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A Forecast For Fright Night! Read Your Halloween Horoscope…

How to celebrate on this All Hallow's Eve, according to your zodiac sign...

Are treats in store this All Hallows Eve? Find out in forecast – scroll down to see…

This Halloween (October 31st, 2019) occurs on a Monday, and although it’s Scorpio Season, the Moon will be in cool, calm Aquarius.

Think sexy, slinky outfits and sultry makeup looks plus a touch of eccentricity!

Halloween is the spookiest night of the year, when the veil is thin and ghosts [or those with us in spirit] engage, passing among mere mortals.

A time to honor and remember those long gone, All Hallows Eve encourages us to appease our ancestors, and with Mars now Retrograde the world could seem extra still, quiet, with little movement yet high intensity! Go careful!!

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Here’s Your Halloween Horoscope 2022, By Sign…


The deep and probing Scorpio Sun, Mercury & Venus spotlight your ability to merge and unify with others, to develop a legacy (or benefit) through strong bonds with others, and to commit yourself or make a pledge of your time, energy and resources.

Show awareness of what others contribute that benefits you, finding key bonds and relationships supportive. Allow individuals to express their loyalty and show up for you in private moments…

With the Moon in your community zone get together with a group or among your network of peers this Halloween! Be among your allies or social scene!


The magnetic, seductive Scorpio Sun, Mercury & Venus spotlight your inclination to partner or buddy up, to develop your relationships and an awareness of others.

Note you might now be seeking the company of a plus one – delighting in the participation of a mate, collaborating with a celebration of togetherness.

Be sure to notice what others do now – from banking the best cookies to wearing the most gorgeous makeup look! Your ruling planet Venus in your opposite sign can help you see what others do beautifully…

With the Moon in your tenth house you could also be drawn to people in a position of authority – ask where you can lend a hand to a friend in charge!


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The deep and probing Scorpio Sun, Mercury & Venus spotlight your ability to do your duty, with a focus on habits, routines, rituals and practices that make up your everyday.

Focus on the practicalities, maintenance and regimes that make sense, within the domain of your employment, but also your diet, exercise and general systems, apps or ways of working that hold strong!

It’s a stellar time to get your house – and life – in order, enjoying the process, so set yourself straight tending to jobs, wellbeing, managing or delegating

With the Moon in your global ninth house launch yourself towards travel, philosophy and international ventures, at ease with a life beyond! Fly high!


The Scorpio Sun, Mercury & Venus spotlight your ability to be creative, play games, entertain and put heart into plans, lighting up your sector of romance, the arts, fun, and sexuality – the house of pleasure, conception, joy and love!

Therefore, hone in on what makes you happy, with pure delight available, and inspiration to really devote yourself to your own interests and gratification. With the Moon in your intimate eighth house look to rely on others and commit yourself, too.

There may be a need to let others share, merge or show up for you as a unified front. Come together, with trusted agreements roused today.


The deep and probing Scorpio Sun, Mercury & Venus spotlight your private life, all that’s hidden from view – literally at home or in sacred spaces, or in the depths of your psyche, buried in the past…

It’s an awesome time to honor your lineage, doing ancestral work, particularly in domestic areas. Set up an alter or light a candle, getting quiet and peaceful, nest or settle in still moments or welcome time with family in present day, acknowledge the most rooted parts of yourself.

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Feed into your inner sanctum, with sweet treats to feast on among housemates! With the Moon in your partnering zone it’s an ideal day to put other people’s emotions and feelings first; comfort the person who puts up a front (but is secretly scared on Halloween!)


The Scorpio Sun, Mercury & Venus spotlight close kindred spirits and your neighborly third house, making it a great day to get together (and do something fun!) Go door to door, meet and greet those on your commute with a treat or smile!

Those in your immediate environment (your brotherhood or neighborhood) are in focus, so make today about your inner circle and intimate, close ties – your tight knit crew! Learn something about the way you interact, relate and chat! Bring extra sweets or candy for the break-out room at work or call!

Elevate conversations and curiosity, sacred ties and deep probing discourse!


The Scorpio Sun, Mercury & Venus now tour your house of wealth, resources, monetary gains and assets, so count up all the candy in your bucket this Halloween and strike gold!

Focus on what’s in hand, and what you have going for you. Affirm what you do, notions of security and sustenance, rich in outlook and spirit…

With the Moon in your zone of passion, creativity and play put heart into your costume or hang out with the kids! It’s a wonderful mood to see you having fun, so say yes to pleasure and your own happiness.

Let inspiration move you to do something entertaining!


The Scorpio Sun, Mercury & Venus bring the spotlight to you and your birthday month! It’s your month to affirm your presence and personality, so depending on how much you love Halloween make a fuss!

You can be the belle of the ball, even if you’re having a private, intimate soiree or séance with your trusted crew. Show up and know you’ll dazzle, with clever, canny Mercury lending you the power to think and connect the dots (and win a quiz) and Venus ladling on charm, grace and the perfect eyeliner! With the Moon in your fourth house you’ll likely feel best at your place, so invite friends to your property & home turf, or cook the food you like!


The deep and probing Scorpio Sun, Mercury & Venus spotlight your ability to retreat and heal, to develop the secret side of yourself, hidden from view, so start the week slow – there’s likely no Halloween parties you’ll really miss out on as it’s a Monday!

Pull back, waiting and watching to see what’s next, gestating, silently observing and taking space to dream or fantasize. Use your imagination and prepping offline, behind the scenes.

Switch off with a horror movie! Notice how stepping back for respite (to recalibrate) serves you… With the Moon in your third house you may need to check in with close knit ties, so honour the call to pick up the phone, or touch base with a sibling, school friend, co-workers or neighbours! Just know when enough is enjoy and slip off into the shadows…


The Scorpio Sun, Mercury & Venus spotlight your ability to be a part of something bigger than yourself, Capricorn, to align with friends, peers, community or a group initiative.

Note attention can now be steered towards social activity, a ‘scene’ or likeminded mates. Come together with industry alliances or acquaintances on an endeavor that binds you – your eleventh house of team spirit is lit by Halloween’s lanterns and more, make your way toward your circle or network, out and about in a crowd (IRL or in the digital realms!)

With the Moon in your second house you may feel your best with something to contribute, so bring treats wherever you go!


The Scorpio Sun, Mercury & Venus spotlight your tenth house of advancement and visibility, suggesting you can be seen at Halloween!

You might be prominent, prestigious, notorious or impactful thanks to your personal OR professional reputation, so be willing to show the world what you’re made of, who you are – with or without a mask on!

Your overarching reputation and direction is to be elevated – acknowledge your vocation, trade, career or the title you uphold as a responsible figure (including mom, grandad, older brother or manager, policeman or head cheerleader! Live up to your leadership qualities and come off well!)

With the Moon in your sign be sure to follow the call towards your own needs.



The Scorpio Sun, Mercury & Venus set your sights further afield, spotlighting your house of higher thought, education and faith, so that a visionary tone of truth-seeking can now absorb you – you may be drawn out to engage with folk who are not from your area, people who are different, provocative or from a cultural background entirely at odds with your own.

Trick or treat beyond your area code! Note what you can explore & discover, trusting you have something wonderful to share with an exciting friend…

With the Moon in your closure zone your psychic powers could be tapped in!

Be careful what you attune to, as you’re known as the most sensitive soul of all the Zodiac signs, and may need to forgo a party in favour of solitude and isolation – connect with the divine or practice divination and get results!

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