About Your Moon Cycle, Plus Essentials To Help You Go With The Flow…

Discover the cyclical nature of menstruation and my astrological observations!

We know that the mysterious moon cycle guides the tides and I was interested to know if Luna hold some power over menstruation and our periods, too.

Lunar Synchronisation is the term for the study of the menstrual cycle syncing with lunar phases.

However, scientists have yet to find the relationship between menstrual and lunar cycles.

Beverly Strassmann investigated menstrual synchrony among the Dogon village women of Mali, West Africa, who live without electrical lighting – ideal candidates for detecting a lunar influence on menstrual cycles.

Yet she found no relationship.

(Menstrual Synchrony is the term for women experiencing their cycle at the same time, which too has yet to be proven by science.)

I don’t take any regular medication and haven’t taken the pill in years, and have been tracking my period to see what I could find. Astrologically, my period reverses through the lunar calendar its phases and the zodiac signs, month by month. For example, from Aquarius, to Capricorn, to Sagittarius, and from new moon, to waning moon, to full moon and so on.

Anyway, it’s an ongoing personal study and interest for me, and I’d love to read your thoughts too! 

My Moon Cycle Essentials…

Here are my top moon cycle essentials to help you relieve PMS symptoms and go with the flow!

Yogi Woman’s Moon Cycle


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I recently starting drinking this tea, and I absolutely adore the flavour, and the little words of wisdom in each sachet!

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Yogi Woman’s Moon Cycle tea has Raspberry Leaf, which is traditionally used in Herbalism to ease menstrual discomfort, plus soothing Chamomile, naturally spicy-sweet Cinnamon, and Anise, to infuse comfort into your monthly cycle. 

My Mooncup…

You guys know I’m a massive fan of my Mooncup – read 5 Reasons I Love it here!

Libra, Liners & Tampons!

While I love my Mooncup sometimes it’s necessary to reach for a tampon, or a light liner is all that’s needed.

I recently discovered this super cute company on Instagram, Libra liners and tampons! A reminder for balance, harmony and peace at this time of the month…

Moon Juice, Beauty Dust…

To help you feel your best during what can be a sluggish and groggy time, give yourself a treat in the way of the Moon Juice dusts!

Moonstruck, Hot Coco…

There’s something about chocolate that helps during ones period.

One of these days I’m going to make it to Portland and to a Moonstruck Cafe, which looks divine!

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