The Top Sagittarius Fashion Designers…

Who Of Fashion's Finest Make For Top Sagittarius Talent?

There’s an exuberance about Sagittarius, who tends to take life in their stride, buoyant, smiling and unfettered.

With a vibrancy of character, they can be over the top, and fashion designers born under this bold, overt sign tend to ooze a joie-de-vivre.

Note the signature styles of Gianni Versace, John Galliano, and Thierry Mugler, opulent and colourful.

Expansive, adventurous and daring, the common approach with their style is to take risks and have fun!

This is a sign ruled by Jupiter, therefore largeness, expansiveness, and being grandiose are all traits that hit!

Sagittarius are philosophical, with wisdom and insight to share with the masses.

They are warm, spirited, freedom loving, and creative types who bring a sense of cinematic wonder.

Fans of clowning around they can add a touch of the Jester!

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Bright, bold colours or really rich hues are flavour of the day for those born under Sagittarius.

Versace was the king of colour, wowing with brights and bold combinations.


Sun In Sagittarius – John Galliano, Typical Sag – Always Shooting His Mouth Off!

John Galliano too is playful in his style, pushing the creative boundaries in a theatrical, whimsical way.

Our ability to be surprised is infinite. So let’s keep going.

Thierry Mugler, Sun, Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius…

Jil Sander injects bold pops of colour and playful cuts in her collections.

Stellar Sagittarius Fashion Designers…

☆ Jil Sander 27th November 1943 ☆ Manolo Blahnik 28th November 1942 ☆ John Galliano 28th November 1960 ☆ Malene Birger 1st December 1962 ☆ Gianni Versace 2nd December 1946 ☆ Tara Subkoff 10th December 1972 ☆ Jasper Conran 12th December 1959 ☆ Thierry Mugler 21st December 1945☆

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