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Travel Inspiration: Leo Cities And Countries…

Which cities and countries are ruled by the zodiac sign Leo?


India was founded August 15th, 1947, gaining independence from the United Kingdom.


Not only is Italy an utterly Leo place but Rome is, too!


The lion head symbol was introduced in 1986 as an alternative national symbol of Singapore.

The lion head was chosen as a nice logo, as it best captures the characteristics of Singapore’s reputation as a Lion City. It is used in less formal occasions mainly to promote Singapore’s national identity.

Countries that are ruled by Leo include Afghanistan, Macedonia, Romania, Sicily, Ecuador, Zanzibar, Bhutan, Bolivia, Central African Republic Chad, The Ivory Coast, Gabon, Indonesia, North Korea, South Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, the Maldives, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Mongolia, Seychelles, Ukraine, and Madagascar.

Cities that are ruled by Leo include Bristol, Bombay, Chicago, Madrid, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Bath.

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