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Sturgeon Moon Forecast: Your Full Moon In Aquarius Horoscope…

August 11th/12th 2022, Luna Blossoms in the Water Bearer's sign...

  • Weekday: Sunday – the Sun’s Day,
  • Element: Air,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus.

Times Around The World…

  • Hong Kong / A.W.S.T – Friday August 12th 9.35 am
  • London / G.M.T – Friday August 12th 1.35 am
  • New York / EST – Thursday August 11th 9.35 am.

About This Full Moon…

As the Sun shines in live-out-loud Leo, the Moon moves through Aquarius with a Full Moon at 19º21′, while Mars (and Mercury) appear in Virgo with a trine to Uranus.

Just under a month ago we had an Aquarius Full Moon, but much has shifted and transpired since then, including Jupiter’s re-entry into the cool sign of the Water Bearer. As this is the second full moon in Aquarius, there’s even more emphasis on our ‘journey’.

What must we acknowledge and learn about this house in our own chart?

The Sun holds a potent ‘star quality’ at the final degree of Zodiac Sign Leo – take the golden globe and stand on the red carpet! Take a solo focus & the spotlight, and shine it brightly on the ‘Leo sector’ of your horoscope.

But, acknowledge the crowd, collective group of ‘people’, the Masses and audience, too (the voters, the everyman), as the Moon reflects the light of the Sun…

With Uranus in an ongoing square in 2021 with Saturn (the ruler of this Full Moon & Aquarian lunation) it’s not easy to be exclusively aware of progress.

Uranus is breaking ground in solid, tactile Taurus, prioritising and radicalising our earthly goods (money, clothes, agriculture, property and possessions), so we may have economic disruption or concerns about stock that are not aligned with humanitarian innovation…

Despite the Sun in Leo, we can’t help but be aware of cold, hard logic, science, and all that’s been slowly established.

Your Full Moon In Aquarius 2022 Horoscope…


Moon, Jupiter & Saturn bring plentiful attention to your eleventh house, so that you might acknowledge friends and your community, with plenty of growth still possible around your peers and your people.

Progress may have been made in your circle or social scene thanks to your capacity and bandwidth to connect, communicate and relate to others over time. Take a moment to reckon with your hopes for humanity, asking what’s thrived & blossomed among friends.

Perhaps you’re enthusiastic about group work, knowledgeable in your team or community, or a sage, wise elder that’s worth heeding…

Relationships… You may be in the mood to tend to team spirit, group work and your people – a part of society, your fellowship or friendship circle, one of many, among peers, sharing an interest or commonality that concerns you all.

As the Sun begins to conclude its tour of Leo, take stock of your own impulses and focus on personal gratification: love, sex and romance, bold hearty moves made over the past weeks & gregarious, generous passions. There may have been a sense of fun and joy that’s to be balanced with social interests, today…

Growth… Your ruler Mars (and Mercury) appear in Virgo – like wielding a sharp knife with precision, you have a tool at your disposal that helps you get to the point in your day-to-day life: health, wellbeing, work and staying fit. With ties to Uranus in your money and income zone, you can make a swift, sharp cut!

Excitement and shockwaves around your own role, solo gains and your material assets could be significant – your position or self-worth and value. Allow your material realms and practical, diligent efforts to feature, while also honouring the mood that blossoms around community and friends…


Moon, Jupiter & Saturn bring plentiful attention to your tenth house, so that you might acknowledge accomplishments around your career and standing, with plenty of growth still possible around the way you’re seen by others – including authority figures, parents or those that look up to you.

Progress may have been made in your vocational life and around your general aspirations, with a boost to your value, income and earnings, or sense of self-worth.

Celebrate, acknowledge and fully realize progress and recognition that’s to be appreciated, how far you’ve climbed the ladder and taken responsibility! Stand atop the mountain, with structures clear to see that will help you succeed right to the peak. Note when you’re being honoured with a title, accolade, compliment or praise for a job well done…


Mars (and Mercury) appear in Virgo and your fifth house of fun, romance and earthly delights, signalling a time to drive ahead creativity and passion, thoughtfully getting behind what you love, making the effort to initiate in calculated, clever ways!

With ties to Uranus in your sign you can inject your own unique creative ideas [“free to be me”, liberated, different] to really enjoy yourself, a personal awakening and interests may inform what and who you adore…

Growth… You may be in the mood to tend to your reputation, routes to praise and ready to go further with a path that brings validation, success, and even a moment of fame. Be willing to note rewards that have been forthcoming thanks to the way others view you, attention arriving around your outer profile, your public image or persona …

As the Sun begins to conclude its tour of Leo, take stock of your warm, assuring inner world, too, all that’s been comforting, grounded inwardly and secured these past weeks, and the attention you’ve lavished on family matters, domestic life and home – settled and rooted!


Moon, Jupiter & Saturn bring plentiful attention to your ninth house of truth seeking and beliefs, so that you might acknowledge a journey, venture, project, or greater understanding of life and the world you inhabit – culturally, philosophically, morally, or educationally.

There’s plenty of global growth still possible with time and space to expand your horizons… Notice how you’ve opened up a window on the world that feels personally edifying! Celebrate progress thanks to travel or foreign concepts…

Relationships… As the Sun begins to conclude its tour of Leo, take stock of your close connections, conversational skills, kindred spirits, and alliances – your inner circle of siblings and ties to peers, co-workers or best friends. It’s a compelling time to be bright and present among local ties, however, your outlook is likely also gazing toward teachers, guides, gurus and partners that have allowed you to widen your scope and knowledge.

Set sights further afield! You might now be able to gain insight awareness, profound insight and realisations of wisdom gained through experience, which has everything to do with the way you connect and relate to others.

Growth… Mars (and Mercury) appear in Virgo and your fourth house of home and domesticity, bringing order and proficiency to your space, household, even the way you eat and organize your family ties or connections.

With a harmonious syncing to Uranus in your twelfth house there may be mysterious circumstances sending shock waves through your private life and inner world – changes and interruptions to the way you nest, nurture, or settle and find peace of mind.

Surrender to what’s underfoot, and awakening to the tools or solitary circumstances that brings you to heel and heal; cultivate full acceptance around the unknown (and unknowable). If you have to step back to make improvements now is the time!


Moon, Jupiter & Saturn bring plentiful attention to your eighth house of financial entanglements and unfathomable power dynamics, so that you might acknowledge commitments, and pledges made, Cancer.

There’s plenty of growth still possible within your private life, with illumination now possible on the ways you rely on others to share and do their part, and, around the more taboo areas: life and death, mortality, inheritance, legacies, and long term investments.

Celebrate close bonds, how far you’ve come either within certain partnerships or agreements …

Growth… Mars (and Mercury) appear in Virgo and your third house of kindred spirits, and local allies, and with harmonious ties to Uranus in your eleventh house, it’s possible you can initiate changes, shifts and get involved in your environment with repercussions around community, friends and fellows on the periphery.

The status quo among your social scene, your circle or the notion of teamwork may be in flux or a radical area of your life, presently – talk and connect with your inner circle about what’s awakening, what social changes you’re keen to be a part of…

Relationships… As the Sun begins to conclude its tour of Leo, take stock of your own material gains and assets – your role, income and earnings, and all you’ve done to appear bold, capable and confident in the job you do…

Meanwhile the Moon illuminate’s intimacy, joint interests, and notions of trust, loyalty, debts and death. What do you stand to gain through working with others to build, collaborate and unify? What doubling down is left to do?

Celebrate, acknowledge and fully realize accomplishments in tandem with another that forges deeper level of trust, unification and allows you to let go, & pool together – when it’s worth your time, energy, resources and money…


Moon, Jupiter & Saturn bring plentiful attention to your seventh house of partnering, so that you might acknowledge certain individuals that are truly significant. There’s plenty of growth, responsibility and formality still possible within relationships and one-to-ones, with illumination now possible around the ways you collaborate, team up, and pay attention to others. Show awareness around a partner…

Relationships… As your ruling celestial guide the Sun begins to conclude its tour of Leo, take stock of your own presence and part, the light you shine around others. It’s a time to celebrate, acknowledge and fully realize accomplishments one-on-one, thanks to today’s trio in Aquarius, your opposite sign.

While you’ve a self-affirming day that breeds autonomy and independence of
spirit relationships may rouse great realizations – with more growth in store!

Turn your attention sensitively toward others, those on the horizon or in social circles, friends, a pertinent collaborator, special someone you encounter or those from your community that play a more significant part in your story, a spouse, business partner, creative collaborator or arch rival!

Note who stands out. Focus on yourself and others.

Growth… Mars (and Mercury) appear in Virgo and your second house of money, personal resources, income and material life – like an accountant on a mission you may be well-equipped to address matters of financial gain.

With ties to Uranus in your sector of fame and notoriety, your public image, goals or even your reputation might be changed, with shockwaves around your career or an awakening to the impact you make through your vocational life and sense of presence on outward facing channels (i.e. online).

Direct your energy to what you can do, a positive motion in your position that has an incredible impact on the way you appear – make your move!


Moon, Jupiter & Saturn bring plentiful attention to your sixth house, so that you might acknowledge what’s been accomplished at work, ways you’ve cultivated healthy routines and practices, in your stride and schedule, seamlessly employing ways to tend to the tasks and habits that serve you.

Progress may have been made with more possible around health issues, your diet or exercise regime, or a ceiling in your daily job you’re hoping to overcome.

Relationships… Mars (and Mercury) appear in Virgo and your first house, so you can act and think clearly about your own presence, striding ahead with your own interests, passions and focusing your energy on number one… Turn heads and expect others to notice you and your message, beliefs and what you have to share!

Ties between Mars and Uranus in your house of travel, visionary quests and education bring emphasis to the pursuit of knowledge and those that help you understand your truth – striking upon religion or paths to cultural awareness & foreign perspectives.

Growth… A second Full Moon in a row in your workaday zone helps you pay even greater attention to projects, employment and ways you manage your daily life or general lifestyle!

You may have addressed diet, gut issues, exercise or body concerns, and now have a good grasp around what you do, every day, to stay well and avoid sickness… Note ways you keep yourself running. Acknowledging the little things that work for you, Virgo…

In particular, bolster matters around health and wellness and your optimum regimes or routines to participate in, and maintain your own wellbeing (including beauty acts of self-care)!! You can continue to expand on positive choices and progress made


Moon, Jupiter & Saturn bring plentiful attention to your fifth house, so that you might acknowledge routes to happiness – what brings you joy! Progress may have been made around your own conception or creativity, including the way you approach your kids or child bearing issues (fertility), or an artistic plan and expression, a project, hobby, talent or sporting interest.

Note a sense of accomplishment & personal gratification, a boost to what you manifest from your heart & soul… Note the things offering happiness can prove hard work – double down your intention to learn more about what raises a smile!

Relationships… Acknowledge the things that make you smile, the people, places and things you love! Recognise where you’ve toiled and strived to bring joy, fun and love into your world, celebrating your interests and passion projects – including dating, love making, and finding your heart steadily beating in the arms of another… Where can things get even better than they already are, Libra??

More growth and progress is possible around feats of interest, your desires and entertainment or indulgences…

As the Sun begins to conclude its tour of Leo take stock of friends, community and social interests, collaborative notions of team spirit! You may have devoted attention to your group, or peers with plenty to look upon proudly.

Growth… Mars (and Mercury) appear in Virgo and your zone of closure, catharsis, rest and escapist tendencies, so that you may be turning your efforts inwards; with ties to Uranus in your commitment zone there may be a step back you’re keen to take, which will align nicely with plans or circumstances that involve another – a pledge you’ve made or changes to your bonds and investments.

There may be an awakening around the implications of sharing what you have, teaming up on bills and obligations, relying on an outside party, person or facilitator to breed security in your private life.

Intimate facets of unification can now be enhanced when you silently step back to focus on the details with precision and endurance…


Moon, Jupiter & Saturn bring plentiful attention to your fourth house, so that you might acknowledge progress at home. Take time for your inner world, cooking, nourishing and nurturing as you see fit – even in ways that aren’t traditional or conventional. Celebrate what’s hidden in your psyche – your roots, lineage notice what you need to feed your body, mind, and spirit, as well as those under your care, recharging, resting or recalibrating in your domestic life, able to settle thanks to a connection made…

Relationships… Your traditional, ancient ruler Mars (and Mercury) appear in Virgo and your community sector, Scorpio, signalling a time to be socially active and dynamic, thinking about friends and peers in your circle or social scene.

With ties between heady Mars and Uranus in your relationship zone, moves made at the level of groups, your team or set (industry developments or among colleagues) could impact (or be felt in) one-to-ones.

You may find one person at work, or in your personal life may be strongly connected to tribe or clan and what you’re attempting to do among your network, or a fellow / acquaintance could tap into changes you wish to make in your own partnerships… Pay attention!

Growth… As the Sun begins to conclude its tour of Leo take stock of the aspirations you’ve laid claim to, career goals met or professional advancements made; how does your public image shine now? Is it polished and preened??

Sets your sights on your role and reputation at large as you soon finish this focus on your outer world…

Meanwhile it’s a time to acknowledge developments in your inner, private life, your security, emotional resilience and house hold (or family) matters that have transpired, seen success, and still have room to grow… Note how you’ve settled, rooted yourself, or found resilience and something formidable in your surroundings – perhaps becoming more acquainted with parenting patterns, your own folks and where you’re from, or family frameworks.


Moon, Jupiter & Saturn bring plentiful attention to your third house and inner circle, so you might acknowledge topics that matter to you and your allies, connections and communication skills; say what needs to be said! Write the report, pen the letter or sign up to the course you’ve been meaning to take…

Acknowledge progress around a message or sentiment among your closest connections, among friends and your best buds, or around sibling interactions, getting in touch with those around you – how might you grow and develop even further, so that you navigate the conversation seamlessly?

Relationships… Relate to those near and far!

As the Sun begins to conclude its tour of Leo take stock of those folk further afield – exciting people, places and things who urge you to cast your gaze broadly, to learn and see life through a different lens…

Yet realize too the mindset, opinions or a common thread you share with close connections, those in your local area or environment, workplace or neighbourhood. The trio in your house of contact, communication skills and kindred spirits illuminates your capacity for realizations and awareness of meaningful interactions. Take time to relate to those top of your text or DMs.

Growth… Mars (and Mercury) appear in Virgo and your tenth house, the highest house in your horoscope, with momentum and motivation to get ahead, and be seen advancing, dedicating a resolute drive to your professional life or outer world.

Ties between Mars and Uranus mean you can take action in ways that show the world changes you’ve made, shaking up your lifestyle choices & habits – from the way you eat and maintain your body, to the way you get out to connect to nature, or use scheduling apps to manage your job, tasks, and chores! Even the area you’re employed in…

Strive to be prominent, noticed and recognized thanks to a shake up to your daily regime, diet, health and wellbeing.


Moon, Jupiter & Saturn bring plentiful attention to your second house, so that you might acknowledge & appreciate accomplishments and progress in your role – and what’s left to gain or make of yourself, Capricorn.

Celebrate a matter of financial security, personal confidence in your contribution, or an issue pertaining to what you do and your input. Note the many ways you feel rewarded, compensated for your work and how you’ve done it! How you’ve stepped into your worth…

Relationships… Mars (and Mercury) appear in Virgo and your house of education, philosophy and foreign perspectives, so you can go out of your way to talk to those who hold a different outlook to you, who bring something to your day and life experience that allows you to learn and grow! Journey forth!!

With ties to Uranus in your passionate fifth house of love, changes to your own sexuality, dating, personal gratification and love life can be pertinent, and somehow tie in to a great adventure… Allow momentum to propel you to higher heights and enjoy those you meet and fall for along the way…

Growth… The trio in your house of earnings wants you to blossom with confidence, to recognize your own work and worth, what you bring as a solo force and what else you have left to do in your role… Mind the material realms, a bonus or ‘win’ fiscally, and feel emotionally connected to rewards and compensation.

Show awareness of what you’ve gained, developed or what you now know about your strengths and purpose; this (and your personal value) can continue to blossom – what you’ve earned, saved, build or developed through sheer determination, hard work and your own efforts…

As the Sun begins to conclude its tour of Leo take stock of intimate agreements, financial bonds and commitments and ways you’ve taken steps to consolidate or rely on others, too, collaborating and finding it within yourself to trust in your unions or those before you – the serious investments that have been broached in the past month.


Moon, Jupiter & Saturn bring plentiful attention to your first house, so that you might acknowledge your presence, and self-possession – your authority, maturity and responsibilities and creativity and personal needs and desires…
Be sure to take time to yourself, identifying your needs

Relationships… As the Sun begins to conclude its tour of Leo and your relationship house, take stock of partnerships; note what’s been on your radar in terms of one-to-ones, what you’ve had to address or broach or focus on, lately.

The sensitive, fluctuating Moon in your sign rouses your special, unique qualities and attributes, with a potentially affirming solo spotlight. Insist on carving out time just for you… Stand Firm on your own journey…

Fully realize how you’ve stepped into your heart and soul; you’ve likely taken a big risk or embarked on a new chapter this year, taking a chance to really evolve solo. Now, what positive personal feat has allowed you to put your best face forward?

Growth… Mars and Mercury appear in Virgo and your eighth house of unification, sharing, mergers and commitment, signaling a time to be motivated around your private bonds – to show loyalty or actively find ways to trust others.

Ties from Mars to Uranus in your foundational fourth house tap into your roots and changes to your sense of place, so that home life (and a shake-up in your domestic surroundings) can facilitate a way to invest & come together.

Your abode or dwelling, your nest or sense of nurture and nourishment could rouse instability, for which the remedy is relying on others to assist and help you, with shockwaves underfoot – note where you live and family or the familiar¬ and what this rouses in your dealings…


Moon, Jupiter & Saturn bring plentiful attention to your twelfth house, so that you might acknowledge a secret process or methods to help you escape – from video games to sophisticated mediums to explore your subconscious, even an out of body trip or project that sees you checked out!!

Take a break, surrender and gain closure, peace or grapple with the unknowable mysteries in life, all you do to establish calm in mind & spirit.

Relationships… Mars (and Mercury) appear in Virgo and your house of partners, so that you may be turning full attention to personal relations and one-to-ones!

Enthusiastic Mars makes harmonious ties to Uranus in your zone of kindred spirits, siblings, neighbours and close connections, which sparks the propensity for an important conversation or encounter to occur.

Notice what you’re talking about with those near and dear and where this leads to a more intimate union or experience… A controversial topic of conversation, or a progressive, innovative discourse and subjects touched upon may rouse anger or a tone in another that seems overly critical or clinical – someone in your environment may be quick to become prescriptive.

Note a decisive tone or decision maker that cuts the wheat from the chaff!

Growth… As the Sun begins to conclude its tour of Leo take stock of lifestyle choices that have been prominent, your work, job or employment, health and wellbeing, and the focus you’ve lent to daily habits and domestic life.

Yet note that a trio in Aquarius touch on circumstances behind the scenes, in your blind spot, with shifts occurring and growth set to continue that can address and explore unseen issues, and tools that enable you to surrender, purge, process and tackle mental health or sensitive subjects with a friend.

Gain semblance in isolation, so that even if you feel solitary and apart from others you know there’s sense in hiding away in a gestational process…

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