Give Me Givenchy Zodiac Jewelry… Now!

Luxury brand Givenchy launches astrologically inspired pieces for the modern mystic...

Luxury brand Givency has launched gorgeous astrology inspired pieces across earrings, necklaces and more!

Artistic director (and Leo) Clare Waight Keller has put a high-end spin on the zodiac, initially designing pieces for her own star sign, but then going full on with a full collection for Fall 2018.

The earrings come with a black satin ribbon that allows you to convert the statement pieces into a pendant necklace and an additional gold-finish chain is also available to buy.

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The rings are each embellished with a colorful stone that’s been especially selected to symbolize the qualities and traits of each sign; priced at €250 EUR (approx. $298 USD). The earrings set are €450 EUR (approx. $537 USD).


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