Rixo Zodiac Dress

New To Star Sign Style – Celestially Inspired Zodiac Print Dress…


Orlagh McCloskey and Henrietta Rix are the founders and creatives behind Rixo, a vintage inspired, British made brand that has a cosmic print I’m lusting over…

The pair left buying careers at ASOS to set up shop, combining forces and names to launch their label, collaborating with highly skilled English factories on production.

I caught up with the duo on astrology, fashion and fabulous flea market finds – scroll down to read!

Rixo Zodiac Dress


70s style zodiac print dress rixo

70s style zodiac print dress rixo

Q & A With Rixo Founders, Orlagh and Henrietta


Why did you choose astrology and the cosmos as your muse for thecollection?

Both Orlagh and I have both always been really drawn to cosmos and astrology since we can remember – they both have a sort of magic behind them and almost everyone can identify with there own sign.

The history of astrology drew us to using constellations as our inspiration for the print, as everything RIXO has a timeless vintage feel about it- we don’t follow trends and want our pieces to always have that individual element.

What is it about astrology that marries so well with fashion in your eyes?

Astrology has a deep feeling behind it and I think fashion also has that emotional tie.

What are your star signs?

I’m (Henrietta) a Libra and Orlagh is 18th Feb, an Aquarius.

How did you discover and collaborate with illustrator Lara Pilkington?

We met through a mutual friend and all have a very similar vision so knew straight away we’d create something special.


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Whenever I’m in London I come across crazy zodiac prints in Camden (and my Aquarius friend sends me pictures of her finds from the changing room!)

What’s been your favourite flea market find as you hunt for vintage inspiration?

So so hard to pick just one- we have both been hunting from an early age!

I found any amazing kimono with my mum and grandmother in Cheshire that was in such amazing condition and all hand stitched – the plan is to eventually frame it.

We love finding gorgeous bias cut 30s dresses that hang so nicely and are always on the look out for bright exciting prints!

What’s your favourite part of the journey – from inspiration through to finale?

Favourite part of the journey would definitely be Orlagh and I working together – we honesty thank our lucky stars we met each other ever day!

We’ve become like sisters and it makes the journey so much fun working 24/7 around the clock building our dream.

We love the design obviously and painting our prints but realistically this is only 10% of what we do – there is so much more boring/ logistical sides of setting up a fashion brand…

We would never have it any other way though and are so excited about taking RIXO to the next level, always.

You left the fast–fashion company ASOS to launch RIXO, which is made in Britain, and produces current but timeless garments.

Nothing you create is mass-produced, which I love!


Do you think this reflects the way fashion is headed in the UK and beyond?

Yes of course!

People are continuously getting fed up of looking the same pieces, if you go to a party you can almost be sure someone will be wearing the same thing.

Also the quality of the high street is pretty awful – the saying goes you pay for what you get and with RIXO we are really trying to offer quality (we only use 100% silk) to keep for the next ten years, not just one season.

I think there is a really strong development towards this sweet point in the market.

Thanks lovely ladies! And just wow.

You can catch the two over at rixo.co.uk or follow their adventures on Instagram: @rixolondon and Twitter: @rixo_london !

Do you know about a zodiac dress or celestial clothes that should be featured on Star Sign Style? Drop me an email, kimberly@starsignstyle.com or tag me into an Instagram with your stellar discovery!

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