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Leo’s Head Of Hair, It’s The Mane Attraction…

Share the beauty news – Leo has luscious locks best styled BIG!


Did Someone Say Hairspray? Queen Leo Madonna… How High Can You Get?!


Their Hair – It’s The Mane Attraction…

Leo beauty could revolve around their crowning glory – it’s all about their head of hair!

That’s right, Leo’s pride is intrinsically linked to their mop, more so than any other sign

You’ll notice that if the Leo man starts to thin on top, he’ll immediately crop his hair and make a bit of a style statement of it.

Otherwise he’ll be immensely proud of his thick curls or impressive mane…

Give It A Bit Of Backcomb!


Sun In Leo – Hilary Swank…

OK, there’s a little more backcomb in Swank’s barnet than is necessary by anyone’s standards, but you get the picture!

Leo can build up the backcomb to achieve the wow factor, just don’t wreck your tresses (consider Backcomb In A Bottle from Umberto Giannini).

Totally Tousled


Sun In Leo Ladies L–R: Mila Kunis, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lawrence And Kate Bekinsale…

Lady Leo deserves a touseled mane from time to time, these cats look purfect with their hair all groomed, glossy, gorgeous and glorious!

Go Big Or Go Home…


Clockwise From Top Left: Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Bush And Nicole Farhi…

For Leo, all the world’s a stage!

Perhaps an oversized mane adds confidence to their dramatic stage-presence, creating a confident, larger than life appearance.

Perhaps it’s natural, a reflection of their star sign symbol the Lion, imitating his big, shaggy mane…

Evidence would certainly suggest that bigger is better where Leo hair is concerned – at least some of the time.


This Working Girls Working Her Hairspray A Little Too Hard!

The 1988 movie Working Girl starred Leo actress Melanie Griffiths, who amazed audiences with her whopping hair.

In fact, the nod to over the top 80’s fashion is fondly remembered as one of the highlights of the film!

Melanie carried brash fashions with (Sagittarius rising) co-star Joan Cusack. Would it have looked so good on another sign?

Who knows…

I’ll Crop If I Want To…


Sun In Leo – Hilary Swank, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lawrence, Madonna And Charlize Theron

It’s their party and Leo ladies can crop if they want to!

That’s right, the lion’s mane can be tamed into a short style with incredible results. Halle Berry almost never grows her crop out, and Jennifer Lawrence recently made the cut…

What About Moon In Leo?


Lady Leo – Curls And Coins, Oh My!

People with their Moon in Leo should work an oversized do too!

Megan Fox has Moon in the constellation of the Lion and works curls and some pretty hefty gold earrings too (very Leoline…)

Leo Beauty Advice?

Maximise the size – blast it and backcomb, add curls, whatever you do to the do make it Big!

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