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Nasomatto Narcotic Venus

A quest for feminine sexual power...

A tribute to Venus, goddess of love, this is a fragrance dedicated to feminine seduction.

Captivating and sensual, this love potion is the olfactory translation of hyper sensuality…

Nasomatto Narcotic Venus Parfum

Notes of Tuberose, Jasmin, Lily, Spices…

An intensely rich fragrance dominated by tropical florals and ruled by sublime tuberose, this parfum extrait is more potent than an eau de parfum, lasting on the skin for up to 24 hours.

The beautiful glass vessel is capped with a zebra-wood lid and is made in Italy.

Renowned perfumer and Nasomatto creator Alessandro Gualtieri was born and raised in Italy and describes Venus as “…a quest for the overwhelming addictive intensity of female sexual power.”

 His drive towards perfumery started when he stumbled upon a lab in Germany where the fragrances he encountered inspired him to make his first steps into the world of perfumery.

  • Families floral white floral
  • Head Notes green notes, mint
  • Heart Notes jasmine, lilly, orange blossom, tuberose
  • Base Notes cedar, musk, woody notes.
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