I’ll Take The Midnight Shift!! With Moonlit Skincare…


Love, love, love discovering new brands – via Instagram, no less!

My latest foray into the magic of moonlight has drawn my attention to Moonlit Skincare, a potent sleep solution for skin made in Bali – the Island of the Gods!

Now, you guys probably know I adore the magical island Bali, it holds an extra special place in my heart… And so I was extra keen on trying out the Midnight Shift from Moonlight Skincare, which is fabulous for dull, dry skin.

It’s packed with powerful ingredients like ginseng (to tone and brighten), papaya (to get those cells turning over) and green tea – excellent for neutralizing free radicals. The scent of lavender is guaranteed to send you in to seamless slumbers, which is one of the biggest draws of the product – it’s soothing night time ritual.

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I’m Sold! Buy it for just $34 at shopmoonlit.com – a bottle will last and last and last. No jokes. You need just a tiny bit of this gorgeous jojoba base to soften and moisturise at night.

I had to share their gorgeous signature product, the Midnight Shift, plus check out their fabulous offering: The Ultimate Sleep Kit, ideal for the Pisces new moon (and every full moon!)

The Ultimate Sleep Kit, $110 usd

Sleep resolutions start here! The perfect gift for those who desire radiant skin and shut-eye (students, pregnant mamas, stressed-out brides).

This Ultimate Sleep Kit includes a 100% silk signature ‘Let Me Sleep’ Eyemask, the best-selling full-size Midnight Shift Overnight Facial Oil, a 100% Mulberry silk pillowcase and a Clear Constellation Travel Pouch with gold-plated zipper and moon pull (approved for all your carry-on liquids).


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