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Sagittarius Beauty Style, Reveal Your Pony Tales…

Get the stellar scoop... Ponytails are a hairstyle governed by Sagittarius!

A basic hairstyle, the ponytail is a unisex style where the hair is pulled straight back, bound near the scalp with a band.

Sagittarius is the one to wear it well!

The Centaur… A Horse – or Pony!

Sagittarius is represented in the zodiac by the mythical creature, the Centaur.

Half man, half beast, the animal element of Saggy is the body of a horse, which can be seen in our Sagittarius sisters as they stride from here to there with the gorgeous galloping legs.

The origin of the pony tail name is obvious – the hair hanging down resembles the tail of a horse or pony.

Is is any wonder those born under the sign Sagittarius also feel right at home with their hair pulled back in a practical yet fun style?

It’s A Masculine Look…

All the zodiac signs in astrology are dived into either a masculine or feminine force, positive or negative.

The fire signs are positive, along with air, also masculine.

This sometimes gives fire signs (and air) sisters a slightly more dominant edge.

Ponytails are a beauty look adopted early by men. In the 6th Century, Mayan dudes wore wide ponytails or several mini ones in ornamental bands.

Women were more likely to wear braids

According to Merriam-Webster, the word “ponytail” entered the American vernacular in 1951.

Sagittarius Stars…

Show Pony – Rita Ora

Miley Cyrus, wild horse…

A Tamer pony! Taylor Swift

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