Luna Bronze – Sunless Tanning!

It's totally OK to fake it... Avoid the harmful rays but keep your tan!

Something that can’t be reiterated enough is how important it is to protect ourselves from harmful UV and sun damage.

We’re so much better informed than previous generations who baked in the sun, even known to slather on oils and tanning enhancers to get that baked look!

My mum told me she once got fried to a crisp, having gone out slathered in oil – I’m pretty sure from the kitchen cupboard! 

Anyhow, I always love to know about fake tan that doesn’t smell like an old biscuit, and am ready to check out the Australian-based Luna Bronze!

The story of this brand is really compelling, too…

Founders, Maddy and Rhi have been best friends for over two decades.

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Rhi was one of the first to know of Maddy’s basal cell carcinoma diagnosis, a form of facial skin cancer, only twelve months before her wedding day.

Formerly lifelong sun worshippers and beach lovers, it was a true wake-up call to reduce exposure to harmful rays.

But, determined to maintain the bronze they felt confident with (without the sun), they sought to find the perfect self-tan to maintain their glow. 

The problem was formulas full of chemicals.

Determined to create something that ticked every box, Luna Bronze came into orbit.

Now stocked globally, it is Maddy and Rhi’s vision to change the way we tan.

By also uniquely putting skincare at the heart of their formula, they have created a generation and movement of self-tanners with the celestial confidence that comes from feeling divinely radiant, inside and out…

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