Fly Me To The Moon Juice Shop! Love This Luna Brand…

Check out the dusts and goodies from Moon Juice!

I am loving the celestial-inspired Moon Juice Shop, a certified organic juice and nut milk bar – and it’s inviting you to Thrive Cosmically!

I’d wanted to try their offering for ages and so when my boyfriend recently visited the USA I got the Beauty Dust Sachet Box delivered to his friends house ready for me!

I think they’re fun to try and keep sharing my #MoonDusted moments on Twitter!

Visit the online store and you’ll discover a pantry full of products, a library of health books, brilliant beauty buys, remedies and moon tonics in the apothecary, even sweet treats, all curated by holistic hottie Amanda Chantal Bacon.

My Favourite Finds At The Moon Juice Shop…


The Jet Set Lunar Essentials Kit

Channel stellar Sagittarius vibes and join the jet set! This set will help you to stay fresh-faced and nourished on your travel adventures, giving your body energy, plus getle detoxification and cosmic restoration for your journey. See more here.

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Full Moon Dust Collection

These jars of blended herbs can be added to your favorite smoothie, hot or cold water, milk, or tea, enhancing your energies. The transformative formulas contain potent plants and bioactive minerals – enjoy the therapeutic effects. See more here.


The Full Moon Dust Collection – Won’t Grow Dust In Your Cupboard!

NEW MOON Pantry Starter Kit

A wonderful gift for someone moving into a new home or those simply kick starting 2017 with their health and wellness in mind, the new moon kit includes six staples. The starting point and foundations for any high functioning kitchen it includes the essentials and recipes to get you started. See more here (and also check out the FULL MOON Pantry Collection).

The Mmoon-milk-tonicsoon Milk Kit

Includes everything you need to create raw Californian almond nut milk – the foundation for endless alchemizing with other healing recipes. See more here…

Complete Cosmic Provision Collection

Sweet tooth cravings be-gone with this bounty of divine delights. A sampler of the sweets, savories, ferments, and dairy free raw chocolates from the entire cosmic collection. Nutrient dense, extraordinarily mineral and antioxidant rich and made from 100% organic, raw and sprouted ingredients – you can feel virtuous while feasting on these stellar snacks! See more here.

Founder Amanda Chantal Bacon is an Aries gal with Moon in Aquarius and Scorpio Rising – enterprising, inventive and on a mission of transformation – what a lovely realisation of her Star Sign Style!

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