Cosmic Inspiration – Beauty Gifts For Scorpio…

Check out the best buys in beauty I've found for those born under the sign of the Scorpion...

A Scorpio Motif, Perfect For Those Born Under This Sign, At Buly…

Incredibly fresh, this healing thermal water mouthwash from classic brand Buly has the aroma of mint tea.

Eau de la Belle Haleine remineralizes, rebalances the oral flora and also protects teeth and gums – a must for the Scorpio Shelfie!

Herbivore Botanicals, PHOENIX…

Higher Self Citrine Crystoil…

Crystal infused body oil (a blend of bergamot to boost the mood, and black spruce to ease stress) to help the Scorpion transcend to a higher version of self, with citrine, stone of power and healing disturbed energies, £45 by Llio.

Scorpio Fragrance From Intuitive Essence

A gorgeous looking roll on fragrance from, $45.00 usd; deep notes of Frankincense, and Musk represent the depth of willpower and transformation capabilities of Scorpio, while alluring Peach, Jasmine and Violet support top notes of Rosemary Green Tea, and Italian Citrus.

Zodiac Nail Polish For Scorpio From Julep

$14.00 USD.

No Longer Needed!  A Purge With Pluto…

Zodiac Makeup At Wet N Wild

The Scorpio Blend By Ines heals

A blend of Flower Essences from, that brings focus and clarity to Scorpio, $25.00.

This product is designed for cloudiness of mind, fearfulness, forgetfulness, lack of confidence and failure to learn from one’s mistakes.

The Water Palette By MySign Makeup

and glosses…

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Crystal Infused Zodiac Polish From Love By Luna

Love these magical polishes, $18.00 USD



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Shop Cancer at!

The Afrees Hand Cream

Fresh Cancer Soap

Shop all the zodiac soaps at, find Cancer here for $14.00 USD.

Zodica Fragrances

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Spectrum Collections Zodiac Brushes – WAter

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Citrine For Scorpio


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Citrine is the gemstone for Scorpio.

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