New Moon In Leo Horoscope…

  • Weekday: Thursday – “Thor’s Day” to the Norse, to the Roman’s Jupiter,
  • Element: Fire,
  • Moon’s Ruler: The Sun.

Times Around The World…

  • Hong Kong: Friday, July 29th 1.54 am
  • London: Thursday, July 28th 6.54 pm
  • New York: Thursday, July 28th 1.54 pm.

Your New Moon In Leo Horoscope…


The New Moon in fellow fire sign Leo touches on creative affairs, artistic inspiration, children, recreation and matters of the heart for you Aries, so hone in on a fresh start for sincere, joyful passions, and focus on what you love, what you really want to put your heart into… Craft and cultivate your own happiness!

Lend attention to projects and pastimes that make you smile (dating, getting romantic, having sex, making a baby, starting that book, blog or art piece, playing games, sports, entertaining at home, or going on vacation – or signing up to YouTube to showcase your flair!) Fan the flames and burn bright, Ram…

Just be mindful with Jupiter in your sign slowing to retrograde, your solo plans (and prioritizing your own dreams, a launch, your education, knowledge and a fresh start) may be on hold, with a need to hit pause, & press rewind…

Relationships… With Sun, Moon and Mercury in your affectionate fifth house of love, passion, and self-expression, you can think about heartfelt affections, telling it like it is, loud and proud. Declare your feelings with warmth and generosity.

Humour yourself with what you love. Give yourself today to brainstorm, be inspired and enthusiastic, with the capacity to enjoy life’s pleasures and all that makes you smile. Note a personal interest you’ve been moving ahead with may require more of your attention, so it really is about ‘number one’ and what you desire, rather than paying too much attention to others…

Career… Your talents and creativity are spotlighted by the New Moon, so set intentions around a hobby or craft project you might revive, indulge your fun, playful, creative side and allow a little drama to pull you centre stage! Look to your own creativity, with a fire ignited around you burning bright!

But be mindful that Mercury is clashing with Uranus in your money zone, shaking up your security, income, net worth or values, in your financial zone… While you may be considering what’s fun, or spells a good time, your job role, earnings, or very purpose may make it challenging expressing something purely from your heart… Expect interruptions or controversy during a playdate, party or performance!


The warm, generous New Moon in Leo helps you withdraw for a fresh start at home, with domestic affairs and perhaps family life in the spotlight.

It’s a time to lend full attention to nesting, nurture, your ancestors or those that had influence in the past, that now touches your current dwellings or feelings of safety and security, of place. There may be something hidden that’s now ready to be addressed, or you could be thinking about your property, a new beginning in your space or a fresh start for parenting!

Just be mindful with Jupiter in your twelfth house of closure slowing to retrograde, you may have made a start on a process of catharsis that’s perhaps ready to be paused. There may be some backpedalling necessary!

Relationships… With Sun, Moon and Mercury in the lowest sector of your horoscope, you’re given a window to examine how & where you base yourself, how you root & settle. You can gaze upon the people who matter to you in your household, or consider those you’d like to live with, or have as a part of your family. You get to choose who you let close, where you’re generous with your heart.

Gravitate towards sources of comfort & your domestic side, resetting the dial; pull back from the world reflecting on intentions moving forwards for a secure space – this might mean redecorating, moving, or it might mean you want to redefine relationships with family. Note a deep gestation, transition or transformation underway, how you’re recovering, healing, & taking space to do some independent soul searching. You may want to go easy in this regard!

Career… Your living space and emotional foundations can be addressed today, with three celestial bodies steering you to focus in on where you’re from, your connection to parents, hospitality, the past and how ancient history affects you in the present day (and your dwellings).

Recharge and refuel in ways that nourish, take time for self-care. But be mindful that Mercury is clashing with Uranus in your own sign, suggesting home & broaching notions of comfort don’t sit well with your own free spirit, with liberation, independence, autonomy & your (refreshing) core purpose!


The New Moon in Leo touches on local affairs and issues in your tight knit circle or neighbourhood, Gemini, so hone in on current discourse that affects you, and those in your immediate surroundings (literally or virtually, online).

Warmly engage your inner circle in talks, hold meetings, teach or facilitate conversations, noticing the communication skills that could be improved upon; get clarity, reading, learning, navigation and mobilizing in your area…

Just be mindful with Jupiter in your eleventh house of friends, community, allies, audiences and group work slowing to retrograde, a sense of team spirit may warrant attention but also require further evaluation, and planning…

Relationships… With Sun, Moon and your ruler Mercury in your chatty third house of close ties and neighbours, you could be feeling in the mood to express yourself, seeding bright ideas, tuned in to news, gossip and even acting as reporter, performing a vital role among kindred spirits – take notes! Find your voice!

It’s a great day to consider what you need from siblings, relatives or co-workers, carve out space to see your inner circle more, grab coffee or hear familiar voices on a call; walk down avenues or streets that keep you curious.

Career… Your language and skillset, shorts trips, neighbourhood ties and hangouts are spotlighted by the New Moon, so set intentions around the strings you wish to add to your bow, the stories you hope to tell, the books you’re keen to read – the library or local club you want to join – the social media quips you’re keen to master!

A broader social scene, blossoming circle or a humanitarian angle may also be pertinent today, with growth around your network, audience or ‘good company’; add drama and flair to your words to appeal to the masses.

But be mindful your ruler Mercury is clashing with Uranus in your twelfth house of closure, retreat, respite, solitude & silence.

While you may be keen to connect, create rapport & verbalize thoughts to those in your environment, articulate and plugged-in, your private life, a secret issue (including a clandestine relationship or problem behind closed doors) or even a drive to heal or overcome a bad habit (addiction) may make it challenging to partake in an exchange of ideas, speaking up about what’s on your mind…


The New Moon in Leo touches on fiscal affairs, the subject of monies, belongings and personal wealth for you Cancer, so hone in on the way you make a living, tend to the material realms and earning, contributing, taking pride in all you do. Manifest what you’re keen to attain or accumulate!

Lend attention to what you would buy and how you might derive an income from your talents, imagine new money-making ventures or what position you’d like to uphold, ideally. Think about what’s lucrative and what you’re capable or building, developing or amassing.

Just be mindful with Jupiter in your tenth house slowing to retrograde, your ambitious plans (& prioritizing your advancement, professionally, personally or otherwise) may require a re-strategizing; notice how you come off publicly!

Relationships… Mars and Uranus now drive ahead social activity, and could be ramping up life in your community with dynamic friends, unusual work associates or something different and unorthodox about your allies, peers or people.

Be mindful that Mercury is clashing with Uranus today, so plans and strategies that bring confidence, or that are lucrative, and centre around your job role, income and material possessions can pose issues when networking or getting along with those in your circle – team work could be challenging if you’re thinking of your bottom line, costs, outgoings & what you have to gain.

Career… With Sun, Moon and Mercury in your profitable second house of tangible and immaterial wealth and belongings, you can think about cashing in or being rewarded, noting what you have in hand – in stock. Your finances and what’s to gain is spotlighted, feel inspired by all you do and can make!

Touch on rewards, prized possessions, winnings or a valuable asset that’s a gift! Take pride in your capacity to charge, invoice, bill and personal attributes that help you affirm your self-worth. Note an opportunity to get ahead in the public eye, in your career, or a title may require more of your attention, so it really is about your outward image, your role, position, salary and spending that can impact how you’re visible, seen and perceived…


The New Moon in your sign (and your first house of persona, identity and physical presence) rouses your individuality, charisma and your personal prowess, Leo – assert and affirm your best qualities and shine with magnanimous star power, confidence and generous spirit. Show off a little!

Start something new that circles round to your own life and solo interests; from a creative project, an invocation of self-betterment, to a plan that invites even greater autonomy. Talk and think it through with number one in mind and relish the opportunity to make it all about you (and your needs).

Just be mindful with Jupiter in your ninth house slowing to retrograde, a big adventure, risk, or journey towards growth and your own development (and education) may require a second look, with a need to refine your enthusiasm.

Relationships… With Sun, Moon and Mercury in your sign, this New Moon is the most personal of the year; with a new beginning just for you – allow others to appreciate your special presence and persona, and instead of worrying about other people and your relationships, contemplate how you might create space for yourself and your own needs,

Note an expansion of your awareness too, particularly of teachers (and your own quest for learning, wisdom and knowledge), and those who have begun guiding you toward another culture, perspective or outlook on life. Embrace your intentions, your presence, your sunny flair and grapple with those around you sent to have fun as you explore! But be prepared to back track…

Career… Grapple with the first impression you make & set intentions in how you come across as you meet & greet others, with the Luminaries & our communication planet bringing focus to who you are at a personal, primary level.

But be mindful that Mercury is clashing with Uranus, shaking up your public image, career trajectory and reputation. While you may be keen to show an authentic side of yourself, your reputation, title and changes around notions of success may make it challenging to say what you mean… Expect your ambitions, visibility or professional goals to distract from who you really are!


The New Moon could draw you into solitude, into a quiet moment of peaceful surrender.

Now in your understated twelfth house, Sun, Moon and your ruler Mercury are prepping, gestating and allowing you to unravel, touching on unknown mysteries, your unconscious and ‘bad habits’ or frustrations in your blind spot.

It’s a time to listen to your authentic spiritual self, to address things long buried or avoided – give yourself over to a selfless cause, to a charitable endeavour, or silently observe what’s coming up; work on inner wellness.

Just be mindful with Jupiter in your eighth house slowing to retrograde – you may be dealing with huge issues around loyalty; be gentle with yourself and others, as expectations of a partner may be strong.

Relationships… With the Luminaries lighting up your privacy zone, the secretive sector of endings, it’s perhaps a time to take a break from socializing, to retreat–gift yourself a retreat, rest or look on from the sidelines, with relief found in solitude. You might find you’re in anticipation, in limbo, in the dark – waiting.

Note an expansion around trust issues, and intimate scenarios that force you to share what you have, what you believe, what your hopes and dreams are.

Yet know you may need to go even deeper into this collaborative process of merging and bonding (it’s perhaps not all going to happen at once…)

Hone in on hidden agendas, unconscious patterns, and untoward impulses that come up sensing who and what you can bring to another’s door…

Career… Your ruling planet in the cosmos, Mercury and the New Moon now seed bright ideas in the dark, shadowy corner of your chart.

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Transition and find closure, take time out to identify the parts of life (people, tendencies or behaviours) that simply aren’t serving you, Virgo. Let them go.

But be mindful that Mercury is clashing with Uranus today, so a need to escape, heal and embrace transformation can pose issues when following a path to education, a fresh, radical perspective and beliefs.

Travel, global plans, publishing or even a legal or moral quest could be challenging if you’re also in need of a break.

Guides or people sent to teach you could make it hard to hide and disappear from view…


The New Moon touches on humanity, team work, the greater good and community affairs, so hone in on your social life and all that brings you together as a group – your organization, industry objectives, your company of peers, or even the hopes and dreams you have for your fellow man.

Lend attention to projects among friends or your part participating as a keen audience member, including online. A network, crew or those you’re affiliated with may now bring warmth and camaraderie! Fan the flames!

Just be mindful with Jupiter in your opposite sign (Aries) slowing down to retrograde, the more intimate relationships on your horizon may be on hold, with a need to hit pause, & press rewind…

Relationships… With Sun, Moon and Mercury in your friendly eleventh house of allies, acquaintances, and associations, you can think about team spirit, calling and connecting to those in your broader circle, even if you don’t know them!

Sense where you’re in good company, and give yourself today to brainstorm, with a sense of belonging in your social life. Note a key union you’ve been moving ahead with may require more of your attention, so it really is about noticing others and what they’re getting excited about. Ask how you might cheer others on, accomplishing something great as a member of the squad!

Career… Your district, city or town may be spotlighted by the New Moon, how you might meet new people, attract cheerleaders or expand your reach, ways you might band together to create something stellar: from a community art mural to a drama or stage production! Sign up with confidence and charisma! It’s possible networking opportunities present themselves now, with one special person encouraging you to consider your part among the masses.

But be mindful that Mercury is clashing with Uranus in your zone of mutual profits, gains, commitments and shared possessions, shaking up expectations around what you can give and get, ways you might merge, loan, borrow or blend and share your resources. You may be compelled to grapple with what others owe you, or ways you might profit from a joint collaboration, Yet private dealings aren’t necessarily to be discussed with everyman…


The New Moon in Leo touches on your prominence and notions of success, even fame!

You could be focused on being seen, ambitious, with new beginnings and a fresh start around visibility now Scorpio.

Elevate your sense of notoriety, prestige and sing loud about your own accomplishments or aims to rise higher, gaining praise and validation.

Let the world know what you ‘re about and what you can do, show you’re ready to take on a new challenge.

Just be mindful with Jupiter in your sixth house slowing to retrograde – your job role, health or work-life may stall and require a re-organisation; systems put in place could require even greater planning, patience and your attention!

Relationships… Mars and Uranus now drive ahead in your house of partners, ramping up activity one-on-one, presenting you with a potentially unorthodox relationship dynamic, an unusual or erratic set-up collaborating.

Be mindful Mercury (in Leo) is clashing with Uranus today, so your authority, expertise or ambitious nature might not chime easily with one key person…

Thinking about your career, status or standing (and talking as if you’ve already claimed the crown) might not land well with others.

Career… With Sun, Moon and Mercury in your sector of success, be sure to climb the ladder now, visualising your goals and aspirations. Make a dazzling impression in the public eye, with sights set on what’s next for you professionally…

Persevere, with free reign to wear the crown and take the title, in the pursuit of recognition, shine in your outwards facing persona; you might even like to show up (and show off) dressed dramatically, or perhaps your stellar reputation calls you to impress in some other fashion.

Note an opportunity to bring order to your day-to-day, a healthy practice or learning experience around admin, your work life or wellbeing could be a great part of the story… Try to see where you’ve already made headway, with positive habits, routines or regimes, and ask how it could get even better…


The New Moon in fellow fire sign Leo touches on visionary ideas and fresh ventures, on education and higher learning, faith, truth-seeking, and pursuits that allow you to personally develop, grow and expand your horizons.

Lend attention to worldly projects and interests now on your radar, specialist subjects (including children, cultural or artistic paths to knowledge or religious wisdom). You might want to sign up to a school or course that teaches you about foreign affairs, or instructs you how to launch a YouTube channel – or maybe it’s about revisiting something with a global reach…

Just be mindful with your ruling planet Jupiter slowing to retrograde, your solo desires, passions & plans may be on hold, with a need to backtrack and even recalibrate the way you devote yourself to matters of the heart…

Relationships… With Sun, Moon and Mercury in your ninth house it’s a compelling time to explore, travel and discover something meaningful, potentially paying attention to people now opening your mind to new ways of thinking – folk encouraging you to see life differently; bolster global connections, publish your own findings and grow your perspective through talking with others.

Venture out, with the opportunity to connect to wisdom, teachers or those overseas–in unknown territory or kingdoms faraway–share big ideas! Note a personal pleasure, pregnancy, your sex life, a fertility journey or love affair may now command your heart, too, tracking well with a philosophy before you!

Career… A specialism, theology, or path to your personal truth is spotlighted by the New Moon, so set intentions around what you believe to be just, seeking answers on your own quest or journey. Look to develop morality, highlight your pathway to find answers, with something within you looking to be expressed, born or created! Listen to another person’s outlook & your dreams!

But be mindful that Mercury is clashing with Uranus in your work-a-day zone, shaking up your schedule, diet, routine or some facet of your day-to-day duties… While you may be considering what’s possible, or sets your sights, spirit and mind further, your upkeep, admin, maintenance, health regime or habits may make it challenging expressing experiences that light you up! Expect interruptions as you embrace knowledge or foreign perspectives…


The New Moon in Leo touches on resources, time, energy and money that’s shared, profits or resources that are pooled, loaned, borrowed or combined, and energy that’s melded and merged, touching on your vulnerabilities.

Think about your obligations and all that’s been built with others for mutual gain – from a spouse (and your common property), to a family member (and the inheritance you stand to receive) or a business alliance, pension provider or client – and what you hope could be developed together in the future…

Just be mindful with Jupiter in your fourth house slowing to retrograde, a matter at home, growth around family, your property or ability to feed or provide a roof, or parent may require more work!

Relationships… Mars and Uranus now drive ahead in your lusty, fertile fifth house of fun, so desires and a sense of joy or pleasure could be ramped up! Love, sexuality, notions of play or an exciting romantic encounter maybe rocking your world!

But be mindful that Mercury is clashing with Uranus today, so a very serious agreement or pledge, even a sense of closeness, a need for intimacy and trust can pose issues when having a good time, or indulging your passions… An authentic sense of gratification could be challenging if you’re thinking of “what’s next”, of commitment or getting something in return…

Career… With Sun, Moon and Mercury in your intimate, private sector of contracts, commitments and financial ties, you can think about what’s owed, where you’re obligated, tied in, facing your fears around a common bond.

Manifest the reliable collaborators or circumstances that will bring you the security you feel you need, really contemplate what needs to be in place for you to be financially, emotionally and spiritually secure. Note an opportunity to settle, find your home life expanding, or growth inwardly may require more of your attention, so it really is about how you might be provided for (and hold up your side of an agreement) in a way that suits you!

Count on others to unify and consolidate with you in a setting that’s familiar, or allows you to develop a greater understanding and semblance of the past…


The New Moon in your opposite sign Leo touches on partnership for you Aquarius, so hone in on all one-to-one encounters: platonic and romantic.

Notice who appears in your thoughts or literally on the horizon, across the table or on the phone to talk to you, and consider the fresh start you’re keen to make. Turn over a new leaf with the one you work well with, the pepper to your salt, the sunshine in your day…

Just be mindful with Jupiter in your third house of siblings, close contact, communications and news slowing to retrograde, a hot topic may warrant your attention, causing you to hit the pause button, ready to re-evaluate the way you express yourself, connect, report, or meet those in your local area…

Relationships… With Sun, Moon and Mercury in your seventh house of partners, you can think about a significant other, or warm up to a therapist, parent or friend who gives good feedback Discuss what you want out of a collaboration.

It’s a great day to consider what you need from your relationships, and to affirm a willingness to show awareness of ‘them’, too. This isn’t just about a spouse – your business life and all interpersonal connections can benefit from time taken in reflection today; hear what another person needs from you too!

Career… Your relationships are spotlighted by the New Moon, so set intentions around unity and the people you’re willing to work with at a more personal, intimate level, with your tight-knit allies, communication skills and ability to convey an important message to those around you key. A writing, language or project that helps you navigate better may need a rethink.

Be mindful that Mercury is clashing with Uranus in your foundational fourth house, shaking up domestic or home life, your sense of inward stability, even your core ability to be grounded and secure in your body: your primary dwelling. There may be an unsettling signature to contend with in familiar spaces, as you persist or push ahead inwardly. While you may be considering another key person, talking with an individual that’s crossed your path, your family, property, past history, or present circumstances that are hidden from view may make it challenging as you get your words out. Expect interruptions during a transaction, conversation or meeting…


The New Moon in Leo touches down in your diligent, dutiful sixth house of routines, rituals, daily practices, health, work and wellbeing, Pisces.

Get conscious of positive habits, and be present with what’s expected of you, with due diligence and plans to stay on track, maintaining the little things. Emphasise your process for purification, avoiding discombobulation, illness or anything that puts you out of sorts. Claim a fresh start around any act of wellness you’ve neglected, forgotten or haven’t yet started! Begin again!

Just be mindful with Jupiter in Aries and your second house of money, income and outgoings slowing to retrograde, your purpose and position may warrant attention but also require a re-evaluation. Money making plans could begin to draw you in, with a necessary pause prompting you to take stock of progress!

Relationships… Mars and Uranus now drive ahead social activity, potentially ramping up life among close kin, raising your voice, amplifying your message & connection to those in your area, even spurring on your ability to relate, make new friends, or broach controversial, unorthodox concerns among your inner circle.

But be mindful that Mercury is clashing with Uranus today, so getting the work done or living well, managing your daily life can pose issues when holding conversations with neighbours, co-workers or even holding space for a thought or idea; balance contact & communications with the more efficient tasks on your plate, that are just as important on your itinerary…

Career… With Sun, Moon and Mercury in your consistent sector of maintenance, upkeep, healthy living and service, connect to those that help and support you in your work, show gratitude for a healthy constitution, or make note of where improvements can be made to stay well, to streamline and make life easier, more efficient, with a schedule that works for you.

Touch on all you need to do, tasks you need to perform in order to stay in the zone, acting as a useful figure. Don’t hesitate to outsource, be proud of your productivity but allow others to support & help. Note a lucrative opportunity may require more of your time – the role you uphold could seem to stall! Try to be aware of what’s profitable, & necessary routines to support your purpose.

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