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Leo Cara…


Cara’s A Leo – And She’s Got The Cat Tat To Prove It!

Cara Jocelyn Delevingne was born on the born 12th August 1992.

Today, she’s a top model, actress, and singer – a performer extrodinaire! You cannot fail to spot her on numerous occasions throughout fashions top titles… It’s no surprise that this cool cat’s a Leo lady, but what about the rest of her Star Sign Style?

Cara’s Star Sign Style!

☆ Sun In Leo ☆ Moon In Aquarius ☆ Venus In Virgo ☆

With Sun and Mercury in Leo, Cara was born to hold the limelight. The way she expresses herself is warm, charismatic, sunny and dramatic… Leo’s are the true thespians of the zodiac and those blessed with planets in this purring sign love being centre stage. They turn their hand easily to the performing arts (some might say it’s just showing off!) Cara rules the runway and now she’s caught the acting bug, treading the boards at the Edinburgh Festival and playing Princess Sorokina alongside Keira Knightley in Anna Karenina. Most recently she’s been seen in Reincarnation, a film by Karl Lagerfeld also featuring Pharrell Williams.

I love that Cara got a tattoo of a Leo lion on her index finger, a true mark of assertion. Leo people tend to be bold and fearless – or at least they look like they’re not scared of anything! Under that super confident, cool cat exterior they’re not always so sure of themselves. Still, like any good fire sign know, fake it until you make it.

Beauty Style


In true Leo style Cara works a sun-kissed complexion to perfection, and her hair is a gorgeous mane that looks fabulous styled BIG. Read Leo, The Mane Attraction.

Gold is a lucky colour, as is burnt orange, and high shine or attention drawing textures work well on this top model too… Read more in Leo, Gorgeous In Gold.


It’s likely that Cara has her Moon in the weird and wonderful sign of Aquarius. Emotionally, those with this placement can appear cool, they themselves can feel distant, different – almost alien compared to the rest of us! Read more in Aquarius, Weird Or Wonderful?

They’re at home with the quirky and eccentric and might appear kooky. Sounds like Cara! They make brilliant friends, they’re loyal and trustworthy and totally inclusive.

Cara has Mars in Gemini so she’s a total fidget, bores easily and is far better off kept busy than left to her own devices!

Cosmic Connection

New BFF Rita Ora has her Star Sign in super compatible Sagittarius. As mutual Fire signs Cara and Rita will burn brightly in each other’s company…

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Cara Delevingne Birth Chart


Cara Delevingne Born 12th August 1992 In London, Time Unknown

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