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Good news for Stargazers – the limited edition Susan Miller collaboration with Fresh has been re-released!

You can stop up on the beautiful zodiac stocking stuffer in stores and online now.

I first noticed and fell for Fresh Soaps when I spotted their gorgeous gemstone adorned packaging.

Each bar of soap is wrapped in beautiful printed paper with an individual stone included on a wire wrap.

Now I love them even more, as they’ve launched a new line of soaps that’s a cosmic collaboration with famed astrologer Susan Miller of AstrologyZone. Her horoscopes are the favourite of many a Stargazer and if you’ve not read them seize the moment!

The scented soaps fit your astrological sign with stones and color schemes are tailored to the zodiac too – fabulous.

Fire Signs, Mangosteen

aries-zodiac-soap leo-zodiac-soap sagittarius-zodiac-soap

For Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius the soap is infused with the lush scent of mangosteen, a lush blend reminiscent of succulent nectarines. The artisanal paper features a fiery color scheme and comes with a tiger’s eye stone.

Earth Signs, Caramel & Sweet Citrus

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For Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn the soap is infused with a blend of caramel and sweet citruses. The artisanal paper features an earthy color scheme of olive and brown and comes with a quartz stone.

Water Signs, Waterlily

cancer-zodiac-soap scorpio-zodiac-soap pisces-zodiac-soap

For Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio the soap is infused with a sheer aquatic floral blend of Waterlily. The artisanal paper features a serene turquoise and aqua colour scheme and comes with a fluorite stone.

Air Signs, Verbena

gemini-zodiac-soap libra-zodiac-soap aquarius-zodiac-soap

For Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius the soap is infused with the classic bright green citrus blend of verbena. The artisanal paper features a blue and grey colour scheme and comes with an aventurine gemstone.

Zodiac Oval Soap is a vegetable-based soap enriched with moisturizing shea butter for clean, ultra-hydrated, silky-smooth hands and skin.

These products are formulated without Paragons, Sulfates or Phthalates. Each soap is hand-wrapped with an illustration of your zodiac symbol and finished with a delicate wire tied around a stone.

The limited edition line launches the 1st February, 2015 and can be found at Fresh.com.


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