Gorgeous Lunar Beauty Products! Primer, Serum & Setting Sprays…

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If you follow Star Sign Style you’ll know I’m obsessed with scouring the web for the coolest brands – especially those that connect the cosmos to beauty, fashion and more.

Check out all the celestial beauty products here!

And, let your eyes feast on this fab new brand from England, available on Amazon.com – Lunar Beauty UK!

The collection is free from fragrances, parabens, mineral oil and alcohol – it’s also cruelty free, naturally… You can buy all three products as a bundle and they’re getting top reviews.

I adore the packaging, and a little bird’s told me there are more stellar products to be released soon!

Guaranteed to make you over the moon…

Lunar Makeup Moisture Setting Spray, 100ml, £10.99

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Finishing spray that adds radiance and support to your skin
Hydrates skin while setting and fixing your makeup
Contains natural glycerin and sweet almond oil.

Lunar Makeup Primer, 30ml, £8.99

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Reduces the appearance of lines, blemishes and pores
Primes and hydrates your face for foundation and makeup application
Evens out skin tone and adds moisture.

Lunar Vitamin C Hyaluronic Acid Serum, 30ml, £12.99

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Ultra-hydrating and absorbs rapidly
Creates fullness and youthful glow
Protects your skin from aging.

Buy a bundle of three for £32.97!

I’m totally starry eyed for this lovely lunar beauty… I know you will be too!

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