical pieces.

Streamline, structure, and bring order to chaos – and tidy’s up after Leo’s regin… Do the chores that have been left outstanding!

After the creative chaos and wild abandon of Leo Season comes the orderly, cleanly, reasonable reign of Virgo…

Buy new folders or see shelf systems ready to be stacked.

Check out the variety of post-it notes in the stationers, or utilise planning apps you’ve never come across before in the digital store (just ask your meticulous Virgo friend for their top tips and tools!)

Hit the health food aisle too!

Know that a desk tidy / work station organization / professional overhaul isn’t the only thing to edit-edit-edit.

Earth sign Virgo loves order across the material realms, so look at your cuboards, wardrobe system, food, diet and exercise too…

2. Get Into Fitness! And Harvest…

Fit For Purpose…

It’s an awesome time to sweat the small stuff and find yourself focusing on health and nutrition, particulalry around the Virgo New Moon, when there’s a fresh start in the food court and fitness zone.

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Be prepared to quit bad habits, too.

Let go of anything that hinders or hampers your productivity, efficiency or the feel good factor…

This includes working in a toxic job, or being employed in tasks, rituals or routines that don’t suit you.

“An apple a day” is surely a Virgo mantra, and reminds us of the notion of ongoing consistency, the routine, habits and practice of coming back to the mat – or salad bar.

Start a daily practice, perhaps check out the circadian rhythm or another lifestyle to live by.

Preserve, too – I love this tip from DarkStarAstrology

In Europe, Virgo season is when my Aunties and Uncles harvest the tomatoes and bottle the salsa for the rest of the year. It is a hectic month because it is also grape harvesting, so the wine is bottled from the end of August into October. Virgo is all about thinking ahead. Your cupboards will be very bare by December if you don’t work hard bottling and preserving the summer fruit.

Essentially, the advice is to prepare!

3. Sew, Make Do And Mend…

Did you know that the precision gifted to our Virgo friends is also employed beautifully in the fashion world?

That’s right! Some of our top influencers and most prolific fashion designers are Virgo born…

Sharp as a pin, and neat as a button, it’s no surprise that Virgo has a strong affinity with the process of needle work and the detail and precision it takes to work in fashion.

Even though there are more creative, artistic signs (Leo, Pisces), Virgo brings such notions down to earth and into the real world…

You can now take your precious garments to the dry cleaners or sew on those missing buttons! Hem and stitch.

4. Play Nurse!

Imitate the best qualities of Virgo and uphold the principles of wellness and wellbeing now, during Virgo Season.

Virgo and Pisces are akin to the health and healing axis in astrology, and “living well” to avoid sickness is part and parcel of this sign’s ethos.

Make any appointments or even go for a colonic; get an early night and enough sleep – it’s all about the routines and rituals…

5. Employ The Right Help – And Get What You Need…

From a cleaner to a virtual PA or emotional support animal, this is the month to consider what – and importantly who – would make your life run so much better!

There may be a person or pet that enhances your overall daily experience, encouraging you to train better (hello personal gym instructor), eat better (nutritionist), or simply helps streamline calls and important emails.

Even domestic appliances come under the rulership of Virgo (and the sixth house) so purchase the machine or tool to lighten your load!

What are your choice activities for Virgo Season? Let me know on social channels! Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

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