Goa & Hampi Astrology Workshop, India…

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Palolem Beach, South Goa…

Astrology Workshop – Heaven & Earth

I am unbelievably excited to be joining the Heaven and Earth crew on their astrology workshop this February in Goa! In India!!

Two fabulous astrologer ladies are holding the course in Palolem Beach, which happens to have been voted one of the BEST beaches in India by Rough Guides.

The dates? 16th to the 24th February 2016! If you’d like to join me simply head to the registration form here.

I have wanted to go to India since forever, needless to say I’m psyched – this experience is meeting so many of my dreams, desires and goals in one fell swoop – I’ve been asking the universe for more knowledge around consultations to help me launch personal astrology readings and this is just the push I need to get started.

I’ll be joining the fabulous consulting astrologer Kim Farley, who I know as my teacher from a few years back in London, and Carole Taylor – a professional astrologer for more than 15 years and a Cambridge University graduate.

Not only does this eight day workshop explore one’s own natal chart, we’ll be looking at forecasting techniques – transits, secondary progressions, solar returns and solar arc directions, to really understand how the chart unfolds over time.

We’ll begin exploring our own creativity, developing skills at reading charts for clients – I’m oozing creative ideas and juices for workshops in 2016, and I’m keen to meet other astrology enthusiasts to share ideas – if that’s you do jump on board! Have a think about joining us!

Good news for studious types, credits are available for the Faculty of Astrological Studies – one of the top astrology schools globally.

Where we’re staying…

Bhakti Kutir cabins

If staying on site the allotted accommodation is Bhakti Kutir – cabanas on a two acre coconut grove!

Built to let you see the moon and star-filled skies, no two cabanas are alike. Fashioned from local materials like rice straw, and bamboo the place combines a rural feel with comfort.

There’s also yoga, healthy food and Ayurvedic treatments for downtime (but of course I’ll be absorbed in astrology… And curries!!)

Who? The Faculty of Astrological Studies (FAS), Heaven and Earth Workshops, Kim Farley & Carole Taylor

What? Working Creatively With Astrology, 8 Day Course In Natal Chart Work

Where? Palolem, India. Fly to Goa International Airport and stay at the Bhakti Kutir cabanas.

When? 16th to the 24th February, 2016

Cost? (USD) $1,825 shared occupancy / $2,345 single occupancy – includes full accommodation and excursions – Turtle Beach boat trip and picnic, Spice Farm tour, and the Anjuna Flea Market trip. $1,500 USD for the tuition and workshop only.

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Optional Four Day Tour to Hampi

hampi virupaksha temple

$550 – Shared Occupancy / $650 – Single Occupancy

An exciting part of the Heaven and Earth workshop not to be missed is the fruits of years of knowledge and experience from founder Evelyn.

A seasoned traveller, Evelyn knows this corner of the earth well, including the hidden gems, the best places to eat, stay, relax and explore.

Following the astrology retreat guests are invited to visit Hampi, a village in northern Karnataka – from Thursday 25th to Sunday the 28th February 2016.

Day One – Thursday, February 25th

An early start to catch a train from Vasco da Gama to Hospet, the station closest to Hampi. The eight hour train journey is something I’m so looking forward to, perhaps not everyone’s idea of heaven but for me, it’s bliss. Riding during the day you can take in the sights of the country, with authentic food on board. Passengers are free to walk around, taking photos. It then takes an hour to arrive by car at the Shanthi Guesthouse, the rest of the day will be spent relaxing.

Day Two – Friday, February 26th

Between 7.30 am and 8.30 am every morning the temple elephant Lakshmi gets a bath in the river before her ‘make-up’ is applied. By 9.30 am everyone has had breakfast and a guide will take the group around the main Hampi temples for a whole day of sightseeing.

We then walk through the village and watch the sun set from one of the higher points.

Day Three – Saturday, February 27th

A day spent exploring the ancient temples on the opposite side of the river from Hampi, one of the most fascinating parts of India and Evelyn’s favourite!

Day Four – Sunday, February 28th

A free day to relax, revisit or see anything you may have missed.

Package Includes:

  • Train to Hampi
  • 4 nights accommodation
  • Tour guides, entrance fees and transportation.

About Heaven and Earth

Heaven and Earth Workshops have been providing journeys of learning and transformation since 2004.

Founder Evelyn Roberts D.F.Astrol.S is a world traveller who contributes her expertise and vast local knowledge to create outstanding experiences with the astrology student in mind.

Retreats are hosted in a variety of exotic locations including Bali, India, Mexico and Europe, with renowned astrology teachers leading students in unique, exciting new learnings.

Join me! And book your spot in Goa this February 2016.

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