Leo Jewelry Style – Adornments For Your Lioness Friend…



Bold statement jewellery works for Leo ladies – they like to wow and need something to compliment their dazzling personality!

Gold always looks good as do touches of the Leo mascot – his Royal Lion.

Both lionesses and the Leo man look dazzling with regal touches – and the outlandish! Chunky chains are flavour of the month, this lot can even pull off a crown… 

Your typical Leo jewelry is dramatic as this lot love the limelight – they can totally pull off the more extrovert styles with ease.

Leo Jennifer Lopez Practically Invented BLING…

Select something appropriate or use the following as inspiration…

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The Leo Crystal – Peridot

The birthstone for Leo? Fresh, bright green Peridot, which is a surprisingly affordable gemstone (Leo doesn’t need to know that!)

The largest, finest specimens come from Myanmar and Pakistan. Soft, it needs to be protected…

What else for luscious Leo? Ruby, 
Golden Topaz and

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