Lunar Beauty Finds Blowing Up Instagram!



There’s a place for all of the following on my shelves, it’s ya round up of the most gorgeous treats in the universe!

Remember, it’s awesome to shop from small, independent retailers and support creativity, magic and dreams.

I JUST ordered the Moon Dust Sachet Sampler, which the boyfriend is bringing back from America (sadly they don’t ship internationally to Hong Kong) and if I like them I’m getting Santa to drop off the Beauty Dust below!

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And, I want EVERYTHING on this page…

Moon Juice, Beauty Dust $30 usd

ELEVATED BEAUTY ELIXER // I’ve been eyeing and reading up on Moon Juice Moon Dusts for a while now, and am so excited about trying my first jar! Moon Dusts contain natural and powerful healing properties that nourish the body from the inside, radiating outward. I chose Beauty Dust for my first jar, this dust is a healer that supports glowing supple skin, lustrous shiny hair, and twinkling bright eyes from the inside out. Blend: • 1 cup organic brewed Yerba Mate • 1/2 cup Coconut Milk • 1 tbsp Coconut Oil • 1 tbsp raw organic honey • 1 tsp @moonjuiceshop Beauty Dust • 1 tsp @organictraditions Ashwaganda powder • 1 tsp @organictraditions Moringa Powder • 1 tsp @harmonic_arts Chaga Powder • 1 packet @withinus_trumarine Collagen • 1 scoop @gardenoflife Raw Cacao Kiss Protein Powder #moonjuice #beautydust #moondust #elixer #naturalremedies #goodcleangoop #health #wellness #insideout #bulletproof #teablend #elevated #healthyblends #protein #chaga #ashwaganda #collagen #healthyskin #glow #balance

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Plantfolk, from $16 usd

Oh my! Happy lunar mail day from @plantfolk

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This one you have to check out.

I’m literally drooling over the lunar ritual hair rinse (moonlight in her hair), cosmic body butter and general magical bath treats at Plant Folk Apothecary.

Want. It. ALL.

Moondeli, Meditation Tonic $40 usd

Gorgeous packaging from Moondeli and LIMITED EDITION – get in there!

Element Botanicals, $15 usd

Another one from California (should I move there? Ah, maybe not… #Trump) Element Botanicals has a range of mists named after the lunar phases! 

See them here.

Crystal Cactus

The soul project from style icon, fashion model and artist Audrey Kitching, Crystal Cactus, has a store full of lifestyle luxury products – from hand-made ritual full moon bath salts, to crystal infused butterfly alter jars to fairytale inspired quartz jewelry; lovingly made to inspire and influence while blending romance, art, magic, and spirituality.

My favourite is the Black Moon Protection Salt, Moon Mud and the Birth of Venus mist

Under Luna, from $26 usd

With names like ‘Warrior Shampoo’ and ‘Luna Love’ these hair products have my seal of approval – this Aries with Cancer Rising feels like they’re made for her!


House Of Intuition

A metaphysical shop on Sunset Boulevard, House of Intuition is full of magical discoveries although sadly these bath treats are no longer available!

Still, visit

Cosmos Botanicals

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The new line from Earth Tu Face emphasising plant-based skincare at the luxury level, COSMOS was created to bring the healing benefits of clean, botanical beauty to everyone.

Products are made of only safe, high vibrational ingredients, with zero chemicals added.

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