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Scorpio Roberto Cavalli…


Fishnets And Pointed Stillettos, So Scorpio! At Fashion Week 2012…

Roberto Cavalli Astrology

That’s right, we’re putting Roberto Cavalli astro info under scrutiny – and his zodiac top too! This designer has a triple threat of Scop in his chart in the way of Sun, Mercury and Midheaven. Way to go Scorpio – he’s even got a cocktail honoring the Scorpion!


Roberto Cavalli, Born 15th November 1940 In Florence, Italy (Time Unknown)

Roberto Cavalli Astro Fashion


Brown Silk Astrology Print Halter – Love Or Loathe? 

Just a quick nod to Roberto’s take on astrology fashion…

This silk halterneck top has cosmic clout, with two zodiac charms attatched at the shoulder in gilded golden metal.

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