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Daily Rituals That Work With Our Inner, Cyclical Nature...

OK my loves, so you know I’m a sucker for gorgeous beauty rituals, pretty packaging, and Anything Lunar Related

I spied Lumity Life ages ago and was drawn to the practice of working with the 24-hour circadian rhythm (the cycle that regulates our sleep and essentially allows us to restore and recharge). TBH, I’m not the most routine person, to put it mildly, and try as I might I find it really difficult to stick to good habits on the daily, which has everything to do with my Neptune in the sixth house – the planet of dissolution in my zone of work, health and regularity.

However, I love the idea of bookending the day with a healthy dose of self-care, and the reminder from Lumity to honor the cycles of the sun and moon…

So What Is The Circadian Rhythm?

There are times of the day and night when our body does things best. Lumity helps harness and maximize these moments…

Science shows us that living beings roughly follow a 24-hour cycle,  which determines sleeping and feeding patterns, ties in with brain wave activity, hormone production and cell regeneration, too. Lumity strives to respect and balance the body’s natural cycles, understanding and aligning with the very different functions of day and night.

I also want to point out the 5.00pm time above stating ‘Greatest cardiovascular efficiency and muscle strength”, in other words, an optimum time to hit the gym Stargazer!

Because both our day and ‘night mode’ have different needs, Lumity supplements reinforce healthy functioning and efficiency with their blend of ingredients…

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  • Morning Capsules support brain health, vitality, healthy skin, hair and nails, and nutrients for joints.
  • Night Time Capsules deliver overnight radiance with Amino Acids and Omega 3, helping maintain skin elasticity.
  • The Facial Oil (suitable for all skin types) nourishes dry skin and balances out PH levels (for spotty and oily patches).

My Experience…

Up until now, I’ve not taken a health supplement, however living in Hong Kong there are a multitude of reasons to boost my diet with a helping hand of nutrients. The soft gels contain all the body needs (unless you suffer from a specific deficiency) for overall balance.

My good friend – a fitness instructor – let me know it takes some time to see the benefits, a message reiterated by Lumity. They suggest the key thing with their products is consistency, and advise to never miss a dose if possible.

Happily, I noticed a change after a few weeks, most significantly, a positive shift in my skin.

At 36 I’m already well aware of the importance of looking after my dermis and have considered the usual botox and outside treatments to defy time. But with this product, I’m pleased to be taking a more holistic approach, as it tackles so many different concerns in one from the inside out. It’s not only tackling the concerns of aging, and looks, the product’s underlying aim is the feeling of overall wellbeing. 

Lumity Founder Sara Palmer Hussey, Ph.D. really has overall wellness in mind with the supplements, focusing on improving the way we feel on a daily basis while giving an effortlessly healthy, glowing appearance. 

The supplements have been formulated for overall balance; to improve sleep, the immune system, energy levels, and vitality, to support brain health and joints as well as giving you all you need for healthy skin, hair, and nails.

What’s more, the daily practice of taking a supplement does plenty to remind me that taking care of my body and wellbeing is a true priority, and I for one need the gentle reminder!

Head to Lumity Life and stock up!

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