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Hailing from Washington’s Cascade mountains, Moon Valley Organics is a truly gorgeous provider of pure personal care products, ticking every possible box on the eco-friendly path. If you like your choices to be sustainable and environmentally conscious (but also chic and luxurious in equal measure) you’ll be totally delighted and impressed with their approach…

The company employs herbalists who harvest fresh ingredients using biodynamic and permaculture practices. In all the products I sampled the quality and naturalness shone through (see what I tried and tested below).

Perhaps it’s living in a heavily polluted Hong Kong but recently, I’ve becomes incredibly aware and conscious of the beauty products I ingest into my skin (as well as being vigilant about dodgy food and drink – we are in China, after all!) The usual mass-produced options are available in stores but where possible, I find it better to opt for organic.

usda-certified-organic-logoNo longer limited to food labels, the USDA stamp of approval appears when 95% of ingredients are certified organic, and this range is 100%. Most of my old favourites now feel seriously synthetic and laden with chemicals. I can really notice the difference with a better grade of product, and am loathe to lather with inferior ingredients – I’m sure you feel the same or will do after making a switch!

In my opinion, everything about the brand is divine and in tune with what I love, particularly the lunar link! The beautifully folded boxes and covetable embossed tins fall in line with its pure ethos: all packaging is BPA-free, 100% recyclable and made from the highest percentage of post-consumer recycled material available.

So what did I sample?



Moon Valley Organics Review

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Moon Melt Lotion Bar – A star product, I’m currently using the lemon and vanilla scented beeswax bar. This solid moisturiser has a herbal recipe to tend dry skin – it’s a heavy duty moisturiser that can be used all over but I wouldn’t advise on your face!

Muscle Rub – With a herbal recipe for soothing sore areas, this medicinal salve deeply penetrates muscles and joints. Cayenne and Arnica helps warm areas that need tending, rub between the hands and it transforms into an awesome, effective massage oil.

Herbal Lip Balm – Difficult to choose just one from the yummy selection, I used tropical coconut lime on my lips. Truly beautiful, also doubles as a gentle makeup remover around eyes and great for cuticles too – winner!


Without wanting to gush, the products from Moon Valley Organics are super special, and the Moon Melt Lotion Bar is perhaps the prettiest ‘hero product’ of the range. Arriving in a lovely and totally gift-appropriate tin, to my delight I found luna looking up at me just as I’d seen in the pictures but it’s even better in person!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the adorable moulded beeswax bar, and it took me a LONG time to use it and spoil the imprint. Will make you smile, even on the roughest day and it’ll smooth down your rough bits…

I really enjoy smoothing and massaging this into my legs, it smells great and makes skin feel fabulous and balmy to touch. With the consistency of coconut oil it’s best suited to elbows and dry patches, or all over if you’re in need of a soothing solution. Locks in moisture twice as longs as water-based moisturisers and comes as a solid bar so makes a great product to take travelling.

I was most excited to try the Muscle Rub, which I wanted to road-test on my boyfriend’s achey back and my own neck and shoulders, too. It smells amazing thanks to the ginger, clove and orange (like Christmas!) From now on when we need special attention I’ll reach for this. It’s definitely warming and targets the muscle but doesn’t sting like a deep heat solution. Smooth not sticky, warm it in your hands and you’ve got a fantastic, effective massage oil.

Lastly, I was lucky enough to use a delicious Herbal Lip Balm in lime and coconut but there’s a host of fabulous flavours to choose from, and at $2.99 (USD) you might as well try a few! I’m not one to rely on lip balms throughout the day but I found myself frequently reaching for this and it now lives happily in my purse. Glides on beautifully and you can really notice the quality and purity (what with it ending up in your mouth!) You’ll not want to put an inferior salve near your lips after trying this. Another great product for travelling, it’s a multi-purpose balm in that you can smooth into cuticles or use it to help remove make-up – LOVE.

Where Can I Buy?

My Hong Kong friends can find supplies at Garden Organics in Wan Chai, otherwise Whole Foods stocks this brand and you can rely on to deliver…

Star Sign Style loves Moon Valley Organics, made in Washington USA.

The luxurious line of organic personal care products currently includes soaps, moisturising balms (for body and lips), medicinal salves and honey. You can visit their website to order and find out more at

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