Simple, Cute – I Love Nina Kastens Zodiac Jewellery!


Nina Kastens Jewelry was launched by Nina in the summer of 2014, and I’m so happy I discovered her gorgeous zodiac necklaces!

With contemporary design, the label is super cool and elegant.

“I’d describe my style as clean, feminine and elegant. I also use symbolic forms such as the scarab, an Egyptian lucky charm, which has become my signature piece.“ Nina’s most precious piece is the I Am Good ring. “Every woman wearing my ring has her very own unique story behind it to tell. The ring should remind you of what and who you are and to motivate you to keep doing what you do best. Every day. I feel very happy to pass strength, confidence and motivation to my customers.“

Promoting quality and the craftsmanship, Nina’s pieces are handmade in small German workshops.

Here are my favourites in a little more detail…


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Totally adore the way this collection has been presented, against crystals and coral that reflects the energy of the signs… Love it!

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