Harvest Moon Forecast: Your Full Moon In Pisces Horoscope…

September 10th 2022, Luna Blossoms in the sign of the Fish...

  • Weekday: Saturday – Saturn’s Day,
  • Element: Water,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Jupiter in Aries and Neptune in Pisces.

Times Around The World…

  • Hong Kong / A.W.S.T – Saturday September 10th 5.59 pm
  • London / G.M.T – Saturday September 10th 9.59 am
  • New York / E.D.T – Saturday September 10th 5.59 am.

Your Full Moon In Pisces Horoscope…


The Full Moon appears in your twelfth house, the dreamy, sleepy zone of cathartic release and surrender, suggesting you can illuminate the tools, methods, habits and practices you use to reach acceptance and a state of inner equilibrium.

Pay attention to your dreams or hushed whispers you hear from within

Forget about yourself for today (self-less), noticing where you’re inclined to engage in acts of charity, or allow yourself to internalise deep wisdom around mental health, addictions, your own tendencies, with progress that sees you really letting go of control to reach a faith that’s been awakened in you.

Relationships: With communicator Mercury now retrograde in your seventh house conversations may seem stalled, or talking with one person in particular might throw you off!

Come together to collaborate knowing you could be waiting on others to reveal their hand, respond, or give up information.

Talk in a way that’s congenial, play fair, be nice, practicing patience within a duo, marriage or meeting of minds – try co-operating as best you can!

Career: Take it easy and go gentle on yourself now, Aries, with potentially heightened emotions thanks to the Full Moon in your sector of anticipation, secrets, self-sabotage and unconscious behaviours…

While Virgo Season brings out your diligent, practical, industrious (health-conscious) side, today’s mood is well-suited to escaping the toil, grind and hard labor, instead achieving serenity, acceptance, elevating your perspective, which actually brings you closer to your soul purpose.

Let go, believe, and receive, celebrate and acknowledge ways you move beyond the mundane details, into the realms of the unknowable …

You may presently find you’re bringing order and coherence to your regime, body, routines an employment, but what about all that’s unseen & elusive?


The Full Moon appears in your eleventh house, the sociable zone of teamwork, groups, online platforms and community, suggesting you can illuminate friends, the broader organisations or industry you’re a part of – ways you come together for the greater good or as an audience member… A follower of a special club or niche sector of society

Gather with crew-mates, appreciating how you can be a part of a movement, cause or human issue that’s’ much greater than the sum of its parts, notice how other people’s children or talents in your community are central!

Relationships: Celebrate friends, alliances, and those you come together with as a tribe or fellowship, loose relationships with those on the periphery, in your social set or circle.

The Full Moon turns you toward the masses, and ‘your people’, emphasizing all that’s made possible when you come together, with hopes and dreams for everyman… Acknowledge your part in a group dynamic!

While Virgo Season draws on solo interests and plans – your desires, passions, personal interests and inclination toward your pleasure – today’s Pisces illuminates those around you in your network. Though some faces you might not know by name, swim among your school and cheer on your team from the sidelines. You’re all humming the same tune!

Career: With communicator Mercury now retrograde in your sixth house you may be thinking of details, maintenance issues and ways to create efficiencies.

Try not to get too hung up on minutiae – it’s all too easy to sweat the small stuff… Keep cool, find balance, helping hands and sense moderation! It may seem you’re being forced to reorganise, re-strategise or pivot, that you’re extra busy – chores may need to be re-done, tasks re-executed, or you may think you can take on more yet realistically it’s not manageable…

Your schedule or appointments may be off! Keep it simple, be consistent, productive, coherent in admin, schedule or daily life – what’s easily managed could be thrown into disarray…


The Full Moon appears in your tenth house, the zone of visibility, validation, career and outward appearances, suggesting you can illuminate your professional profile or reputation, shining a light on progress in your trade, vocation or the way you come off in your outward facing image.

Pay attention a feeling of accomplishment, with potential for notoriety, recognition, meeting your aspirations and gaining success!

Relationships: With communicator Mercury now retrograde in your fifth house, make space to trace back over matters of pleasure seeking, flirtation, fertility, conceptualisation, sexuality, and self-expression…

There may be potential drama ahead, as your passionate, romantic house of lusty indulgences is activated, spelling the potential to be captivated by your own agenda, (including what you want from loved ones). Go easy as you revisit freewheeling fun and good times!! It may not be easy verbalising what you’re craving or brings joy. Think on what or who you adore but consider this notion may change…

Career: Virgo Season has the potential to bring out your domestic side and sensitivities, with issues raised around nurturing, nesting and home life, your property and all that goes on in private, hidden from view. The Sun brings focus to ways you gain stability – safety, family and mundane household matters (your place, land and familiar spaces).

Yet today break away from self-care and cozy moments to hone in on your successes, your worldly aspirations and ways you advance or get ahead in public! Acknowledge your title, status or reputation, illuminate a moment of fame or mention of you’ve been working towards.

Sense what you’re now seeing come to fruition, recognise accomplishments or milestones: a goal reached, a feat to be celebrated… Be confident on your path.


The Full Moon appears in your visionary ninth house, the adventurous sector of quests, growth and higher thought, of education, expansion, publishing and travel

Acknowledge ways you’ve embraced experiences to develop, taking on board another person’s perspective or looking through another lens – going the distance to understand a different point of view, culture or way of life!

Pay attention to just how far you’ve come on a journey, quest or pilgrimage…

Relationships: The Sun now shines in astute, perceptive Virgo and your zone of connection and communication but today try to elevate your propensity to share knowledge gleaned over time, illuminating your wisdom for the benefit of others…

While Virgo Season underlines your sociable side (bringing you together with kindred spirits in your local environment, to learn, inform, and pass on skills, ideas and notes) today’s Full Moon prompts you to have awareness and enjoy a celebratory quality around those long distance: feel at ease with international relations or ventures that put you in touch with people and places quite unlike where you hail from!

Note how you’ve moved out into the world, toward your own moral code or lawful conduct; note new perceptions, truths or discoveries that have been made, what you know and believe to be true thanks to an important teacher, your faith, a global outlook, even specialist subjects you’ve truly mastered…

Career: With communicator Mercury now retrograde in your fourth house an issue or dialogue about your homeland, property, or lineage can begin to be rehashed or revised. Home life may now be affected, in flux or complicated.

Sense ways you’ve connected to your foundations, safety or security lately, and be prepared to rethink all that allows you to be settled, at home and at ease with where you’re from.

It may be necessary to go even deeper into self-care, towards family, nesting and nostalgia … It’s a time to stop in your space and think what’s calling your attention (perhaps the past, parenting choices, property or domestic life…?)


The Full Moon appears in your intimate eighth house of boundless collaboration, financial entanglements and personal vulnerabilities, suggesting you can illuminate where you’re fallible, obligated, indebted or bonded for keeps… Where are you secure in your involvements? In what you stand to gain or entrust?

This is the sector of your chart where you’re deeply considerate of others, what they have to give – or you have to share. Pay attention to profound realizations around what you loan or borrow, what you expect from another.

Comprehend what you’re able to do thanks to the involvement of others, the part or recourse that show up when you rely on a personal or professional alliance that can provide (or see you profit together) …

Relationships: With communicator Mercury now retrograde in your third house close kin, neighbors, local contacts and the matters in common affecting you all may seem complicated or in flux; you may be ready to retrace your steps around a discussion, idea or local dialogue – a common issue in your environment that requires a rethink.

Be prepared to pivot and adapt, note you may lack clarity as you navigate and make your way from A-to-B, both literally and intellectually–conversationally!

News and information could be miscommunicated, or perhaps you’ll find yourself reconnecting with close friends you’ve neglected! Make the call! Redial.

Career: Emotions are heightened with the Full Moon in your sector of trust, loyalty, vulnerability and mergers, the zone of intimacy, inheritance & pledges made.

Consider what you stand to gain or lose from a pact, promise or mutual agreement (with or without an oath or contract), celebrating progress made working together. While Virgo Season brings out your perceptive, self-sufficient side, touching on practical interests and what’s in hand (or in the bank), today is well-suited to unification, blurring the lines between “what’s mine” and “what we share or have when we commit to each other” …

Note the commitments you’re prepared to make jointly, coming together with a sacred bond you’re now aware has been forged…


The Full Moon appears in your seventh house, so pay attention to partners, and intimate relationships that have blossomed, or your approach to unions.

Note key persons and the awareness that’s been gleaned in, one-on-one over time, or any major revelations touched upon now… With the Sun (in your sign) you’ve a whole month to make it about you and what you can do, yet today, illuminate those you appreciate on the horizon…

Relationships: Celebrate the idea of partnership and being able to come together with others, as the Full Moon lights up your seventh house of personal relations – though it’s your birthday month (with Venus compounding attention that’s due to be lavished on you), you’re likely more interested in how others are feeling today.

Spotlight relationships across the board, both romantic and platonic, from a friend or frenemy to a work wife, business alliance, client, therapist, coach or family member. Grow aware of all you’ve learnt and what more there is to soak up from another meaningful interaction.

Witness to what one-to-ones have to show you and reveal about your own tendencies. If you’ve been low key about an entanglement bring it out for all to see! Observe inseparability! Blur boundaries between individuality & a pairing!

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Career: With Mars & Mercury moving through the air signs suggests you may be highly engaged and involved in the practical side of life and your professional dominion, relating to a position that sees you making a living or contributing in some way, and stepping up to be seen, visible, driving ahead with your will to be recognized, noticed or revered at large (for your reputation or career)!

Yet your ruling planet Mercury is now retrograde in your sector of material life, spelling complexities and even hold ups around work and money; earnings, income or belongings could now pose frustrations – be sure to lay your hands-on receipts for any purchases you’re not 100% on, get clear about what’s yours, what’s due to be paid or your investments.

Salary & sustenance are prone to error, be mindful of what you give and get!


The Full Moon appears in your sixth house, the productive house of health, daily routines and rituals, employment, tasks and everyday chores.

You can likely illuminate the practices and regimes that put you in a state of flow, and even celebrate a job well done. Sense the chores and priorities on your agenda that you’ve taken full circle, ways you maintain your position (and healthy living) seamlessly…

Be sure to recognize where your dedication and consistency is noticeable, where you’ve been devoted and made serving others a part of your routine…

Relationships: With communicator Mercury now retrograde in your first house errors and complications may be presented around your personal plans, with reason to slow down – touch on recent conversations or revisit talks; be diligent and extra cognisant as you offer up opinions, discuss your beliefs or share information with friends, co-workers and those in the wider world.

You could find you’re not quite as on the ball as you hope, at worst lacking coherence, vision or awareness of the big picture. Clear your head, mindful around what you say and how you deliver a message or frame a strategy…

Career: Today’s mood is well-suited to celebrating the little things, Libra, as the Full Moon peaks in your house of work and duty.

While Virgo Season is a month to power down, rest, retreat, recover and recalibrate in private (i.e. regrouping, working or healing behind the scenes in isolation or solitary conditions), today you can come out of hiding.

Notice ways your life works better, thanks to ongoing moves to live well, taking up habits (like swimming, walking, drinking more water, or changing your lifestyle), or upgrading systems, ways of working, living or operating.

Even the smallest things can bring about big changes over time, and you may now be able to find results, having set sail in a positive direction. This Full Moon absorb realizations around your sense of productivity, efficiencies and effectiveness in body, soul and spirit.


The Full Moon appears in your fun, fertile fifth house, so the spotlight lands on personal passions and solo interests, all that’s born out of your heart and soul as an extension of you!

Your happiness, entertainment and sheer delight can come first, recreation, procreation and ways you express yourself with flair or natural talent…

Steer your gaze toward your hobbies, artistic interests, a performance, craft or sense of personal gratification – towards projects and people you cherish and adore, including your kids or those helping make pregnancy a reality! Shine a light on a genuine sense of affection, and your ability to enjoy life…

Relationships: Be in touch with those that would make ideal allies, as Virgo Season elevates group dynamics and teamwork, and could have you inclined toward friends and community concerns, with your circle of peers or social scene taking your focus.

And yet despite a willingness to mingle or network, your own creative plans and interests must be prioritized and balanced today, too…

Equal light (and awareness) is now lent to the Pisces Moon in your fertile fifth house, signaling a time for fun, romance, play dates and entertainment – to your love life (or sense of joy in life) and all that makes your heart race!

Career: With communicator Mercury now retrograde in your twelfth house retrace your dreams and connect even more deeply with your spiritual side…

This is an elusive zone of closure, endings, retreat and renewal, and you may want to rely on your intuition and imagination, really attuning to recent conversations that have been on your mind… Certain talks and even misunderstandings could be played back and forth; accept the way you process information and deal with people or situations that are outside your jurisdiction or control…

Grapple with any alienation, solitude, or the need to work in an isolated fashion – there may be a scandal or hushed situation that requires confidentiality and a -key approach, so go easy.


The Full Moon appears in your fourth house, the zone of homeland and security, the domestic sector of home, property, nesting, nurture and family life, suggesting you can illuminate notions of place, rootedness, household matters, and, what you’re grateful to realize about the past and where you’re from.

Give extra awareness to parents or your four walls, with potential reason to celebrate what you’ve been able to build upon (literally or figuratively – i.e. firm rock with your dwelling, or standing on the shoulders of your ancestors experience and your traditions…)

Note what you know works for you in terms of nurturing your body, being in a space or surroundings that‘s familiar–be among people that are a comfort!

Relationships: With communicator Mercury now retrograde in your eleventh house be extra aware of your social life and engagements or announcements among friends or industry mates or peers…

There may now be a reassessment of where you belong socially, so don’t be surprised if you’re questioning your circle or find a broader network confuses you, or leaves you wondering what your true aspirations are for ‘everyman’.

Note who ‘your people’ are but be ready to pivot or retrace your steps among those superficial acquaintances; be mindful and cognizant how your words are delivered and received by strangers in your crowd or crew…

Career: The Sun now shines in the highest corner of your horoscope, the tenth house, so it’s a great time to be seen in your vocation, spotlighting your career path and position in the world – your reputation, status trade and professionalism.

Allow a sense of notoriety, recognition, ambition & your outer life to feature.

Yet go gently, take it easy as the Full Moon raises the emotions in your sensitive fourth house – although Virgo Season encourages you to thrive with personal advancement, there’s potential for heightened feelings around family, your foundations, and your inner landscape, too. Note how, where and ways you’re inclined to drop anchor. Give yourself tender, loving self-care.


The Full Moon appears in your third house, Capricorn. Acknowledge your own skills, aptitude and intellect – your mindset and rapport with those around you (on social media discussion or IRL), and any issues within a tight knit circle, neighborhood or among siblings, colleagues or your besties…

Your manner of thinking, journaling, writing or communicating is illuminated, with the potential for news, data or information to reach you – stay tuned in! Or be the one to navigate and deliver messages among kindred spirits…

Relationships: During Virgo Season, the Sun lights up your expansive ninth house of long-distance travel and learning, encouraging you to discover other perspectives or different belief systems, a new cultural slant, or moral framework.

Be willing to enjoy going further! Mix with teachers, guides, embrace a legal opposite or those with different political views, note sources of knowledge that are visionary, or broadcast your ideas to the world…

Yet as the Full Moon blossoms in your zone of contact and communication, elevate close, neighborly ties, too – your local environment, inner circle or those similar to you, with something in common… Notice what comes up, and what needs to be said or verbalized by you?

Career: With Mars & Mercury moving through the air signs you may be in your stride and schedule, feeling organized in your role and healthy living. The highest house of your horoscope is prominent too, with communicator Mercury, bringing attention to your career, title or notoriety – your image and the status or prominence you uphold, and the way you appear at large.

Yet know ambitious plans or conversations with higher ups (even parents) could go awry … Embrace your regime yet note the details around what you’re striving towards can be rebalanced; recognition can be adjusted, being seen in a responsible post of leadership could do with refinement!

A position at the top (visible, seen as ‘successful’, with a message, advancing could take time to unfold, with the requirement of fine-tuning…


The Full Moon appears in your second house of money, income and earnings, Aquarius. Spotlight what you do and what you have! What you’re worth, and what you do that’s worthwhile

Lend awareness to your input, contribution or personal belongings, with the Moon brightly aglow in the sector of personal gains and solo rewards – appreciate your assets, attributes, talents and consider how you might develop even greater financial security. What are the ways you build and develop that hold meaning and significance?

Relationships: Mercury retrograde in your house of long-distance connections might have you keen to interact with those further afield, or outside your usual framework, to engage people with beliefs, philosophies or a moral stance different to your own. Revisit recent talks! Question to know more!

Note where you’re finding interest in the world around you and pause when broadcasting plans and ideas, engaging with specialist subjects. The message you’re looking to share might need to be revised – news, worldly knowledge, visionary ideas and blue sky thinking … Allow opinions held to be “up for discussion!”

Career: As the Sun tours your eighth house you’ve a month to come together, to share, pool assets and dedicate what you have to make more with an outside party or person, to benefit from your business partner, spouse or another committed individual.

Take into consideration how you share your time, energy, space and all you have, showing loyalty or trusting others to give and take. Yet note today your own rewards, income and earnings are significant, your material interests and what you’re given, what you make or spend, as the Full Moon lands in your sector of savings, spending and personal sustainment.

A sense of self-worth that’s integral to the way you uphold your role and make a living could be revealed, with potential confidence in a position, or ways of profiting and investing that are showing signs of prosperity!!

Count your blessings and acknowledge what works for you…


The Full Moon appears in your first house of self, autonomy, and character, bringing focus and attention your way!

As the Moon transits your sign it’s always a time of the month to identify your needs, and a key moment to bring it back to you and your own nature, and solo stance… Yet, with this special day, which tends to only happen once a year, be sure to celebrate all your unique attributes, really allowing yourself to be seen – not for what you do but for who you really are!

Step out ready to be acknowledged for all that you’ve discovered and learnt about yourself, confident, open and sensing plans that have been acted on that have been yours alone.

Relationships: With communicator Mercury now retrograde in your eighth house conversations with a special someone or outside party may stall, so that you’re reconsidering a deal, waiting on a contract, agreement or re-acquainting yourself with the particulars of what’s shared, owed, borrowed or due to be pooled between you and others – from finances or resources, to space, your time or kids!

Revise and review TRUST and your obligations to all kinds of people… You wouldn’t necessarily want to ‘sign on the dotted line’ or take a union further without due diligence, use this time to deeply ruminate on possible outcomes between you and a platonic or romantic significant other (even worst-case scenarios & their implications).

Career: The Sun now shines in your opposite sign, giving you a month that helps you identify workmates, partners and people you’re keen to collaborate with.

However, with equal light reflected by the Moon you can give equal precedence to yourself, your needs, as well as others.

Observe all that you are, physically, who you are to others–take a personal day, if not literally then simply take time out, away from others to smile at your own special journey.

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