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The GaugeNYC Zodiac Necklaces – Minimalist, Modern And Magical!

Well here’s something beautiful to behold, handcrafted jewellery from the self-taught artist Paul Smotrys of GaugeNYC. I think you’ll agree that this cosmic collection is a delight.

Other creations from Brooklyn based Paul include decorative letters and words, personal cake toppers, and also stunning snowflake sculptures.


☆ Aries ☆ Taurus ☆ Gemini ☆


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☆ Cancer ☆ Leo ☆ Virgo ☆


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The necklaces come with an 18″, 14K gold fill chain, and each sign is approx. 1″ by 1″.

So, Where Can You Buy The GaugeNYC Zodiac Necklaces?

GaugeNYC currently sells via their online Etsy shop, which you can visit here. You can also find items at exclusive stores and museum shops including The Museum of Art and Design in New York, Kate’s Paperie and the Princeton University Art Museum. Try these online retailers too!

☆ Neiman Marcus ☆ Paper Presentation ☆ Hands GalleryThe Knot ☆ Abacus ☆

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