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Get Starry Eyed Over The Latest Cosmic Hair Trend: Glitter Roots!

Glitter Roots Hair Trend

TheWyldShop, Instagram

The question is why, and how.

Glitter Roots Hair Trend

Why? To HIDE YOUR ROOTS – genius.

For the how, see below…


Personal Fave: thefoxandthehair, Instagram

Glitter-Roots-randomactsofpastel Glitter-Roots-najlakaddour
Alyssa Garrison randomactsofpastel Najla Kaddour najlakaddour

How to do the new Glitter Roots trend

Get your hands on a big fat pot of GLITTER.

Use a brush to paint on your ‘glue’ – hair gel is a great one to get you started and hairspray can be added as a fixer.

Use fingers to add more, dab delicately.

Use stars or any other sequins or sparkly accessories to up the shine!

Go Go Glitter…

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