Gemini Hollywood Silver Screen Stars…

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Star Sisters – Marylin Monroe and Jane Russell…

Famous Gemini actresses have masses of stage presence and magic sparkle like no other stars of the silver screen.

In particular, the forever loved, blonde bombshell Marylin Monroe emanated a very special and unmissable charm like no other.

Charismatic and a pure twinkling joy, Monroe was drawn to the glitzy, shining allure of Hollywood. This gorgeous Gemini made star sign history singing Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend.


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Gentlemen Prefer Gemini!


Two Gemini Hollywood Stars Twinkling Together – Marilyn Monroe And Jane Russell

Gentleman Prefer Blondes starred two mega moviestars, Monroe and Russell, both Gemini to boot!

These Twins were firm friends, and sensational sex symbols. There’s something to be said for people born under this constellation having a genuine Gemini rapport and understanding, after all, they’re both the communicators of the zodiac and wouldn’t you love to find a like-minded Twin?

Famous Gemini Hollywood Stars

marylin   judy-garland   Belinda Lee

☆ Marylin Monroe 1st June 1926 ☆ Josephine Baker 3rd June 1906 ☆ Judy Garland 10th June 1922 ☆ Jane Russell 21st June 1921 ☆

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