Cosmic Inspiration – Beauty Gifts For Libra!

Check out the best buys in beauty for those stars born under the zodiac sign of the scales...

Check out gifts for Libra from the beauty counter!

Here are the best buys in beauty I’ve found for those born under the sign of the Scales – take inspiration for Libra birthdays!

A Libra Gift: Look To Tatcha…

Gorgeous for the Libra in your life, Tatcha shares Japanese beauty secrets passed down through the generations. This is my favourite brand for packaging, as I love the color!

Devoted to beauty and elegance in appearance and spirit, the gorgeous bottles are sure to win a Libra over…

Libra Fragrance From Intuitive Essence…

A gorgeous looking roll on fragrance from, $45.00 usd.

Zodiac Makeup At Wet N Wild

Zodiac Nail Polish For Libra From Julep

$14.00 USD.

The Libra Blend By Ines heals

A blend of Flower Essences from, that brings focus and clarity to Libra, $25.00.

This product is designed to balance the emotional tendency towards uncertainty, mistrust in one’s self, indecision, scattered focus and aloofness.

The Air Palette By MySign Makeup

and glosses…

And mini palettes for your sign! Only £5.00 GBP – shop it here

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Crystal Infused Zodiac Polish From Love By Luna

Love these magical polishes, $18.00 USD


Coming soon!

Shop Libra at!

The Afrees Hand Cream…

When looking for gifts for Libra don’t discount a lovely hand cream! Remember, this sign likes to reach out to hold their partners hand. This will give them silky smooth palms.

Fresh Libra Soap

Shop all the zodiac soaps at, find Libra here for $14.00 USD.

Zodica Fragrances

Visit here and discover the scents.

Gifts For Libra: Zodiac Nail Wraps

Spectrum Collections Zodiac Brushes – Air

The Spectrum Collections ‘Air’ pouch is perfect for Libra, though pricey at £49.99 GBP! Buy it here.

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