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Full Moon on Halloween 2020! Get Spooky & Read Your Halloween Horoscope…

How to celebrate on this All Hallow's Eve, according to your zodiac sign...

Are treats in store this All Hallows Eve? Find out in forecast – scroll down to see…

This Halloween (October 31st, 2019) occurs on a Saturday, and although it’s Scorpio Season, the Moon will be reaching its fullest point in opposite sign Taurus.

It’s a day to indulge, Stargazers!

Obviously Halloween – or Samhain – always occurs in Scorpio Season, which makes for sexy, slinky outfits and sultry makeup looks.

This year Mercury will be retrograde in Libra, with Venus too, with Mars retrograde in Aries. The Moon will be conjunct Uranus in Taurus.

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Here’s Your Halloween Horoscope 2020, By Sign…


With the Moon in Sagittarius the mood feels adventurous this Halloween, Aries!

It’s  likely you’ve a partner in crime, with Mars now burning bright in your zone of partnership. And yet, it could feel as if there’s a contender to your fun – i.e. your career or responsibilities, including how you need to show up for others.

Scorpio Season has you tuned-in to private affairs, as planets stack up in your zone of close bonds and commitments

Trust, and loyalty are highlighted, forcing you to dig a little deeper and show a more serious side.  If you go to a social gathering you might find yourself with the most magnetic force in the room, drawn into private discussions and sharing secrets.

But don’t get it twisted – with Mercury due to Retrograde in your zone of intimacy you could find you’ve got the wrong end of the stick!


Your Partners and important unions are spotlighted this Halloween, Taurus, as your relationship zone is chock full of planets – including your ruler, Venus!

It’s a sociable time for you to play host or help out at the party and, you’ll no doubt feel exceptionally busy this All Hallows Eve. 

Promising adventures are offered in a duo, and being with another can ultimately broaden your horizons, so team up with a special friend or lover.

Just watch out for it all becoming too intense as you bob for apples… You could get someone mighty hot under their Vampires collar! 


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Halloween is one busy time for the Twins, as Scorpio season illuminates your productive zone of habits, work, and healthy rituals.

You could be feeling preoccupied with your job or the tasks on your list yet to accomplish, particularly when they involve special commitments or an emphasis on enduring loyalty.

However, the mood of the Sagittarius Moon enhances a more fun angle to relationships, and therefore you could be feeling ready to engage and enjoy yourself! Make time for treats though you’ve lots to do; don’t let the fun go unnoticed! With your ruling planet Mercury ready to retrograde anticipate a full-on spell for work ahead…


Scorpio season is your time to be creative and have fun, Cancer! 

That means honing in on the things you’re passionate about – including what you’ve bought into the world – or what’s waiting to be born… 

Think of the things you LOVE: special hobbies (including sports and exercise), dating and sexual liaisons, a new baby, project or plan! Crabs could be truly embroiled with these special ventures now, which are (in theory) enjoyable experiences to relish.

With Venus in Scorpio in this playful, romantic zone, you’ve even more emphasis on personal pleasures, yet the mood of the moon is for you, erring on the practicalities, as Luna passes through your busy zone of work.

This creates discord between your role and your passions, so expect it to be a busy time!


The Moon moves into your zone of fun and pleasure, allowing you to enjoy yourself and feel good.

However, home life is also in focus for Halloween…

The zodiac sign Scorpio directs your attention inward, towards emotional anchoring and your domestic roots. 

Where you live–or your connection to your ancestral past–gleans attention and tunes you into a more solitary vibe.

Despite the peace and privacy indicated by the stars, it’s possible to throw an epic party – just put away the valuables

Your household or usual environment could be in flux in weeks ahead, as Mercury appears retrograde in this part of your world.


Your inner circle, co-workers or besties are spotlighted during Halloween, Virgo Maiden, with your zone of sibling connections in focus.

It’s a fun time for a get-together, particularly with the community experiences that have taken precedence over the summer.

Make note that the Moon is passing through your zone of domesticity, home life and family, so you might be inclined to entertain in your space or cook something wonderful to share with friends.

It’s worth mentioning heady Mars, too, currently cooking up a zone in your financial and material zone of wealth.

If you’re keen to press on with work or business then you could be less inclined to have fun, or you may be watching your spending (or should be)!!


You’re in a strong position to step into your role, Libra, and show how you’re taking very practical steps towards your ideal path or calling.

How you find the confidence to earn, how you make a living or income, or generally how you approach finances and money is spotlighted.

Scorpio Season is the month to affirm ways to feel good about yourself and what you do – the way you put your best foot forward in the material world – particularly to find that important and enduring sense of stability. 

Halloween feels sociable, with the moon in your zone of close friends, and you could be keen to connect with the people you’ve grown alongside this year.

With responsibilities around the home do balance your priorities!


Scorpio Season is your time to shine, however with Mars in the dreamy area of rest and retreat you could be feeling low-energy.

It’s actually a terrifically romantic time for you though, so perhaps take it a little easy, while enjoying yourself all the same!

Halloween is a moment to press pause, and gently soak up the limelight.

It’s probably not a great time to overthink things, as Mars is now in tension with restrictive Saturn; working out your opinion or take on certain matters might not get you too far, particularly if you’re inclined to push.

Rather than insist, it could be an ideal time to reflect – Mercury will begin its retrograde cycle in your sign this evening, so better to allow some time to mull over anything important.

You’re probably keen to focus on your work, a very good place to direct excess energy… 


All Hallows Eve is a night when the veil draws thin; when the spooks go out, but you can go within Sagittarius.

Scorpio represents the area of your horoscope governing closure and managing life from behind the scenes.

The stars are lit in your zone of dreams and surrender.

It’s an even more compelling time to allow your intuition to kick in – particularly around home life, your investments, commitments, and significant partnerships.

Pull back, focusing on your work or the practicalities of life – you’ll have the steam for social activities, if so inclined.

If you do go out in a crowd be sure to manage your time and money appropriately!


Friendships and your community are front and center during Scorpio Season, as the Sun sparkles in your zone of networking and broader connections.

Coming together within your circle-of-friends may seem appealing, however with the Moon in the restful area of your horoscope on Halloween you might want to wait till the weekend to party, Capricorn.

For you, it’s a time to retreat, with the moon in the dreamy area of sleep, closure, and release – that means take it easy!

With Mars in your zone of fame and notoriety, you may be experiencing demands around your worldly position that are forcing you to assert yourself.

Remember, you’re the zodiac’s responsible sign, stay classy.


This year has held the potential for growth in your community, company, industry or peer group, Aquarius.

With the Moon now in Sagittarius it proves an ideal time to gather with your associates or circle of friends.

You could have your sights set on an exciting venture or project involving the team, with Mars now in your zone of travel, educaiton and broader horizons.

Yet Scorpio Season is really the time to heighen ambitions, pull back into secret spaces and solitude to accomplish your goals and inner purpose.

Balance social obligations, and private objectives…



Scorpio season brings adventure, education, and growth your way, dear Pisces!

The stars emphasize plans, projects and broader horizons, guiding your outlook towards blue-sky thinking, big ideas and philosophies.

It could even be a time to revise what you’ve already learned, or to look back on lessons or experiences gained previously.

Acknowledge the road traveled, and an important journey or quest.

Meanwhile, the Moon in Sagittarius makes you visible in your career or vocation, so it’s about balancing progress among friends while also being recognized in your own right.

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