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Scorpio Veronica Lake

I love Halloween, I really do, and I wanted to provide Halloween costume inspiration the best way I know how… With a cosmic twist for the zodiac signs – scroll down to see costume inspiration by sign…

October 31st, All Hallows’ Eve, it’s the eve of All Hallows’ Day (1st November) and supposedly, the most magical day of the year.

It’s the time when the border between this world and the ‘otherworld’ becomes thin. Careful of doing things like Ouija boards, séances or channelling ghosts then guys. Stick to bobbing for apples and working up some cracking make-up looks – unless you want everyone to get a nasty fright!!!!

If you simply must start forecasting, stick to palmistry, loose tea-leaf readings or a bit of light Tarot. You can also do cool crystal readings quite simply by dangling a crystal on a string or silver chain, the spirit world will answer questions (if you have a steady hand).

Start by holding it aloft and tell your spirit guides the direction that means yes, and which means no. This can be demonstrated either by circling the crystal clockwise and anti-clockwise, or back and forth, side to side in a cross. Ask your question and wait for it to move. All by itself. No cheating now!


Go Back To The Old School With Tea Leaf Reading…

Every year, Halloween falls while the Sun is transiting Scorpio, the zodiac sign ruled by Pluto, gatekeeper to the underworld.

It would seem that it’s always going to be an intense and spooky night…



Mars ruled Aries can go for army get-up (easy or what?!) Check out Alessandra Ambrosio, a Sun in Aries getting it so right with her supermodel good looks – she’s groomed to perfection!

Check out that glossy hair – gorgeous! Aries gals love super tight too. Consider yourself inspired. Read Aries – The Warrior Queen



Halloween is the perfect excuse to have sweets on you at all times – fabulous for a sweet-tooth Taurus! This Venus-ruled sign all things sugary, and you’ll relish dishing out the treats on this magical night. Feeder.


Legendary Halloween costumier Heidi Klum delights us year on year. Her most appropriate alter-ego for Gemini? When she dressed as Kali, with multiple arms and hands!

Gemini would love to have even more limbs to express themselves… More advice for the twins? Go crazy with sparkles… Read Gemini – Go, Go, Glitter!


Cancer is the mother of the zodiac – so dress like a mummy! Cancerian Jessica Simpson did, and white is so your colour… Read Cancer – By The Light Of The Silvery Moon



Don’t you just love a Brit doing well in Hollywood? You can count on a Leo like Kate Beckinsale to throw herself into the spirit of Halloween state-side!

Here she is as Bride of Frankenstein. Advice for Leo’s, on Halloween and, all the time, big hair ladies, big hair, but especially on Halloween… Read Leo – The Mane Attraction




Lady Virgo, Beyonce, looks sweet as a honey bee in her stripy, fuzzy ensemble. I wonder if she had those shoes already in her closet?

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Virgo are perfectionists, so it doesn’t surprise me that B’s not stepped out with blood splattered all down her top, or dressed as a bedraggled zombie. No, Virgo likes to keep it clean. But you know that anyway.



A perfect princess, Libra can go Disney-tastic on Halloween. Check out lovely Librian Gwen Stefani doing just that as Cinderella. Bet her ride home didn’t turn into a pumpkin on Halloween!



Scorpio is surprisingly understated.

They’re not likely to be clowning around, centre-stage at a party – they’d rather be watching from the sidelines, ready to strike as they see fit! I love Katy Perry’s quiet, clever costume – Daria and friend!

It’s Scorpio’s time to shine (being birthday month and all), so you can go as just about anything and get away with it. No doubt you’ll look smokin’ too!



Sagittarius are a fun bunch, too fun eh? And they’re always putting their foot in it. Take Miley here, dressed as fellow Sag Nikci Minaj.

Hmmm you could take this as inspiration or because you love clowning around go as the scary clown from It.

Keep it bright and colourful Saggy, read Sagittarius – Her Harlequin Hottness.


This is how your classic Capricorn model works a low effort but oh so right Halloween outfit!

This look is inspiration itself for a busy lady, she’s a painters pallet if you didn’t get that! You want more?!

Capricorn’s rule the skeletal system, so don a onesie and go as a skeleton funny bones! Read Capricorn, A Cheekbone Charmer.



Quirky Aquarius can get away with a lot on Halloween – it’s your time to shine Water Bearer!

Agnys Deyn went for an alternative look – Wayne’s World, excellent(!!) with pal Alexia Chung (a Scorpio mind), cheap outfit, uber cool.

More inspiration? Go weird and wonderful, or just pack your tarot cards lady and go as a gypsy. Read Aquarius – Androgynous Appeal.



And what about the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces?

These people are more interested in getting the party going than worrying about their costume, or like Rihanna, your costume IS the party.

In 2012 some speculate that her outfit paid homage to the cannabis plant, she’s a Kush Princess!

Or other ideas for the fish, go as yourself – a mermaid! Read Pisces – Miss Mermaid.


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