The World’s Top Leo Models…

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Let The Sun Shine In – Spotlight’s On Leo!

Leo models are lucky to have a confident personalities and commanding presence, so they’re naturals behind the lens.

As the Zodiac’s star they can make a name for themselves – Iman (above) is a prime, proud, Leo example…


These gorgeous Leo beauties (above) seem to be bathed in a golden light, and, as noted by the leading fashion houses, look particularly lovely when campaigns have a gilded theme.

Yves Saint Laurent made the right choice with Jourdan Dunn fronting their Touche Éclat ads, similarly Estée Lauder produces stunning images of Carolyn Murphy for their cosmetics brand’s summer products.

Big Hair – Do Care!

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To get the best of a leading Leo lady, allow her to bask in adoration (Leo loves praise) and stroke that purring ego.

Leo – so suits Leopard

Never put her down – no-one want’s to witness an insecure Lion prowling around the pedestal – put her on it!

Luscious Leo Models…


☆ Anja Konstantinova 24th July 1990 ☆ Iman 25th July 1955 ☆ Iekeliene Stange 27th July 1984 ☆ Alice Dellal  29th July 1987 ☆ Anna Selezneva  29th July 1990 ☆ Marina Carolina Pérez 29th July 1984 ☆ Chandra North 31st July 1973 ☆ Marique Schimmel 31st July 1992 ☆ Nyasha Matonhodze 31st July 1994 ☆ Jourdan Dunn 3rd August 1990 ☆ Karlie Kloss 3rd August 1992 ☆ Marisa Miller 6th August 1978 ☆ Devon Aoki 10th August 1982 ☆ Angie Harmon 10th August 1972 ☆ Carolyn Murphy 11th August 1973 ☆ Cara Delevingne 12th August 1992 ☆ Siri Tollerød 18th August 1987 ☆

Star Sisters – So Similar?

Notice that Alice Dellal and Anna Selezneva share the same birthday? How about Angie Harmon and Devon Aoki? Jourdan Dunn and Karlie Kloss are both born on the same day too!

In fact, if you explore all the signs in Model Behaviour, you’ll notice there seem to be some particularly auspicious days for blinding beauty…
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