Moonlight Remedies At The Alila, Ubud


What Bliss! The Best Bali Spa Treatment By Far, It’s Out Of This World…

Imagine being guided from the sanctuary of your room to a moonlit garden, and into the caring hands of a massage therapist. Transport yourself there, imagine your serine state, drinking delicious warm herbal tea as the individual reveals the healing secrets of la lune…

No, it’s not a dream Stargazer, it’s the reality of those that choose to indulge in Moonlight Remedies at the Alila Hotel in Ubud.

Around the new and full moon, every 1st and 15th day of the lunar month, the outdoor garden at the Alila transforms for treatments, a setting that draws on the rhythms of nature, and lunar energy when it’s believed to be at its strongest.

Spagazers will love being pampered outside, amid the lush green surroundings of the resort’s Sculpture Garden, set on the banks of the magical Ayung River. Enjoying complete mind and body relaxation you breathe in the fresh air, lured by the sound of bird calls, you’re open to nature yet completely private. Bliss.

In the spirit of Balinese tradition, treatment begins with a prayer meant to relieve stress, calm fears and reduce anxiety, instilling a sense of well-being both physically and mentally. As you close your eyes and open your senses to nature’s serenity, your therapist’s healing hands draw upon the lunar energy to relax and rejuvenate you. Spa sessions end with harmonising Reiki therapy.

Full Moon Spa Treatments

Massage Therapies Offered By Moonlight…

Balinese Massage

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An ancient therapy that combines gentle stretching, long therapeutic strokes and pressure techniques to alleviate stress and tension.

Alila Recovery Signature Massage

Combining long soothing strokes in Balinese style, Swedish deep tissue massage techniques and acupressure for a complete body re-awakening.


Improves the flow of energy around the body through pressure applied to specific points on the feet and hands.

Indian Head Massage

Dating back nearly 400 years, reduces stress and boosts vitality through the stimulation of pressure points on the head, neck, shoulders and face.

Whichever style of massage therapy you choose to indulge in, Moonlight Remedies create a wonderful moment for you to reconnect with the universe and rediscover the feeling of wellness and inner peace.

Moonlight Remedies are exclusively available during the new and full moon, every 1st and 15th day of the lunar month. Treatments start at 7pm and last 90 or 120 minutes.

For reservations and enquiries, email or telephone on +62 361 975 963.

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