Charlotte Olympia Birthday Shoes!


Charlotte Olympia must be a believer, check out her astrology inspired collection, The Birthday Shoes And Zodiac Pandora Collection.

Great work Miss Gemini!


Twelve shoe designs across two styles reflect each sign of the zodiac with a matching clutch available too. If you don’t like your assigned design why not look up your Moon Sign? Or you could covet multiple pairs according to your Venus, Mars, Mercury and Saturn Signs!

Gemini Fashion Designers naturally gravitate to things in two’s, as Gemini, the Twins are at home with duality in their nature…

The new collection of two of the shoemaker’s iconic pieces (ballet flats and clutch) launches in April, available exclusively at two Charlotte Olympia boutiques (Mayfair and Manhattan) and online in two places: and at Net-a-Porter.

These beautiful ballet flats also reflect the colours of astrology, clever. For example, Leo is fashioned in gold and warm orange suede, Pisces a deep sea blue…

Green is a good colour for sociability for Aries, and Venusian Libra rules pretty pastel shades.

The hand-painted enamel zodiac symbols are decorated with sparkling Swarovski crystals, making these shoes the perfect birthday gift!


charlotte olympia birthday shoes aries

Aries The Ram ☆ Cardinal ☆ Fire ☆ Mars


charlotte olympia birthday shoes taurus

Taurus The Bull ☆ Fixed ☆ Earth ☆ Venus


charlotte olympia birthday shoes gemini

Gemini The Twins ☆ Mutable ☆ Air ☆ Mercury


charlotte olympia birthday shoes cancer

Cancer The Crab ☆ Cardinal ☆ Water ☆ Moon

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charlotte olympia birthday shoes leo

Leo The Lion ☆ Fixed ☆ Fire ☆ Sun


charlotte olympia birthday shoes virgo

Virgo The Maiden ☆ Mutable ☆ Earth ☆ Mercury


charlotte olympia birthday shoes libra

Libra The Scales ☆ Cardinal ☆ Air ☆ Venus


charlotte olympia birthday shoes scorpio

Scorpio The Scorpion ☆ Fixed ☆ Water ☆ Pluto


charlotte olympia birthday shoes sagittarius

Sagittarius The Archer Mutable ☆ Fire ☆ Jupiter


charlotte olympia birthday shoes capricorn

Capricorn The Goat ☆ Cardinal ☆ Earth ☆ Saturn


charlotte olympia birthday shoes aquarius

Aquarius The Water Bearer ☆ Fixed ☆ Air ☆ Uranus


charlotte olympia birthday shoes pisces

Pisces The Fish ☆ Mutable ☆ Water ☆ Neptune

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