Ostara Tablescape – A Ritual Gathering For Spring Equinox…

Inspiration for your spring brunch, entertaining and celebrating the equinox!

Ostara Tablescape Inspiration!

While Easter syncs with the Libra Full Moon, the Vernal Equinox holds the true spirit of Spring.

Whether you’re a fan of flowers bursting into abundance and life, or you adore the smell of fresh grass in the air, there’s bound to be so much you’re grateful for at this time of year.

Ostara Tablescape Colours…

Fuchsia, poppy, red and white are my choice colours for this time.

Have fun with fuchsia!

I prefer using the pale and pretty pastels on Easter, a holiday (or holy day) that occurs after the Libra Full Moon, and going for the stronger, richer tones to herald Aries Season.

Gather some new blooms from your path, and add them to your table. Poppies are an Aries-ruled flower!

Bold, wild and unapologetic, the poppy announces itself with a vibrant pigment and makes an incredible centrepiece flower. 

Although poppies represent eternal sleep and death (due to their strong medicinal powers) the bright scarlet colour signifies the promise of resurrection, an apt flower for the month of Easter.

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The Vernal Equinox, Spring-time is more about an optimism in the air, welcoming Aries Season and equilibrium, a sense of lightness and buoyancy…

The combination of red, white and green can be taken from the lambs in the field!

It’s always good to look to nature for inspiration…

Spring Equinox is a Solar, Mars-ruled day, as the Sun moves into Aries (governed by Mars). Therefore red, hot pink, white, gold, orange and green are my favourite! 

Hints of bold grassy green, and bright poppy tones can be used throughout your decor, but also cherry blossom tones and sakura pinks!

The second of two spring festivals, the Spring Equinox is a time of light and hope, a time for celebrating balance in nature and its bounty…

Fresh green and pink is another favourite colour combination of mine, representing the flavours of spring…

And don’t forget the key symbols on your Ostara tablescape, the goddess: Esotre and her rabbits and eggs.

You can add these items to your table or alter, and re-use on Easter itself!

Let me know how you’re celebrating on Instagram!

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