Sturgeon Moon Forecast: Your Full Moon In Aquarius Horoscope…

The Moon shines bright in the Water Bearer's sign – Look Out For Aliens!

Your Full Moon In Aquarius Horoscope…


The Full Moon could bring attention to friends, your circle or social scene, and teamwork. Now illuminating groups of people, acknowledge progress and potential around your peers. You may be in the mood for team spirit, to gather in a group or fellowship.

As the Sun moves through Leo you may be focused on your own talents, passions and creative expression. Love, sex and romance, a sense of fun and joy could burn bright. Take stock of what lights you up and where you’re conflicted about who might be involved in making you happy.

Yet social interests are to be balanced with your own personal gratification, and artistic merit or kids.

Mars in Virgo brings out your efficient, proficient inclinations, so that work, your health and fitness may be a pressing issue too. Think about your wellbeing, with a way to keep on track that’s aligned with your job role or a big emphasis on money. This may mean pacing yourself and your maintenance program or routine. Drive ahead with a diet and exercise regime that suits you and your body type – and your financial position! Accommodate work…


The Full Moon could bring attention to your aspirations, career and professional life, peaking in your tenth house of fame and direction. Look to be visible now, acknowledging accomplishments around your vocation or leadership qualities.

As the Sun moves through Leo, take stock of your inner world, family life, a property or parent. Home and household matters may be complicated, with potential confusion around

Mars in Virgo ramps up your creativity, fertility and amorous notions of play, so be considered in your approach to children and what you want to conceive. Lend attention to ‘the good life’ and entertainment, with pleasure found in expressing yourself, particularly if you’re personally called to show up and put yourself into a project (or pregnancy!)


The Full Moon could bring attention to your travels, wisdom, a journey, project, or your understanding of life as it peaks in your ninth house of truth seeking, foreigners and global education. Expand your horizons!

Illuminate your beliefs, what you know to be true culturally, philosophically, morally, or otherwise. Notice how you’ve opened up a window on the world that feels inspiring, and that connects you to your people.

As the Sun moves through Leo, take stock of close connections, kindred spirits, and alliances – your inner circle of local ties. Yet acknowledge how this must be balanced with awareness and an outlook that sets yours sights further afield!

Mars in Virgo touches on your domestic side, with a willingness to take action around home life, family, your nest or base. A process of closure, acceptance, healing and time out may now set you in limbo, however your roots, land or lineage can provide the right foundations to make sense of what you’re dealing with privately.


The Full Moon could bring attention to your private life, as it peaks in your eighth house of financial entanglements, commitments and promises made.

Illuminate how you rely on others to share and do their part, broaching long term investments, contracts and the more taboo areas: life and death, mortality, inheritance, a mortgage, tax or payout, and your legacy.

As the Sun moves through Leo you may be focused on your own assets, money and the role that delivers income or rewards. Complications or drama may have been kicked up around your personal security, job and all you do to earn a living.

Take stock of your financial position and prized possession, as well as power dynamics, close bonds, and even how far you’ve come with trust, loyalty, debts and intimate encounters.

Mars in Virgo draws on close connections and your communication skills, with potential activity ramped up in local areas. Allow neighbourhood dealings to feature, as you grow your network or awareness of a much broader group or friendship circle…


The Full Moon could bring attention to relationships, as it peaks in your seventh house of partnering.

Illuminate individuals that are significant, as well as negotiations and one-to-ones that come up for review. Find perspective on the way you collaborate, team up, and pay attention to others. Show awareness around a partner…

As the Sun moves through Leo you may be focused on your own presence, body and the light you shine as an individual, yet turn attention sensitively toward others.

Mars in Virgo brings out your practical side, and draws on your earnings, money and material concerns. You might be inclined to check in with what you have, talking about transactions, personal investments, what you’re building or capable of in a tangible sense. Be confident in your approach, driving ahead knowing your reputation and career path has blossomed.

A level of notoriety, fame or this year’s accomplishments may encourage action you’re prepared to take around your own value role and contribution.


The Full Moon could bring attention to healthy regimes, your schedule and routine practices you’ve cultivated, now illuminating your sixth house of work and wellness. Acknowledge what’s been accomplished around your employment, how you maintain your position with habits that are effective.

As the Sun moves through Leo, you may be escaping your usual agenda, with a way to relinquish control and go about things in a different way. There could be a process of endings, closure and transition you’re dealing with, as you consider a new chapter that’s before you.

Balance awareness of the tasks that serve you, and continue on with your summer project side stage.

Mars now in your sign could encourage you to take charge, so that you’re ready to strategize solo, and figure out the best way to press ahead when it comes to others, too. Showing vitality and agility is perhaps easy, as you assess what you have to give, and expectations other others part, too… It’s likely you’ve gained experience and understanding this year, continue with your growth, travels and personal expansion as you assert yourself!


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The Full Moon could bring attention to your creativity, kids or child bearing issues (fertility), or to an artistic project, hobby, talent or sporting interest.

Peaking in your fifth house, acknowledge routes to happiness – what brings you joy! Progress may have been made around conception or the way you approach an expression of your heart.

As the Sun moves through Leo take stock of friends, community and social interests, too – collaborative team spirit! You may have devoted attention to your group, or peers lately, or to society and the people in your broader network.

Balance personal gratification and all you love with what encourages you to be with a group.

Mars in Virgo could set you in a process of gestation, with a retreat and sense of withdrawal. There may be a pocket of isolation you’re in, a secret you’re dealing with or a waiting period, so that you’re subdued and waiting.

Embrace catharsis, step back and heal, acknowledging the growth you’ve made in your private life and relationships…


The Full Moon could bring attention to a parent or your home life, peaking in your fourth house. Celebrate what’s hidden – your roots, lineage or familiar people and progress around your property or foundations.

Take time to nest and tend to those under your care, recharging, resting or recalibrating in a domestic sense.

As the Sun moves through Leo take stock of career goals or your professional advancement. Note aspirations you hold sacred, set your sights on your role and reputation. How do you shine publicly? What must be reviewed and readjusted?

Acknowledge where you’re coming from and going to, balancing your inner and outer life, your emotional nature and ambitions.

Mars in Virgo activates your social side, and the fabric of your community. Peers, friends and a network, or the common causes you’re involved with can be motivating and on your mind. One person may stand out, with growth around your understanding of intimate relationships, as you harness a sense of teamwork or connect to industry news and narratives.


The Full Moon could bring attention to your communication skills and local dealings, as it peaks in your third house of sibling ties and close connections.

Illuminate how you say what needs to be said. Write the report, pen the letter or acknowledge progress around a message or meaningful interactions.

As the Sun moves through Leo take stock of travel and folk further afield – exciting people, places and projects helping you cast your gaze more broadly, seeing life through a different lens…

Relate to those near and far, noticing the mindset, opinions or common thread you share, or where your beliefs differ.

Mars in Virgo can set you on a public path, or connect you to your goals and ambitions. Find a way to advance, be seen, and follow your true north. Think about how you wish to be seen, leveraging a way of life, daily practice or employment that’s new to you, and touches your wellbeing and routine.

Take a strategic and radical approach to your reputation and emphasize a job well done!


The Full Moon could bring attention to your own position and financial security, to your role and ways you feel rewarded, compensated and get paid!

Show awareness of what you’ve gained, developed or built, what you now know about your strengths and purpose – where your value lies.

As the Sun moves through Leo, take stock of intimate agreements, investments you make, and any complications around bonds and commitments. The way you rely on others or consolidate may seem frustrating, trusting others and moving ahead in unions or with others might require a promise or pact, yet is taking time.

Balance what you do with what others can give, with extra awareness of savings or pooled resources.

Mars in Virgo draws on faith, higher education, a philosophy or teacher, with ways to pursue a path of personal growth. Think about what you’re now seeking to know, the facts and reality – who can help you understand and develop greater understanding of your passions, love life, fertility or children?


The Full Moon could bring attention to your presence, body, identity and persona, as it peaks in your first house of personal life. Be sure to take time to identify your needs, Aquarius! Acknowledge what you’ve the capacity to do as a solo feat…

As the Sun moves through Leo and your relationship house, you may be focused on a partner or key people in your midst, with awareness around the different opinions you have, and how you might relate and communicate.

Take stock of where you stand in one-to-ones, what you might address and agree (or disagree on). Meanwhile, insist on carving out time just for you…

Mars in Virgo encourages you to withdraw a little, to take action in some way, to commit, be contractually bound, or tied to others for the long-term. Notice what’s coming up in your private life, where you‘re obligated to pool together and get vulnerable. Affirm what you share, or seek a collaborator that can show up and meet your expectations at home or around a property issue that’s become topical.


The Full Moon could bring attention to circumstances behind the scenes, to your dreams or private life, Pisces. Peaking in your twelfth house, acknowledge a secret or methods to help you escape your day-today.

Take a break, gain closure and surrender, or grapple with the unknowable mysteries in life, all you do to establish calm and serenity.

As the Sun moves through Leo, take stock of lifestyle choices that have been prominent lately. Your work, job or employment, health and wellbeing, and a focus you lend to daily habits may be prominent.

Unseen issues and isolation must be patiently navigated, as well as staying busy and usefully employed.

Mars in Virgo activates partnership, and personal relationships, with a strong dynamic one-on-one. A best friend, therapist, coach, business advocate, even a parent, spouse or frenemy may now stand out, with potentially exciting negotiations taking place. Communication skills and the development of your connection and rapport may stand out as you tackle unions of all kinds!

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