Read Your New Moon In Leo Horoscope…

The Sun and Moon are square to Uranus during the New Moon moment!

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Your New Moon In Leo Horoscope…


Allow the New Moon to light up all that brings you true joy, Aries!

Spotlight creative plans, your own artistic inspiration, recreational projects and matters of the heart. Hone in on a fresh start for your own passions, and focus on what you love. Craft and cultivate your own pleasure!

Lend attention to people and pastimes that make you smile, plan a holiday or go on an excursion. Look to what’s fun, or consider all that spells a good time to you!

Just be mindful Uranus in your money zone adds a financial component, with a shake-up to your security, income, net worth or values.

While you may be getting romantic, showcasing a talent, going on vacation or allowing your creativity to shine, your job role, earnings, or purpose may make it challenging to express what’s in your heart. A playdate, party or performance could be interrupted by practical growth you’re experiencing!


The warm, generous Leo New Moon lands in your zone of home, domestic affairs and family life, so withdraw for a fresh start nesting, nurturing and focusing on the past.

Touch on your dwellings, property or feelings of safety and security, of place and hidden, private spaces. Lend attention to how and where you base yourself, how you settle and operate from your foundations.

Consider those you’d like to live with, or have as a part of your family. You get to choose who you let close!

Just be mindful Uranus in your own sign adds another dimension, which could be incredibly personal. Your own free spirit, liberation, or a new (refreshing) core purpose could now make it challenging to parent or deal with a parent, where you’re from or to address your living space.

Pull back from the world, aware you’ve a new way of doing things that goes against the grain!


The Leo New Moon touches on issues in your environment, neighbourhood or local spaces, so hone in on the people you find yourself around, and the present circumstances in your immediate surroundings.

Your inner circle or communication skills could be spotlighted now, with ways to navigate or mobilise among those closest. You could be feeling in the mood to express yourself, learning, teaching, or attuning to stories among your siblings or those as close as brothers.

Just be mindful Uranus in your twelfth house of closure, retreat, respite, solitude and healing adds something to consider, with an issue behind closed doors (or situation in your private life) that interjects.

There may be a reminder of a problem or tendency that others don’t know about or understand that crops up, as you plug-in socially, or find yourself among a tight-knit group.


Allow the New Moon to light up your value, your purpose, and the way you make a living. Focus on the material realms and the subject of money, your possessions and what you have, what you contribute or might sell.

Lend attention to spending and saving, taking pride in all you do. Manifest what you’re keen to attain or accumulate! Feel inspired by all you can make!

Just be mindful Uranus in your social sector could see unexpected or unorthodox friends challenging your bottom line, costs, outgoings or what you have to gain solo. Life in your community, unusual associates or something different about your allies, peers or people could distract you from what’s truly lucrative.

Set your sights on personal wealth and the position you’re keen to uphold, yet note when networking or team work (the greater good) interjects…


The New Moon in your sign brings maximum attention to your persona, identity and physical presence, Leo. Lean into your individuality, charisma and your personal prowess!

Affirm your best qualities and shine with power, confidence and generous spirit. Show off a little or a lot! Consider starting something new that circles round to your solo interests.

Just be mindful Uranus in the highest corner of your chart now promises attention lands around your public image, your authority, your reputation and notions of success. Ambitions or your career trajectory may have changed, so that your goals now distract you from your needs…

Try to embrace your sunny flair and who you really are aside from your reputation, title or profile.


The Luminaries now light up your zone of privacy, the secretive sector of endings, renewal, gestation and closure. There may be reason to surrender, to unravel, touch on unknown mysteries or unconscious habits.

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It's Aquarius Season but we can look to the Leo Moon!

Hone in on hidden agendas, in limbo, waiting in anticipation. Escape, heal and embrace transformation! Allow yourself to address things long buried or avoided – give yourself over to a selfless cause, to a charitable endeavour, or silently observe what’s coming up; work on inner wellness.

Just be mindful Uranus in house of adventure could interrupt or interject, with a fresh, radical perspective and beliefs that have awakened you to another point of view. Travel, global plans (and foreign people) may make it hard to take a break, or see what’s in your rear view mirror.

Try to retreat, rest or look on from the sidelines, with relief found in solitude.


The Leo New Moon can see you embrace friends, with a fresh start for your allies, acquaintances and associations. Lend attention to community affairs and the greater good! Hone in on your social life, team work, humanity and a network or group.

Just be mindful Uranus in your sector of commitments and mutual profits, gains, shared possessions and investments can pose an issue. The way you grapple with what others owe you, or what you’re expected to pay may come as a surprise. Ways you might merge, loan, borrow or collaborate in your private life may be on your mind, making it difficult to participate with team spirit.

Fan the flames of friendship and your peers with hopes and dreams for your fellow man burning bright, no matter what’s underway that’s secret.


The New Moon in Leo touches on notions of prominence and success, even fame and notoriety. You could be focused on your career, status or standing in the public eye, visualizing your goals and working toward your aspirations.

You could be occupied with making an impression outwardly, with sights set on what’s next for you professionally… Note your own accomplishments, persevere toward a title or recognition, with a way to shine in your outwards facing persona. Lean toward your reputation or authority, including as a parent or elder.

Just be mindful Uranus in your house of partnership could see one key person (or a collaboration) stand out. Your involvement in a particular relationship could go against the grain, so that one-to-ones seem unorthodox, unusual or erratic.

Your authority, expertise or your ambitious nature might not chime easily within a current set-up as far as marriage or a union is concerned, or aims to rise up might not land well with a plus one.


Allow the New Moon to light up global projects, your travels or a journey, education, a course and higher learning, specialist subjects or wisdom…

Touch on adventures, with faith, truth-seeking and a way to explore or understand the world. Acknowledge personal development, a path of morality, or experiences that have given you answers (and knowledge you can publish or share with others…)

Just be mindful Uranus in your work-a-day zone has presented a shake up your employment, routine or some facet of your day-to-day life, which now interjects and poses reason to pay attention.

Your upkeep, maintenance, a health regime, general admin or duties may make it challenging to lend attention to a philosophy, quest or vital outlook on life!


The Leo New Moon encourages you to focus on money that’s shared, resources that are combined, borrowed or invested, and space or time that’s committed with something in return…

Acknowledge your obligations, your legacy, and all that’s been built with others for mutual gain – from a spouse (and your common property), to a family member (and their inheritance or a loan), even a business alliance that sees you contracted or tied in. Your vulnerabilities are now spotlighted, facing your fears around a bond or intimate, private ties.

Just be mindful Uranus in your passionate sector of self-expression could present a path to happiness that’s hard to turn away from; playdates, your kids, an exciting romantic encounter or your solo interests may be undeniable and rocking your world!

A serious agreement or pledge, closeness, a need for intimacy and trust could be challenging, given the excitement that’s now forthcoming.


The New Moon in your opposite sign Leo touches on partnerships, so hone in on all one-to-ones, both platonic and romantic.

Notice who appears on the horizon, and consider the fresh start you’re keen to make. Turn over a new leaf with the pepper to your salt, the sunshine in your day… Consider what you need from your relationships, and affirm a willingness to show awareness of ‘them’, too.

Just be mindful Uranus in your foundational house of home life and property could be shaking up domestic settings or your sense of inward stability. Your capacity to be grounded and secure in your dwellings or body may be unsettled, or there may be something to contend with in familiar spaces.

Set intentions for unity and work at a more personal, intimate level despite family, or hidden circumstances that interrupt a collaboration.


The Leo New Moon can bring about a fresh start for your work life, wellbeing and routine, lighting up health, daily practices and ways you find yourself useful, dutiful and employed.

Be conscious of positive habits, tasks you need to perform, what to outsource and where to be proud of your productivity. Note what’s expected of you, ways your maintain your role and keep up with maintenance and a schedule that’s good for you.

Just be mindful Uranus in sector of contact, connection and communication skills could now inject controversy – a neighbour, co-worker or your inner circle could make it difficult to make a fresh start managing your day to day.

Those around you may be at odds with what’s on your itinerary, your process and a path of due diligence…

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