Very Superstitious? Lunar Beauty Rituals To Welcome The New Year…

Discover what to do for luck in your beauty routine this Lunar New Year!

5 Beauty Rituals for Lunar New Year…

Chinese New Year or ‘Lunar New Year’ marks the second New Moon after winter solstice.

I’ve done my research with the help of friends here in Hong Kong and China to bring you the top Lunar New Year Rituals for your beauty.

There are many beliefs surrounding Chinese New Year and this Spring Festival, which link your actions to luck in the coming year. There are many superstitions to indulge in, here are my faves!

1. Don’t Wash Or Cut Your Hair!

It’s a tale passed down from generation to generation that it’s unlucky to wash hair on CNY – lest luck goes down the drain

In Chinese, hair (发) has the same pronunciation and character as ‘to become wealthy’ (发财), therefore it’s seen as washing away one’s fortune at the beginning of the New Year.

Don’t do it.

You’ll sever your luck with a cut too, so schedule hair appointments before New Years eve. There’s also the worry that if you don’t wait a while after New Year your uncle will die! A month plays it safe…

The use of scissors is taboo and to be avoided lest accidents occur; cutting anything leading to inauspicious things (and a depletion of wealth) in the coming year.

2. Spring Clean (Makeup Brushes)

Another ritual of Chinese New Year is to get slick and span – clean, dust, and clear out the home – 大掃除, Da Sao Chu! Clean up!

Sweep out any bad luck from the previous year (you might need a Dyson this year, mind,) to welcome in the new. Go to town with this tradition and Spring Clean makeup brushes to keep them hygienic and fresh.

Perform this ritual BEFORE lunar new year – not on Chinese New Year itself, when it’s bad luck to sweep, take out the garbage or empty your rubbish. Avoid these action on the first day of the Chinese New Year – you’ll sweep wealth away, dumping the good luck and fortune from the house!

3. Go For Red ‘n’ Gold

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Red is the luckiest color across the celebrations of CNY, symbolising happiness, good fortune and joy!

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4. Replace and Replenish

It’s good luck to wear an entirely new outfit on Chinese New Year, and throughout the month one mustn’t wear damaged clothes, again, it’s bad luck.

Take the ‘in with the new’ approach to your beauty and stock up on new shampoo, cleansers and any other essentials for a truly fresh start! Lucky for us the sales are on 🙂

5. Use The Mandarin Fruits!

My pic from CNY 2015! Hong Kong…

Mandarin orange trees are used in abundance, and much like recycling our Christmas trees it’s a wonderful idea to utilise the fruits of this symbolic decoration.

The fruit can be used to make preserves and tonics after Chinese New Year, apparently really good for healing dry coughs and sore throats, which are common at this chilly time of year. However, you will want to be 100% sure that your tree hasn’t been sprayed with pesticides to make it live longer, as many are for decorative purposes only.

And for beauty? Mandarins can be used as a citrus bath soak!

One more for extra luck: Chinese red dates are supposed to be really good for replenishing blood, and are commonly eaten during CNY.

And another thing – breaking work tools or equipment is also really bad, so if you’re a beautician or in any trade, take precautions to protect your tools and suchlike!

Thanks to all my friends that gave me their tips and –

Gong Hey Fat Choy! 恭禧發財


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