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The Houses In Astrology – A Guide…

What are houses in astrology?

A house in astrology is like a pizza slice. Imagine a pie cut into twelve segments – called houses. Each house is ruled by a different sign depending on the time, for example, the time of birth, which is known as the ascendant.

 Each slice of the metaphorical pizza represents an area of life, and, as the planets are scattered across the pizza (like delicious discs of pepperoni), they draw our attention to different houses – and therefore different areas to be examined…

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What do the houses mean in astrology?

This is where it gets interesting, as the houses in astrology define different areas of life – from relationships to career, to health and healing – everything can be found within the horoscope, and within one or more of the houses.

Here’s a quick guide…

The Houses In Astrology

The First House: My, Myself And I

The Gate House!

The first house is the front door. It’s how we’re born and is led by the ‘entry point’ in astrology – the rising sign or ascendant.

The Second House: What I Have, What I Earn, Save & Splurge

The Farm House…

Money, earnings, income, and what we like to spend our money on resides in this house, as well as what we feel confident about – what we’d be willing to charge money for.

The Third House: Connection, Communication, Kith & Kin

The School House!

This is the house of neighbors, siblings, close friends and outlines how we relate and communicate with each other.

The Fourth House: Feelings, Foundations, Family

The Family House…

The fourth house is the area of the home, our domestic life, ancestry, family, and household – our property.

The Fifth House: Pleasure, Entertainment, Indulgence

The Fun House!

In this house we create – it’s about procreation, recreation, sexual gratification and pleasures.

The Sixth House: Service & Support Systems

The Work House…

This portion of the pie is practical, productive and grounded. It’s the cleaning up after the party in the 5th house! It’s how we take care of business.

The Seventh House: You, We, Not Me

The Martial House!

This is where we encounter other people, not only a spouse or sweetheart, anyone we deal with one on one.

The Eighth House: Commit & Consolidate

The Serious House…

This is the house where consumation occurs and trust is developed – the ingredients to sustain relationships and gain loyalty.

The Ninth House: Travel Far & Wide

The Frat House!

Long journeys, lawyers and travel Travel, Quests, Seeking Higher Planes

The Tenth House Is The: Visible Vocation

Public House…

Publicity and the public eye…

The Eleventh House: Faithful Friends & Allies

The Club House!

The eleventh house is a friendly place – a clubhouse and a place of meeting society at large.

The Twelfth House: Secrets & Scandals

The Jail House – or Haunted House…

This is the house where enemies are! People we can’t see, it’s the house of healing.

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