Guide To Locational Astrology – What Is Astro Mapping?

We know that astrology can affect us at particular times in our life.

For example, the ‘Saturn Return’ at around 29 years marks a of coming of age and a step into adulthood. The Uranus opposition at around age 42 is known as the ‘mid-life crisis’ signalling disruption and change, and there are many other transits to our personal horoscope or natal chart happening all the time prompting ongoing transformation.

Astro Mapping denotes particular places that are of significance to the individual, too…

Also known as ‘locational astrology’, maps can be produced using personal information (time, date and place of birth) to identify locationsof influence.

Astro Mapping considers that as you move across the globe, the natal chart has the capacity to change with us. As we stand in a different place, we consider how things look from that new perspective and our new location – what’s the weather like there? How has the forecast shifted?

The ‘Astro Map’ comes furnished with lines that act as a short cut, to see where in the world the planets in our birth chart become aligned with the axis – the four angles in our natal chart. The closer we get to our lines, the more significantly they dominate our new chart and our purpose – they become power lines!

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Visiting your lines might well alter your life conditions, either by living under the influence or sometimes simply during a short stay or trip.

You might go to your places for their support – consciously or unconsciously, or you might travel to them to explore their energies.

The lines are linked to the planetary bodies (the planets and luminaries), which is where it gets interesting…

Looking at your Astro Map you can determine places to visit, and if favourable, might use these lines to settle permanently.

Today, travelling is done so frequently by so many. Never before have we been in a more fortuitous position to gather evidence to understand the significance of Astro Mapping…

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