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23rd / 24th July: Full Moon In Aquarius Horoscope…

Discord and disruption with this Lunation spells high drama, Stargazers!!!

Moon Muses: David Duchovny And Gillian Anderson, Both Sun In Leo, Moon In Aquarius…

Full Moon In Aquarius, 1º26’

  • Weekday: Friday / Saturday – Venus & Saturn’s Day,
  • Element: Air,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Saturn + Uranus.

Times Around The World…

  • Hong Kong: Saturday July 24th, 2021 10.37 am
  • London: Saturday July 24th, 2021 3.37 am
  • New York: Friday July 23rd, 2021 10.37 pm.

About This Full Moon…

The Sun now tours Leo, and today, the Moon reaches its point of maximum light with a Full Moon in opposite sign: Aquarius.

It’s a SUNNY day in the cosmos (Leo Season) with some places experiencing heatwaves.

But emotionally (Aquarius Moon) we could be cool, calm and collected, acknowledging a moment akin to awakening from winter. Aquarius Season is when all is cold, brisk and blue – Saturn moved into Aquarius around Winter Solstice 2020, what’s evolved since then?

Put the spotlight on the collective group of ‘people’, the Masses, feedback from the crowd, the audiences vote and what “we all want”, collectively. Yet know Leo holds star quality, the solo focus & spotlight.

With Uranus in an ongoing square in 2021 with Saturn (the ruler of this Full Moon & Aquarian lunation) it’s not easy to be exclusively aware of progress.

Uranus is breaking ground in solid, tactile Taurus, prioritising and radicalising our earthly goods (money, clothes, agriculture, property and possessions), so we may have economic disruption or concerns about stock that are not aligned with humanitarian innovation…

Despite the strong, potent, heady signature of Sun & Mars in Leo, we can’t help but be aware of cold, hard logic, and all that’s been slowly established [socially, post pandemic, post Capricorn 2020].

Take the day to acknowledge the darkness (Plutocracy), and all that’s evolved out of it

Your Full Moon In Aquarius Horoscope By Sign…


The Sun and Mars now tour Leo, strong, generous, bold and gregarious, and today, the Moon reaches its point of maximum light in opposite sign Aquarius with a Full Moon in your 11th house.

It’s a time to celebrate, acknowledge and fully realize accomplishments you’ve seen among friends and your community, among peers and your people – progress made in your circle or social scene thanks to your capacity and bandwidth to connect, communicate and relate to others over time.

Transits through your tenth house gave you authority, prestige and leadership, clout. Now, take time out to notice your hopes for humanity, what’s thrived & blossomed–perhaps you’re a wise elder among friends, or maybe you’re recognising your limits in engaging with the masses.

Relationships… The Full Moon touches your relationships, Aries – the polarity between your own passions and lust for life (Sun-Mars in Leo) and the inclination towards team spirit, group work and your people – a part of society, your fellowship, coming together with an interest or commonality that concerns you all.

Today, set aside your own impulses and drive toward personal gratification to feel connected to those in the world around you, including online.

Personal Growth… Full Moon’s are ideally spent with a moment of clarity; revelations and realisations can come.

But now, we’ve a few spinning plates and potential for interruption as an erratic signature (Uranus) is lingering, creating excitement, distraction and shockwaves. Shifts around your material role, income and solo gains could be significant, your position or self-worth and value.

A financial issue (or work) may take your eyes away from your people and social interests, and from what’s in your heart – your creativity, sense of fun and drive toward joy.

Allow the material realms to feature, though not at the expensive of eye-opening progress and your part among community – you have much to offer and articulate!


The Sun and Mars now tour Leo, warm, assuring, comforting and secure. Today, the Moon reaches its point of maximum light in opposite sign Aquarius with a Full Moon in your 10th house.

It’s a time to celebrate, acknowledge and fully realize accomplishments around your career and standing, to acknowledge progress in ways you’re seen by others – including authority figures, parents or those that look up and respect you and your journey.

Transits through your ninth house likely set your sights further towards a vision quest, so you developed knowledge and a foot on unfamiliar terrain.

Now, notice how you’re equipped to stand atop the mountain, stake solidly implanted with structures in place helping you succeed in your chosen lane.

Relationships… You could also be feeling restless and impulsive, keen to go your own way regardless of responsibilities in your outer world, or the demands of home life, family matters and a need to be grounded inwardly, settled and rooted.

Your ruling planet Venus in Virgo and your fifth house favours fun, romance and earthly delights, yet know that the Full Moon wants to steer your gaze toward your aspirations, and routes to praise – connect to those that appreciate how far you’ve climbed the ladder – a boss or business ally!

Personal Growth… Pause to truly and authentically appreciate recognition around your public image or persona!

The Full Moon brings validation and even a moment of fame, so be willing to step away from domestic life and home matters that now draw attention.

Solo quests and personal awakenings may now rock your world, so that you may want to appear liberated, different, “free to be me” but you’ll want to notice when you’re being honoured with a title, accolade, compliment or praise for a job well done…

Notice where rewards are forthcoming thanks to the way others view you, attention arriving around your successes, reputation and outer profile


The Sun and Mars now tour Leo, and today, the Moon reaches its point of maximum light in opposite sign Aquarius with a Full Moon in your 9th house.

It’s a time to celebrate, acknowledge and fully realise a journey, venture, project, or greater understanding you’ve honed – a way of understanding life and other people thanks to your handle on the way other people comprehend the world: culturally, philosophically, morally or spiritually – simply the way they’ve been taught.

Transits through Capricorn – and your eighth house – may have forced you to face the most intimate commitments and your deepest fears; now notice how you’ve opened up a window on the world that feels freshly invigorating!

Relationships… Leo Season is a month for close connection and kindred spirits, to be among your friends and close-knit crew of alliances: co-workers, siblings, peers and your inner circle.

However, today your outlook is broadened with the Full Moon, setting sights further afield toward teachers, guides, gurus and partners that have allowed you to widen your scope and thinking.

Consider the people who have educated you, even if you don’t actually manage to speak to them it’s the wisdom you’ve gained through experience that’s most important…

Personal Growth… Full Moon’s can be revelationary – moments of profound insight and realisation, and now in your ninth house you might gain insight into an education or cultural awareness that’s helped you expand your horizons and grow exponentially.

It could be a day when information, news or sharing a message is pertinent.

Yet with Uranus in your twelfth house there may be mysterious circumstances sending shock waves through your private life. You might be interrupted in making sense of progress today, Gemini, thanks to a surrendering or awakening – solitary circumstance that brings you to heel and heal; cultivate full acceptance around the unknown (and unknowable).


The Sun and Mars now tour Leo, motivating, bold and confident – resplendent even! Today, the Moon (your special celestial guide) reaches its point of maximum light in opposite sign Aquarius with a Full Moon in your 8th house.

It’s a time to celebrate, acknowledge and fully realize accomplishments in your private life, Cancer, with illumination around the more taboo areas – of life and death, mortality, inheritance, legacies, and long term investments.

Transits through your seventh house of partners has cleared the path and made way for progress at a deeper level of trust, unification, and allows you to see the individuals worth your time, energy, resources and money

Relationships… The Full Moon touches on your financial entanglements and power dynamics, Cancer – the polarity between your own material gains and assets (Sun-Mars in Leo) and ways you rely on others to share and do their part.

The Full Moon illuminate’s intimacy, joint interests, and notions of trust, loyalty, debts and death. What do you stand to gain through working with others to build, collaborate and unify?

There’s also changes, shifts and awakenings around community or complications around friends and fellows that potentially interrupt investments, and closer bonds…

Personal Growth… The status quo among your social scene, your circle of friends or the notion of teamwork could make it challenging to really appreciate how far you’ve come either within certain partnerships, commitments, pledges or agreements, or in taking your investments seriously, Cancer.

Focus on the steps you’ve taken that are paying off – even if progress can’t be fathomed or understood by those on the periphery. It’s likely you’ve now peace of mind and a level of inner acceptance thanks to your own process around relationships or what you’ve shared with key people.


The Sun and Mars now tour your own sign Leo – a self-affirming signature that breeds autonomy and independence of spirit. Today, the Moon reaches its point of maximum light in opposite sign Aquarius with a Full Moon in your 7th house.

It’s a time to celebrate, acknowledge and fully realize accomplishments in one-to-ones –– relationships may rouse realizations!

Relationships… The Full Moon shines in your house of partners, allowing you to turn your attention sensitively toward others, those on the horizon that are significant, friends or those from your community that play a more significant part in your story, or a spouse, business partner, creative collaborator or arch rival!

Who stands out?

As it’s your birthday month you’re also full of yourself, too, with headstrong Mars powering ahead in your own sign creating momentum in solo feats…

Find the balance lionheart!

Personal Growth… Despite a sense of awareness around a partner or certain key individuals, you might find an ongoing shift around the way you appear, your public image or reputation, thanks to Uranus in your career house of fame and notoriety sparking changes and awakenings to your sense of presence on outward facing channels.

It’s potentially an incredibly social time for you Leo, so that being around people offers you plenty of experiences, the quandary is whether you focus on yourself, your work, goals, and position, rather than acknowledge a love interest, indulging your partner, a collaborator, special someone you encounter, or a pertinent one-on-one…


The Sun and Mars now tour Leo, and today, the Moon reaches its point of maximum light in opposite sign Aquarius with a Full Moon in your 6th house.

It’s a time to celebrate, acknowledge and fully realize what’s been accomplished at work, ways you’ve cultivated healthy routines and practices, in your stride and schedule, seamlessly employing ways to tend to the tasks and habits that serve you.

Spotlight a health issue, limitations in your diet or exercise regime, or a ceiling in your daily job you’re hoping to overcome with further restricting.

Relationships… Jupiter will soon back into your sixth house, bolstering matters around health and wellbeing, employment and your optimum daily practices.

But for now, appreciate the one-to-ones that have come onto the horizon, with the gas giants tour of Pisces, and what it’s bringing out in you.

Venus currently moves through your first house, so you can show up with a beautiful focus on number one… Turn heads and expect others to notice you when you make the effort to satiate your desires!

Personal Growth… With the Full Moon in your workaday zone look at projects nearing completion or a sense of fruition around your employment – way you’re managing daily life and your lifestyle choices!

You may have addressed diet, gut issues, exercise and now have a good grasp around what you do, every day, to stay well and avoid sickness.

However, with Uranus in your house of travel, visionary quests and education you could be pursuing knowledge and routes to understand your truth – striking upon religion or paths to cultural awareness & foreign perspectives.

This could distract you from acknowledging the little things that work


The Sun and Mars now tour Leo, and today, the Moon reaches its point of maximum light in opposite sign Aquarius with a Full Moon in your 5th house.

It’s a time to celebrate, acknowledge and fully realize routes to happiness, the things that make you smile, the things you love, casting a spotlight on efforts made to formalize your interests, artistic talents and passion projects.

Note a sense of accomplishment around your own conception or creativity – a child, book, blog, work project, hobby, talent or sporting interest could be hitting a high note!

Relationships… Even the things that offer a pathway to happiness can prove hard work or be surrounded by limitations and hardship. Today, recognise where you’ve toiled and strived in the areas that bring satisfaction and personal gratification – from the baby you’re so pleased and in love with, to your dating profile, which is producing firm results, to your sexuality or passion projects

And yet, note with a long-term transit of Uranus interjecting, there may be an awakening around the implications of committing – a change to your outlook around depending on others, what you share and are prepared to be vulnerable about, making it difficult to pay attention to your heart’s desire

Personal Growth… Your collaborative interests – at the level of community and friends – must be given attention, yet so must progress around you own feats of interest, a moment of joy, indulgence or entertainment that’s yours and yours alone!

Finding you’re torn between what you love and what your group, team or peers deems vital is conflicting, yet you’ve also a promise or pledge that draws you to consider others. This includes changes to the way you experience financial ties, bonds, and considerations around inheritance, bills and outgoings – your obligations and commitments that are private or intimate.

Interruptions needn’t spoil your fun, simply navigate what you’re obliged to do, and where your own spirit and heart leads you


The Sun and Mars now tour Leo, and today, the Moon reaches its point of maximum light in opposite sign Aquarius with a Full Moon in your 4th house.

It’s a time to celebrate, acknowledge and fully realize what’s been established and erected underfoot, thanks to progress made in your inner, private life – an agreement made that allows you to settle.

Relationships… The planet of change, sharp shifts, and surprises, radical, maverick Uranus is spending a seven-year stint in your relationship zone, promising to introduce scenarios that shock or appear from out of left field.

You may find one-to-ones shake you up and rock your world, one person at work, or in your personal life may blow hot and cold.

Yet rather than back away from discussions and your own security, you can likely talk it over or have a resolute approach, and show determination to follow through with emotional resilience – something that’s required now.

Personal Growth… It might be worth recharging, resting or recalibrating on home turf today, as the Moon shines in your zone of household matters, foundations & domestic life. Leo Season sets your sights on your role and reputation at large, however today stand down, willing to connect to your roots, lineage, and what’s hidden in your psyche from long ago.

You’re encouraged to notice how you’ve settled, rooted yourself, or found resilience and something formidable in your surroundings – perhaps you’re becoming more acquainted with parenting patterns, your own folks and where you’re from, or family frameworks.

Be sure to take time for your inner world, cooking, nourishing and nurturing as you see fit – even in ways that aren’t traditional or conventional. Notice what you need to feed your body, mind, and spirit.


The Sun and Mars now tour bold, resplendent, adventurous Leo, and today, the Moon reaches its point of maximum light in opposite sign Aquarius with a Full Moon in your 3rd house.

It’s a time to celebrate, acknowledge and fully realise the mindset, opinions or a common thread you share with close connections, those in your local area or environment, workplace or neighbourhood.

The Moon illuminates your house of contactwriting and communication skills and kindred spirits – transits through your second house have likely helped you establish you in your position and role, your earning power and capabilities, now take time to relate to those on the topics that matter most to you and your allies…

Relationships… With the Full Moon in your third house you could be keen to acknowledge a message, or sentiment among your closest connections, with progress made among friends and your inner circle, or around sibling interactions and getting in touch with neighbours and those around you.

However, Leo Season sets your sights further afield, so exciting people, places and things beckon and urge you to cast your gaze more broadly! Despite best intentions (to call or grab a coffee) you could find habitual tasks, chores or the daily grind interrupts your interactions – even a testy wifi line! Ensure you catch up avoiding the subjects or language that’s un-relatable to kindred spirits

Personal Growth… Erratic change maker Uranus promises to shake up your everyday life, in ways small or shocking! From the way you eat and maintain your body, to the way you get out to connect to nature or use scheduling apps to manage your daily regime, health and wellbeing.

Now, you’re in a season to relate to those near and far, and yet the habits you’re looking to upkeep could throw a spanner in the works; sticking to or shaking up your lifestyle choices ricochets off messages sent and received

Be sure to set aside time and space to say the things that matter, grateful for the people in your inner circle the count. Write the report or pen the letter!


The Sun and Mars now tour Leo, and today, the Moon reaches its point of maximum light in opposite sign Aquarius with a Full Moon in your 2nd house.

It’s a time to celebrate, acknowledge and fully realise monetary accomplishments and your role – matters of financial security, personal input, or an issue pertaining to what you contribute and ways you feel rewarded, compensated in your position.

Transits through your sign in 2020 may have forced you into a position of empowerment, so that you became controlled and self-preserving, able to hold your own solo. Now see how you’ve stepped into your worth

Relationships… Leo Season is a month for next steps in your unions, to take agreements to the next level and consolidate, trust or show gratitude for what you have thanks to collaboration with others.

Yet the Full Moon wants you to recognize your own work and worth, what you bring to the room as a solo force. What’s more, Uranus the great disruptor in your sector of love, passion, kids and personal gratification is at odds with your financial bonds and commitments, so that dating, your sex life, or another passionate draw may distract you from the more serious investments now calling you to take action…

Personal Growth… With today’s Full Moon in your second house of confidence and personal value, you might have reason to appreciate what you’ve earned, saved or built through sheer determination, hard work and your own efforts.

Connect to the material realms, a bonus, ‘win’, or reward may be central to realizations and awareness of compensation. Appreciate and enjoying what you’ve gained, developed or what you now know about your strengths and purpose. Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done!

Yet anticipate your kids, sense of fun, a hobby, your love life or sporting feats and entertainment could distract you from feeling fully on top of progress.


The Sun and Mars now tour Leo, and today, the Moon reaches its point of maximum light in opposite sign Aquarius with a Full Moon in your 1st house.

It’s a time to celebrate and acknowledge yourself, to fully realise how you’ve stepped out of the shadows and into self-possession – your authority, maturity and responsibilities, your presence and creativity – your heart and soul. You’ve likely taken a big risk or embarked on a new chapter this year, taking a chance to really evolve solo.

Transits through Capricorn – and your twelfth house – may have squeezed and pulverized you, put you through hell. Now, what positive personal feat has allowed you to put your best face forward?

Relationships… Though Leo Season is a month for partnership this Full Moon puts the spotlight firmly on you and your progress this year!

Acknowledge your presence and your special, unique qualities and attributes; it might not be easy with action and activity that forces you to engage with certain people, but insist on carving out time just for you… Stand Firm!

Personal Growth… Full Moons are times of heighted emotions, and today is no exception thanks to the sensitive, fluctuating Moon in your sign, and a potentially disruptive, even volatile signature: Uranus in your foundational sector of roots and standing.

Home life, your abode or dwelling, your nest or sense of nurture and nourishment could be a cause of instability, where you live may be delivering shockwaves (a long-term process, mind), so that having a roof over your head might not look like you’d anticipated, or perhaps your traditions & expectations of family & the familiar–hidden facets–are being shaken & stirred..

You could find you’re unsettled.

Be sure to take time to yourself, identifying your needs, even when your footing doesn’t feel as steady as you’d hope!


The Sun and Mars now tour Leo, and today, the Moon reaches its point of maximum light in opposite sign Aquarius with a Full Moon in your 12th house.

It’s a time to celebrate, acknowledge and fully realize the routes you’ve taken to gain semblance in isolation, to bring about your own powerful surrender – note ways you heal and let go in silent moments, ways you stand down, help others, and appreciate the tools you have to accept what is…

The Moon illuminates rigorous house cleaning and all you do to establish peace or methods to help you escape – from video games to sophisticated mediums to explore your subconscious, even an out of body trip or meditation techniques!!

Relationships… Uranus in your zone of kindred spirits holds the propensity to spark interest among your close connections, siblings and neighbours, of navigation and local interests, with controversial talks or progressive, innovative discourse and subjects touched upon, or mobilization that’s urgent and even erratic.

Notice what you’re willing to talk about with those near and dear, who understand you and your language, though note such topics today can distract you from health and healing

Personal Growth… Leo Season is a month for your lifestyle choices, work and employment, health and wellbeing to be kicked into touch, and over the past few weeks you may have already taken action, motivated to make changes.

But today’s Full Moon touches on circumstances behind the scenes, in your blind spot, shifts occurring and set to continue over the long term that address unseen issues, to enable you to surrender.

Saturn’s long and steady transit through your twelfth house of gestation, closure, surrender and peace are helping you grapple with the unknowable and today there’s a spotlight on catharsisRelease your grip, purge, with uncomfortable or unconscious issues yours to be contemplated…

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