As Above, So Below – Jessica De Lots…


Zodiac Necklace – Two Mini Hands Hold A Hand Stamped Seal. Scorpio And Cancer Are Shown.

Take a closer look at the celestial pieces created by two talented ladies in London.

As Above, So Below…

This cosmic collaboration between British jeweller Jessica De Lotz and illustrator Louise Androlia features truly stunning and original designs. Made of sterling silver and plated with gold, some set with a precious stone for added astro significance.

Entitled As Above, So Below, the collection includes brooches, bangles, pins, rings, necklaces and earrings, and also cufflinks and collar pins! My favourites are shown here but do take a gander online. You’ll be drooling…


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Sagittarius Necklace From The As Above, So Below Cosmic Collection


Beautiful Bangle – This Is Taurus


Handy! Ring Where Capricorn Is Shown


Precious Pins From The Celestial Collaboration – Pisces, Scorpio and Arie

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