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Today I discovered a kawaii little brand, and if I’m not mistaken (if the translations not mistaken) they produce the No.1 Facial Cleansing Soap in Japan!

Penelopi (not Penelope) Moon products include sun screen, serums, creams and what seems to be their hero product – their soaps, which are supposed to create an incredible amount of foam for a deep cleanse…

There is also a mysterious facial tool for massage. I’d love to read the benefits and use one – if you read Japanese or have used these products in your beauty regime please do email your thoughts to – I’ll share your feedback!



The Penelopi Moon ‘Juona’ cleansing soap cares for sensitive skin.

Enriched with Astaxanthin, which protects against sunburn (and has even been used in treating Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and high cholesterol), the soap is suitable for all skin types, including oily and acne prone skin. The central moon is injected with amino acids to help repair skin texture and the surround maintain skin’s moisture and elasticity.
penelopi moon beauty magic

Will definitely be seeking this out on my next trip to magical Japan! Comes with a lathering accessory…


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penelopi moon massage plate

Penelopi Moon facial too Massage Plate

One of my favourite things about this brand?

Their facebook page has fabulous translations by Bing, so the posts are almost always poetic (or very funny!)

Today a long-awaited full moon.
In weather
Moon beauty looks like a Yes.

But you may like that though
Full moon power!
As rooted in particular natural herbal remedies
Influenced by the influence of the Moon, and grow
Moon is growing medicinal.

Of course the human body rhythms of the Moon and
Was largely related
Especially full moon day stuff
Absorbs easily is that!

So is drinking the day of the full moon
Than usual so it is easily drunk!
Tonight’s sake, please be careful to.

And at the end of the day
In the Moonlight power SOAP “penelopimoon”
Lather well!

Makes sense to me!

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