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Harvest Moon Forecast: Your Full Moon In Pisces Horoscope…

September 10th 2022, Luna Blossoms in the sign of the Fish...

  • Weekday: Monday – the Moon’s Day,
  • Element: Water,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Jupiter in Aries, and Neptune in Pisces.

Times Around The World…

  • Hong Kong / A.W.S.T – Saturday September 10th 5.59 pm
  • London / G.M.T – Saturday September 10th 9.59 am
  • New York / E.D.T – Saturday September 10th 5.59 am.

About This Pisces Full Moon…

Today, the Moon grows bright with a magnificent, watery Full Moon rising in Pisces, at 17º41′.

The ruler of this lunation is Jupiter in Aquarius, the biggest planet and traditional ruler of the Fish, now receiving a trine from Mercury in Libra!

We’re nearing the end of Virgo Season, but today is all about going with the flow and talking over the great potential when coming together as one

Your Full Moon In Pisces 2022 Horoscope…


The Moon peaks at its Full Moon phase in the sign ‘Pisces’, and your twelfth house, Aries.

This is the dreamy, sleepy zone of cathartic release and surrender, suggesting you can illuminate the tools, methods, habits and practices you use to reach acceptance and an inner equilibrium.

Forget about yourself for today, noticing where you’re inclined to engage in selfless acts of charity, or, allow yourself to internalise deep wisdom around mental health, progress that sees you really letting go control to reach a faith that’s perhaps been reawakened, lately (with Jupiter in Pisces).

Relationships… As Mercury in Libra is aligned with Jupiter in Aquarius you can find harmony and ease talking to those in the world around you, Aries, your community, group or network of peers – including online!

One person in particular might encourage you to reach out to members of your crew, with team spirit & enthusiasm high, and a willingness to come together to collaborate.

Keep an open mind! Talk in a way that’s congenial, play fair, and nice.

CareerStart the week gently, take it easy as the new working week begins, Aries.

Emotions are heightened with the Full Moon in your gestational sector of anticipation, the zone of secrets, self-sabotage and unconscious behaviors.

While Virgo Season brings out your diligent, practical, industrious (health-conscious) side, today’s mood is well-suited to escaping the toil, grind and hard labor, instead achieving serenity, acceptance and an elevated perspective, which actually brings you closer to your true north and soul purpose. Let go, believe, and receive, celebrate and acknowledge ways you move beyond the mundane details, into the realms of the unknowable …


The Moon peaks at its Full Moon phase in the sign ‘Pisces’, and your eleventh house, Taurus. This is the sociable zone of teamwork, groups, online platforms and community, suggesting you can illuminate the broader organizations or industry you’re a part of – ways you come together as one of the greater good or audience member… A follower.

Gather together with crew-mates, appreciating how you can be a part of a movement, cause or human issue that’s’ much greater than the sum of its parts.

Relationships… Celebrate friends, alliances, and those you come together with as a tribe or fellowship, Bull, the loose relationships with those on the periphery, in your social set or circle. The Full Moon in your house of hopes and dreams for the collective turns you toward the masses, and ‘your people’, emphasizing all that’s made possible when you come together as a clan.

Acknowledge your part in a group dynamic! While Virgo Season draws on solo interests & plans – your desires, passions, personal interests and inclination for pleasure – today’s Pisces Moon is led by those around you in your network. Some faces you might not even know by name, but never mind – swim among your squad and cheer on your team from the sidelines. You’re all humming the same tune!

Career… As Mercury in Libra is aligned with Jupiter in Aquarius you can plan, strategize, schedule and book in appointments to further your outer life and public image, Taurus.

The communication planet and go-between is effective, congenial and astute in your sixth house of work, toil & maintenance, and with ties to the biggest planet of growth and expansion, you’ve wind beneath your wings to go further, making sensible choices for you and your teammates that boost your journey along the pathways of success. Show your flair for organization and lean on others, able to delegate fairly in your professional world…


The Moon peaks at its Full Moon phase in the sign ‘Pisces’, and your tenth house, Gemini. This is the zone of visibility and outward appearances, suggesting you can illuminate your professional profile or reputation, shining a light on progress in your trade, vocation or the way you come off.

While Virgo Season brings out your domestic interests, sensitivities and issues around nurturing, break away to hone in on your successes, your worldly aspirations and ways you feel accomplished!

Relationships… Your ruling planet Mercury appears in Libra and is now aligned with Jupiter in Aquarius – enjoy these two planets both in fellow air signs, both in inspiring, visionary corners of your horoscope!

Be sure to set aside time to connect with those that excite you, Gemini, setting sights on experiences that involve others sent to teach you, and expand your horizons – if not literally through a change of scene and travel then in the realms of thought, education, faith, even religion or a different cultural understanding or norm …

Be open-minded, fair, and ready to embrace differences!

Career… It’s a great start to the week for career matters, Gemini, with a Full Moon peaking in your tenth house of notoriety, aspirations and success!

Acknowledge your title or a boost to your outward facing image. Notice what you’ve begun working towards (particularly when Jupiter was in Pisces over the Summer), and what you’re now seeing come to fruition.

Although the Sun’s tour of Virgo underlines stability, safety, family and household matters (your place, standing, land and home life), the Full Moon helps you recognize accomplishments, fame, or milestones: a vocational goal reached, or feat that’s to be celebrated…

Today is about your reputation and standing so be confident in your role.


The Moon peaks at its Full Moon phase in dreamy water sign ‘Pisces’ and your visionary ninth house, Cancer. This is the spiritual sector of quests, growth & higher thought, of education, expansion, publishing and travel.

Acknowledge the ways you’ve embraced experiences to develop, taking on board another person’s perspective or lens…The Sun now shines in astute, perceptive Virgo and your zone of connection and communication but today try to elevate specialist subjects, and your propensity to share knowledge and wisdom gleaned over time…

Relationships… As Mercury in Libra is aligned with Jupiter in Aquarius you can open up an important dialogue, with the more private sectors of your horoscope touched upon; the communication planet now resides in the domestic corner, your foundational fourth house of home, the past, emotional standing and roots, while the biggest planet in our Solar System, Jupiter swells in your intimate eighth house.

Note the agreements you’re making, obligations and commitments you have to those around you, and how they align with your understanding of family life, and your own security, stability, body and place. Make decisions about those you care about (your brood or those under your care) thanks to a growing bond, union or trust of another, facing your vulnerabilities.

Career… While Virgo Season rouses and underlines your communication skills and sociable side, (bringing you together with kindred spirits in your local environment to learn and pass on ideas and information) today’s Full Moon prompts awareness and a celebratory quality around bigger projects and ventures. What truths or discoveries have been made? What do you know and believe to be true thanks to your own travels and exploration?

Note how you’ve moved further in the world, toward your own moral code or lawful conduct; note new perceptions or views from outside of yourself that you now easily and seamlessly incorporate as your own…


The Moon peaks at its Full Moon phase in the sign ‘Pisces’, and your intimate eighth house of boundless collaboration and reliance on others, Leo.

This is the sector of your chart where you’re deeply considerate of others, what they have to give – or you have to share. What might another bestow upon you, what might you loan to others? Note the investments and commitments you’re prepared to make, coming together to merge, bond, trust and pledge your time, energy, space and resources…

Relationships… As Mercury in Libra is aligned with Jupiter in Aquarius you can find harmony and ease talking to partners – one person in particular might draw you into conversation; note today your words likely have clarity, impact & meaning.

The chatty communication planet is well-placed to make fair, diplomatic connections, now in your neighbourly third house of contact, news and rapport, while Jupiter swells in your relationship zone.

Take a pause, with a moment set aside to comprehend what you’re able to do thanks to the involvement of others; the Full Moon spotlights resources and the input of others, so be quick to see how a particular alliance alters the way you feel secure.

Career… Start the week gently, take it easy as the new working week begins, Leo.

Emotions are heightened with the Full Moon in your sector of trust, loyalty, vulnerability and mergers, the zone of intimacy, inheritance, and pledges.

Consider what you stand to gain or lose, celebrating progress made working together, with the Moon putting emphasis on what “we” do jointly, as well as what you manage solo. While Virgo Season brings out your perceptive, self-sufficient side, touching on practical interests and awareness of what’s in hand (and in the bank), today is well-suited to unification, blurring the lines between “what’s mine” and “what we share or have when we commit” …


The Moon peaks at its Full Moon phase in the sign ‘Pisces’, and your seventh house, Virgo. This affords you a moment to pay attention to partners, and intimate relationships that have blossomed.

Note key persons and the wisdom that can be gleaned, one-on-one. With the Sun (in your sign) you’ve a whole month to make it about you and what you can do, talking up your role and personal successes…

Today, shine a light on those you appreciate on the horizon…

Relationships… Celebrate your unions, as the Full Moon lights up your seventh house of personal relations – although it’s your birthday month you’re likely more interested in how others are feeling, today.

Spotlight partnerships across the board, from a friend or frenemy to a work wife, business partner, therapist or family member. Grow your awareness, so that you can bear witness to what one-to-ones have to show you and reveal about your own tendencies, and if you’ve been low key about a particular entanglement bring it out for all to see! Celebrate togetherness!

Career… Your planetary ruler ‘messenger Mercury’ now appears in Libra, aligned with Jupiter in Aquarius for a strong signature around work efforts, daily life, your wellbeing, rituals, and your job.

Talk about money, compensation, or strategize your own payment plan and take into consideration how busy you’ve become this year, Virgo. It’s likely your role has shifted gears, with health and wellness a big topic that can now be discussed and thought about.

Hold conversations that influence your routine, and finances, showing enthusiasm for what more can be done to maximize your effectiveness. Where might you delegate and rely on others to do more?


The Moon peaks at its Full Moon phase in the sign ‘Pisces’, and your sixth house, Libra. This is the house of health, daily routines and rituals, employment, tasks & everyday chores, and marks a moment to celebrate a job well done. See clearly the tasks on your agenda that you’ve taken full circle, ways you maintain your position (and healthy living) seamlessly…

Be sure to recognize where your dedication, efforts and consistency has paid off – possibly quite literally as a reward! Where have you been devoted, selfless, and made serving others a part of your routine?

Relationships… As Mercury is now in your sign, Libra, you may sense you’re articulate, full of bright ideas and inspired ¬– particularly as the clever go-between is aligned with Jupiter in Aquarius.

The biggest planet in our Solar System, also in an air sign, affords you great opportunities to discover what might make you happy, now transiting your fifth house of love, children and playful desires. Talk about your joy, affection and heart, and watch your smiles become amplified!

Career… Come out of hiding to celebrate the little things, Libra, as the Full Moon peaks in your house of work and duty. Today’s lunation draws you into participation, to notice what’s been developed in service of your goals.

While Virgo Season is a month to power down, to rest and recalibrate in private, (regrouping behind the scenes, preferring isolation and solitary conditions to get on with what’s asked of you), today’s Full Moon brings a sense of productivity and effectiveness in body and spirit.

Make a mental note, or put pen to paper adding what’s been achieved to your CV – you can be incredibly creative now so find a way to pep up what you know you can do!


The Moon peaks at its Full Moon phase in the sign ‘Pisces’, and your fun, fertile fifth house, Scorpio. The spotlight lands on personal passions and solo interests, all that’s born out of your heart and soul as an extension of you!

The Virgo Sun could have you inclined toward friendships, team spirit and community concerns, with your peers, circle, or social scene taking up your focus, and yet despite an industrious overtone and willingness to mingle or network, your own creative plans must be prioritized and balanced…

Relationships… Be in touch with those that would make ideal allies, as Virgo Season elevates group dynamics and teamwork. Although it’s a time for friendship and community, note that equal light (and awareness) is now lent to the Pisces Moon in your fertile fifth house, signaling a time for fun!

Steer yourself toward your own heart felt loves, personal gratification and romance: passion, artistic projects and a cause to rouse affection.

Shine a light on dating or a new lover, or sexual development (including pregnancy!) Your happiness and entertainment come first!

Career… As Mercury in Libra is aligned with Jupiter in Aquarius you can pull back to process thoughts that are elusive and intangible, that impress a need for you to fill in the blanks or use intuition in your relationships & communications.

You might even seek out a confidential ear to help you develop a sense of place, security or relationship to home, as you explore where you live and settle; Jupiter in your fourth house brings you a strong connection to home so that you may be touching on the past with a good chance of remembering or discovering some of the missing pieces.

Virgo Season invites you to network but gladly settle down, too…


The Moon peaks at its Full Moon phase in the sign ‘Pisces’, and your fourth house of homeland and security, Sagittarius. This is the domestic zone of home, nesting, nurture and family, giving extra awareness and even reason to celebrate notions of place, rootedness, household matters, and, what you’re grateful to realize about the past and where you’re from.

Note what you know works for you in terms of nurturing your body, being in a space or surroundings that are familiar–be among people that are a comfort!

Relationships… As Mercury in Libra is aligned with Jupiter in Aquarius the most social corners of your horoscope are activated – the communication planet heightens team spirit, the propensity for group endeavours to feature, and space for you to engage among your peers, and your ruler Jupiter urges you to voice something important, to give rise to a message, or greatly emphasise your communication skills.

Play at being spokesperson or help friends spread the word, Sagittarius, with a local issue that’s been pertinent this year catching on among your allies…

Career… The Sun now shines in the highest point of your horoscope, the tenth house, so it’s a great time to be seen in your vocation, spotlighting your path and position in the world – your trade and professionalism. Allow a sense of notoriety, recognition, your outer life and ambitions to hold strong.

Yet start the week gently, take it easy as the new working week begins, Archer.

The Pisces Moon raises the emotions in your sensitive fourth house, so that although Virgo Season encourages you to focus on your career and personal advancement, there’s potential for heightened feelings around family, your foundations, and your inner landscape, too. Note how and where you’re inclined to drop anchor. Give yourself tender, loving self-care.


The Moon peaks at its Full Moon phase in lucid, imaginative water sign ‘Pisces’, and your third house, Capricorn. This is a moment to acknowledge your own skills and aptitude, your rapport with those around you (on social media) and issues within a tight knit circle, neighborhood or among siblings, colleagues or your besties…

Your own mindset or manner of thinking is illuminated, with the potential for news, data or information to reach you – stay tuned in! Or be the one to navigate and deliver messages among kindred spirits…

Relationships During Virgo Season the Sun lights up your expansive ninth house of long-distance travel and learning, encouraging you to discover other perspectives or a different belief system, a new cultural slant, or moral framework. Be willing to set in motion a train of thought that takes you further!

Mix with teachers, guides and sources of knowledge that are visionary, or broadcast your ideas. Yet note the Moon moves through Pisces, with a Full Moon in your third house of contact and communication, elevating close ties, and your local environment, neighbors or your inner circle.

Notice what comes up, and what needs to be said or verbalised by you?

Career… Mercury now appears in Libra, aligned with Jupiter in Aquarius and your second house of earned income, value and self-worth, so that the professional corners of your chart are activated.

As the communication planet appears in the highest sector of your horoscope you may be seen, visible and prominent as a messenger or conduit for information. Note that others may be looking to you as a source of knowledge, and that the role you’re able to uphold may be most edifying if you have something big to broadcast… Share knowledge, rewarded and blossoming in esteem! Just note that the details may run awry, with the Pisces Moon favouring artistry over precision…


The Moon peaks at its Full Moon phase in the sign ‘Pisces’, and your second house of money, income and earnings, Aquarius. Spotlight what you do!

This is the moment to lend awareness to your input, contribution or personal belongings, with the Moon brightly aglow in the sector of personal gains and solo rewards – appreciate your assets, attributes, talents and consider how you might develop even greater financial security (when Jupiter re-enters Pisces at the tail end of the year)… What are the ways you build and develop that hold meaning and significance?

Relationships… As the Sun tours your eighth house you’ve a month to come together, to share, pool assets and dedicate what you have to make more with an outside party or person – your business partner, spouse or another committed individual.

Take into consideration how you share your time, energy, space and all you have, showing loyalty or trusting others to give & partake in a similar fashion.

Communicator Mercury now tours your worldly ninth house of expansion, growth and cross-cultural experiences, drawing you to engage with those who might share their knowledge, perspective or show interest in what you’ve explored. Ties between the chatty planet of movement and Jupiter in your own sign signal a chance for you to teach or promote your wisdom, a venture that’s yours along… Say it loud and proud, spreading the word on all that you’ve stepped into and embraced this year!

Career… Apportion extra attention to rewards, income and earnings, your material interests and what you’re given, what you make or spend, Aquarius.

The Full Moon lands in your sector of savings, assets and attributes, reflecting the sense of self-worth that’s so integral to the way you uphold your role and make a living. Perhaps you now have confidence in a new position, or have ways of profiting and investing that are showing signs of prosperity!!

Count your blessings and acknowledge what works for you…


The Moon peaks at its Full Moon phase in your sign ‘Pisces’, and your first house of self, autonomy, and character. This is the time of the month to identify your own needs, and a key moment in the year to bring it back to you and your own nature, and solo stance…

It’s a fascinating time to celebrate all your unique attributes, really allowing yourself to be seen – not for what you do but for who you really are!

Relationships… As the Sun tours your opposite sign you’ve a month to identify workmates, partners and people you’re keen to collaborate with. Virgo Season spotlights your seventh house of partners, yet with the equal light reflected by the Moon you can give equal precedence to yourself, your needs, as well as others.

Rather than get caught up and entangled with key relationships, today, allow those on the horizon to look your way!

With Mercury in Libra now aligned with Jupiter in Aquarius, a much deeper and more profound conversation may be taking place, one-on-one. Discuss the way you’re inclined to help and selflessly support another person’s agenda.

Career… Take it easy, Pisces, and instead of being caught up in the direction you’re taking professionally, note what moves you, inspires you, and what feels good. Today the Full Moon in your sign wants you to celebrate all that you are, so take a personal day – if not literally then simply take time out, away from other people to smile at your own special journey.

With your traditional ruling planet ‘Jupiter’ now tracing through your twelfth house there’s much that can be done privately to surrender, and further your own interests with a new beginning around the corner that’s yours alone.

You may have already had a taste of what this entails, so pull back to talk with trusted confidants about what they might have offer you… Say yes to resources – even if they’re not tangible or obvious an outside party has much to give!

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